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And i wamt you to call my name

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And i wamt you to call my name

  • Call My Name - Third Day
    "It's been so long since You felt like you were loved So what went wrong But do you know There's a place where you belong Here in My Arms Chorus: When you feel like you're alone in your sadness It seems"
  • Call My Name - Night Ranger
    "I hear your voice over the sound of the city I hear you call my name And I hear that now you spend you life feeling pity But who am I to blame I see that some things never change Summer kisses never last"
  • Call My Name - 112
    "Ooh Call My Name Whenever You Need My Love Whoa Whoa Baby Call My Name Whenever You Need My Love The Time Has Come Baby, I Know You Have Someone Who Wouldn't Give You Love, Oh No Just Let Him Go And Soon"
  • Call my name - Jennifer Rush
    "You and I once had a taste Of a love so out of place It was clear and could not be denied And we never needed lies So here we stand face to face Knowing that losing lingers I know myself - therell be nobody"
  • Call my name - Them
    "When this old world has let you down And friends no longer want you around When you feel burdened down with care And troubles seem so hard to bear Call my name hear me talkin' to ya baby Call my name,"
  • Call My Name - House Of Lords
    "tears in the night silence your eyes yet I can see can you see me caught in between you're in my mind you're haunting me you don't have to worry oh if you fall in love with me a lifetime is what my love"
  • Call My Name - Charlotte Church
    "I like the sound of your belt dropping Your door locking, you jangle your keys, yeah I like the sound of your heart stopping Of lips locking, the grazing of knees, yeah I like the sound of skin touching Hands"
  • Call My Name - Omd
    "I've seen a new sensation I heard you call in pain But running round in circles Won't make it right again The telephone keeps ringing Your head is in the sand The future is unfolding But it's not what"
  • Call my name - UFO
    "I want you to call my name I need to hear your voice again You know I want you to call my name Any time, there's no shame in our love I met you watching the cars go by You were there, every night, at the"
  • Call My Name - Sean Paul
    "Ta dah, tah dah, a dutty yo again, Ta dah, tah dah, a dutty yo again, So mi go so again Chorus: Sometimes I hear yuh calling out my name, And I can hear deep dung inna mi brain, If Im a fool I only got"
  • Call My Name - Benzino
    "Un hun, un hun-un Un hun, un hun-un Un hun, un hun-un Yo, yeah, aiyyo We can do whatever you want to, I promise Fight, play razor tag or spit lamas I'm two guns up over the roof Hopin at least"
  • Call My Name - Keith Murray
    "(feat. "Dr. Trevis") Ha, ha, ha. This is Dr. Trevis, coming to you live In this motherfucker, Keith Murray. L.O.D. From the city niggaz, ha ha ha... Keith Murray's still coming from the north,"
  • When You Call My Name - Paul Brandt
    "give me a moment to try and explain it at how its changed the man that i am life has a way when you try to arrange it of making a fool of the best laid plans yes what i am trying to say is you took me"
  • When You Call My Name - Merril Bainbridge
    "I'm set adrift with a kiss In the ocean of your love You swim to me Your sos is loud and clear I've a lifeboat waiting here You swim to me Don't you worry now Angels will fall at your feet Mountains will"
  • Do You Call My Name - Ra
    "(kill me with a/the beat) Some people seem to think they always know what's best for you Their little minds try to create a world to keep you still The bolt is strong, the cage is locked, you saw this,"
  • Call Out My Name - The Weeknd
    "we found each other i helped you out of a broken place you gave me comfort but falling for you was my mistake I put you on top /2x I claimed you so proud and openly and when times were rough /2x I made"
  • Call My Name - Cheryl Cole
    "How'd you think I feel when you call my name You got me confused by the way I change How'd you think I feel when you call my name My name, say my name baby Yes I love you say for the way I know we've"
  • Call My Name - Allison Moorer
    "(Allison Moorer/Doyle Primm) When the quiet in this old house shows no mercy And the lonesome just won't go away That's when your restless spirit haunts me And I swear, I hear you call my name I always"
  • Call My Name - Bonnie Pink
    "When she died in your heart did you hear the sound of it? When you found something new to love did you hear your brain say "go"? It's easy to look back But you can't undo the past Why don't you try your"
  • Call Your Name - A-ha
    "We got married on a cold mid-winter's morning We said our lines Then kissed And it was over Those pronouncements had such weight I guess they made us hesitate Hesitate When she moved her hips And swayed"

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