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And this is money, to the momey

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And this is money, to the momey

  • Money - Alborosie
    "Death ova life! Money ova people! This world is crazy! (Money, money, money, people, Is the root of all evil..) Mi seh fyah Babylon! (Money, money, money, tell you, Is the root of all evil..) Ooyy! Money"
  • Money Money Money - Afterworld
    "We planned to make this cover song long before this Abba boom that has been on recently. We felt that there was some hidden potential in this song and wanted to do our own version of it. I work all"
  • Money - Lou Bega
    "CHORUS : Money, oh money Be my baby, drive me crazy Money, oh money Wanna hold you, just like I told you 1. VERSE : Every morning I wake up by your side Oh my feeling is so strong I cannot hide I wan't"
  • Money Money Money - Lucky Dube
    "Don' t tell me love makes the world go round That is how it used to be So many years ago yeah These days we' re living in Everything needs a dollar These days we' re living in Everything needs some money You"
  • Money - Choking Victim
    "I am sick and tired and my money's always spent And though their jobs are killing me, their money pays my rent The fuel of world hate, although it's just a seed But when it grows and flowers, it becomes"
  • Money - Simply Red
    "I remember a time and a place Where Herbie had to hide his face All my money was spent And I still don't get one red cent One black face replaced by a Base Sown from the seeds of a white disgrace And"
  • Money - 50 Cent
    "I'm on that bullshit I'm, I'm, back on that bullshit I'm on that bullshit I'm, I'm, back on that bullshit Startin to feel like there's nothin left to talk about but the, money, money Bill collectors keep"
  • Money - Snoop Dogg
    "Yeah what up Nigga want hundeds, hundeds, hundeds I need money money money Nigga want hundeds, hundeds, hundeds Nigga I need money money money Nigga want hundeds hundeds hundeds Nigga want money money"
  • Money - Charli Baltimore
    "For the love of what... Uh huh, Untertainment Charli's Angels H-Class, little it Uhh uhh Verse One: Charli Baltimore I don't know if it's the pretty face or the expensive taste That got everybody wantin'"
  • Money - Waking Ashland
    "Jenny's got a brand new car, She drives it past 90 Up and down the stars boulevards She even looks the part. And everyone on my block is getting bigger the handshakes are getting stronger than ever I like"
  • Money - Bizzy Bone
    "(feat. Twista) Bizzy Bone, you know what it is baby After Platinum Records Let's get this money '07 style Mon-eyyyyyyyyyy, mon-eyyyyyyyyyy, mon-eyyyyyyyyyy Gotta get that money money, gotta get that"
  • Money - Mariah Carey
    "I can’t leave it like that M-C, F-A-B, H-B Money, this, that, the other Don’t mean nothing other than Jets and holidays and Chefs with hollandaise Expensive lingerie, cause I come home to you Money, this,"
  • Money - Beenie Man
    "Cha, ha, ha We need some more lovin' now Not money (ooh, na, na, na, na)It's the most thing that do us part We shall do bury it, yeah Beanie Man and Jamelia (na, na, na)Jamaica, na, na Dagga, dagga, da"
  • Money - Everlast
    "Note: words in italics are sung by sadat x. Dollar, dollar bills. Deutch, marks, franks, yens, and pounds. I rock the jocked up sounds from devenshire downs. Out the fordham road, up top in the boogie. I"
  • Money - Flame
    "(Verse One) In the world system we all need money now that's a given For many reasons cribs to live in that's a given But what is makin' me sick is the greed How we have confused the two of which is a"
  • Money - CB Milton
    "CB Milton Miscellaneous Money This money I made up when I was ten Now I'm singing it once more again It's something pure and innocent I wanna go back in time When all that mattered was The music I"
  • Money - Cardi B
    "look, my bitches all bad my niggas all real I ride on his dick and some big tall hills big fat checks big large bills front, I’ll flip like 10 cartwheels cold ass bitch I give Ross chills 10 different"
  • Money - John Butler Trio
    "Well I hope you find your way Through every heart wrenching day With all those shitty decisions that you make Hell I know the games, I know the games you play So do you think you got enough time To open"
  • Money - Jamelia
    "Money don't say you love me Cash won't make me stay I came here with my own things "
  • Money - Will.I.Am
    "Uh, hmm Hurry up a bit Yeah, yeah I like the way you do it, when you do it When you doin, what you doin Check this out right here, son We about to move to make you feel some A lot of positive"

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