And i feel it and i only floor -

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And i feel it and i only floor

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And i feel it and i only floor

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And i feel it and i only floor
  • Hot Water Music Floor
    "the rain is falling and my eyes are getting tired i hope i think to dream before i fall asleep i need to know who dies when we grow who pains when we gain what will it take to show when did it start"
  • Yvonne I Feel It
    "Album: True Love (1999) it's been a while come on, come on it's alright, i feel it i've been tied down come on, come on it's alright, i feel it why do i have this doubt? come on, come on it's alright,"
  • Horror rocky Floor Show
    "COLUMBIA It was great when it all began I was a regular Frankie fan But it was over when he had the plan To start working on a muscle man Now the only thing that gives me hope Is my love of a certain dope Rose"
  • I Against I Nailed to the floor
    "I can remember the struggles i knew. the person i could alwayCount on was you. i took it for granted, i guess you did too.You thought i was your friend, yuo thought it was true. but thenCame the time you"
  • Phil Collins Only You And I Know
    "You know we really only wanna hear The things we like to say So if I said to you please don't do it You'd do it anyway Sometimes I know we gotta be cruel Be cruel to be kind But when I ask you, what you"
  • Jazmine Sullivan And I
    "I know she hurt you before but... I won't do the same thing.I promise you. I can give you what you need baby. Just... Just in trust me... I can love you right. I promise. I love you. Baby I can show you"
  • Bullets And Octane Bathroom Floor
    "A normal day Began like any other Without your breath Breathing down on me Am I awake Nothing looks familiar Where have you gonefar Still awake Left you high and dry Am I to blame Who is it cooking"
  • The Psychedelic Furs Only You And I
    "yeah i fell in love like all good dreamers do finally in anger i gave it all to you i never shouted it like we do in school and knee-jerk negativity just never got me through and ma she said so carefully you"
  • Link 80 Dance Floor
    "Dance floor its' my home away from home, the music's loud, I start to dance, I don't feel so alone, so much agression, but I don't hurt anyone, I go to the show, and I dance and have fun... I found it,"
  • Annuals Hardwood Floor
    "I'm so scared, I just can't go anymore I keep patching my roof up Still, the rain falls on my side of the door Now my hardwood floor It swells and it moans like it hurts And when night comes around I can"
  • House Of Love 32nd Floor
    "Don't believe his heart, I beg you please it lies There's murder in the eyes of men and treason in the sky She crossed the room in honour and took his words in vain He smiled the smile of murder And in"
  • Mondo Generator 13th Floor
    "You know, it's like, ah, you know, it's just a, it's just a, it's just a different thing, you know, it's just, uh, it, because, you know, it's like, you know, there's no real way you can put your finger"
  • Jersey Shop Floor
    "What is the mission today? Produce without injury, (where'd you go?) Can you feel the steel, the steel? It's in my mouth my hair it's in my head (where'd you go?) I wear the scars of my own actions (where'd"
  • Jermaine Dupri Dance Floor
    "(feat. Lil Jon & Pastor Troy) (Lil' Jon) (JD) Hey, hey, hey Since we always ridin' for this city, aha We gotta switch it up this time, aha And ride for the ladies Let's do it, J-D (aha), talk to my ladies"
  • Patti Smith 25th Floor
    "We explore the men's room. We don't give a shit. Ladies' lost electricity; take vows inside of it. Desire to dance; Too startled to try. Wrap my legs 'round you, starting to fly. Let's explore up there,"
  • The Waifs Fourth Floor
    "On the fourth floor of the building In a shallow window box She's digging in the soil with a silver spoon Her hands inside rubber gloves Planting seeds pulling out weeds The cycle of life is complete Who"
  • Verbena Killing floor
    "Hey boy I like to know whatever you need to feel good ( to feel good, to feel good)And you say you can have whatever you want (what you want)It's your wish, Hey Hey what you say?Chorus:Just take out your"
  • Outkast 13th floor
    "Conceive true deception multiplied a million fold Visualize the yin and yang in a battle so intense that we get em confused The resident evil specialize in misconstruing We wanna be at a presidential level"
  • Mariah Carey One and only
    "feat. Twista I'm lookin' for my one and onlyEvery time I turn aroundI find my heart in pieces on the groundSo, so lonelyI'm lookin' for my one and onlyI'm riding home in pain again, babyBut that don't"
  • Feist I Feel It All
    "I feel it all, I feel it all I feel it all, I feel it all The wings are wide, the wings are wide Wild card in sight, wild card in sight Oh I'll be the one who'll break my heart I'll be the one to hold"

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