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And i was run from far away but i

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And i was run from far away but i

  • Run Away - Front Porch Step
    "I know you left me long ago but I've been longing since you left, To fill this empty space that you created on this lonely bed. And I know its not my fault but I'm the one that's getting hurt. You sit"
  • Run Away - Rhoda Morgan
    "VERSE I just can't take no more, everytime I close the door. Everytime I think you're gone (I just can't take no more) I don't wanna hear from you again, don't even want to hear them say your name because"
  • I Used To Think I Was Run - Rev Run
    "Yo... A red alert y'all, a red alert y'all A now we toot on the horns, and ring on the bells Cause I am the man with the clientele Rock a rhyme for me and then a rhyme for you And everybody catch, the"
  • Far Away - Across The Border
    "Faraway run, run Johnny, faraway faraway run, run Johnny, faraway but not today, not tomorrow or any other day will you find a solution if you only run away Now I wanna sing a song of a good old friend"
  • Far Away - Martha Wainwright
    "Far away In some lovely way I hear your call Whatever happened to them all? Whatever happened to us all? I know that we've never met before But that was then, and now I need you more Is someone here keeping"
  • Far Away From Here - Avalon
    "I'm looking for a sign To show me how To cross the distance And leave this all behind I want to run But there's no motion here Just lifeless moments Locked outside And all that's left are tears To cool"
  • Far Away From You - Chicane
    "You say I'm falling down, I know That I can't stop you crying if you fall, if you love The same old feeling is back, you know I always see you coming. Do you feel this again? But I can see you watching"
  • Far Far - Yael Na?m
    "Far far, there's this little girl she was praying for something to happen to her everyday she writes words and more words just to speak out the thoughts that keep floating inside and she's strong when"
  • So Far Away From Home - Dreamaker
    "Music: Albert Maroto Lyrics: Elisa C.Martin If I had it in my power... If I could remain here... Every minute, every hour To leave knowing that I will return again To return dreaming that I'll never"
  • I Can't Run Away From Myself - Ray Price
    "The day you left me I left town that night I thought I could forget that you're out of sight But you're still a part of me and so I see That miles can't change a thing for me I ran away from friends that"
  • Run Away - Jameson
    "we used to be so good everthing was as it should i love you you love me and that would forever be but im bored i wanna run away now i think im gonna fly away from here i dont know wata say now i dont"
  • Run Away - 10CC
    "Remember I'm the one who didn't have a lot to say I was trying to find the courage, but I let you walk away And I can't forget your face, y'know it haunts me all the time And it seems to me you're living"
  • And the horn was sounding far away - Graveland
    "When my spirit was roaming among the winter's fog I saw my grey brother wolfdrinking my blood. My body lay on the snow, disabled, mortally wounded.I, the last of the mountain's clan. Pursued and wounded"
  • I Run Away - Britney Spears
    "You took your love away, too fast Left no chance to say look back And now I know the truth, It makes it easier Maybe when time goes by, Ill understand Lets pretend, that Ive moved on And I tell myself,"
  • Far, Far Away - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Staring at the shoreline wishing for some hope the weight of empty fishing nets is more than twisted rope And underneath stern faces they wait with baited breath with broken hearts from hoping while casting"
  • Far, Far Away - Ultimate Fakebook
    "Isn't it funny, to live for someone else's script You spend a lot of money to catch that lift And isn't it good too, to not always get all that you want But we'll be singing 'boo hoo hoo' if great it's"
  • Far And Away - Down By Law
    "well I wish every day was a Friday night with a long weekend straight ahead and we all lived in shining castles and there was no such word as dead but reality's harsh and we're all going to die no"
  • Far Away - Ingrid Michaelson
    "I will live my life as a lobsterman's wife on an island in the blue bay. He will take care of me, he will smell like the sea, And close to my heart he'll always stay. I will bear three girls all with"
  • Far Away - Cut Copy
    "One thing that I just can't conceive Is how to let you go. And if you will stay here with me Then we will always know. We will find out As we change about. Is this the last part? Here is when we shout: One"
  • Far Away - Caffeine
    "Guess we're back, and this is how we'll start it Back on track and we will never lose it We won't wait, this is how it's gonna be So sit down, you weren't paying attention Feet on ground, this is our"

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