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And this is our

  • Our Flag Is White - This Providence
    "Ill run and hide under my bed youre calling my name from outside my door but Im not ready yet for a revolution to start in me cause Im just scared of losing control Im terrified of who Ill become with"
  • This is our god - Chris Tomlin
    "A refuge for the poor, a shelter from the stormThis is our GodHe will wipe away your tears and return yourwasted yearsThis is our GodOh... this is our GodA father to the orphan, a healer to the brokenThis"
  • This Is Our Home - Toploader
    "Yeah Yeah Yeah ..Oh! Yeah Yeah Yeah ..Ah! You know that this is our new home This place is sacred to the bone Don't put us up against the wall You know that this is our home I'd like to call this place"
  • This Is Our Town - We The Kings
    "Dear Bradentown You have been good to me You've kept your word And got me through these years All I ask Is that you'll be there When I return From Anna's isle to To lake woods fields This is our town This"
  • This Is Our Dance - Elvis Presley
    "We had a real good evening Now all our friends are leaving Soon we'll be alone Wait till everybody has gone Then play just one more song 'cause this is our dance Darling remember, it's our dance Loving"
  • This is our time - Barry Manilow
    "I know, bobby, I seeThe times are awful, trueBut they're times that we inheritWhat else can we do?The choices pal, are fewRoll over, die, or rise above it allShow 'em why and how to shove it all!I know,"
  • This Is Our Country - John Mellencamp
    "Well I can stand beside Ideals I think are right And I can stand beside The idea to stand and fight I do believe There's a dream for everyone This is our country There's room enough here For science to"
  • This is Our Night - Sakis Rouvas
    "Take a chance, and take a hold give it all, and turn it to gold time has come, so make a stand on your own , and take command Beat the odds, you will survive stronger now, you feel alive Rising up, get"
  • This Is Our Time - September When
    "9 o'clock in the evening the end of a wonderful day She lay down on the floor with her feet spread out We've been up by the stream We have seen the movin' tide Cruisin' down the road Like the whole world"
  • This Is Our Life - Bosson
    "Baby this is our life And I still believe that love is the answer This is our life I sit alone on the balcony In the middle of the night And everything is calm And everything is right Thinking"
  • This Is Our Song - Code Red
    "Verse 1: You're so beautiful, divine Everything 'bout you's so fine And with a love like yours There is no pain in this world that I can't endure So beautiful So wonderful And as we float on the floor I"
  • This Is Our Sound - Ladytron
    "I can't seem to take you anywhere you ditched your friends in New York Center (?) Square where the rank and file shoot us dirty looks hail a taxicab, don't want to walk the nighttime here is a plastic"
  • This Is Our Emergency - Pretty Girls Make Graves
    "When you've finally throw up your hands Poured your heart out, yet nothing stands It seems out efforts are wasted But yet it hasn't been in vain Unfulfillment is killing you Seems like no one shares the"
  • This is Our Someday - Big Time Rush
    "Oh oh, oh oh oh Oh oh, oh oh oh Hey yeah Oh oh, oh oh oh Yeah, yeah Oh oh, oh oh oh And everyday feels like the other And everywhere looks just the same When every dream seems like forever Your"
  • This is Our God - Hillsong United
    "Your grace is enough More than I need And your word I will believe I wait for you Draw near again And your spirit make me new And i will fall at your feet I will fall at your feet And i will worship you"
  • This Is Our Battlefield - Papermill
    "Is this the theatre where we must play, where we must act? Where I can hear nothing but silence lasting for days. Where I can't lean out of the curtains for fear to be seen. Is this the train where we"
  • This Is Our Story - Monster
    "Listen, why don't you listen? You never hear the things I'm saying, you never listen, If you don't want to listen to me, why do you ask me? Why do you ask me what I think Choices, we have to make them You"
  • This Is Our World Now - Unleashed
    "Too long you've slandered our name And dragged us all in the dust Arguments of incompetence Are easily returned and crushed We will hunt you down This is our world now! We will hunt you down This is our"
  • Is This Our Last Time - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Fabolous) Yeah!....OK! Yall know how i do it From old school rap to old school r&b Yep thats me We gon' do it one time like this Oh...oh...come on I remember when we first made love It was"
  • Our Pride Is Our Loyalty - Saga
    "Our Pride is Our Loyalty This is our land, the European man So where are you, a land so fair and true I guess we didn't know Who was up there running the show But I can tell you it ain't you or me A"

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