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And this is our century

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And this is our century

  • Century - All Left Out
    "As a new day dawns, I can see the sun And I'm in anticipation of good things to come So this is how it feels To be a part of something real To be a part of something greater than I know. In a century, We"
  • Century - Live
    "everybody's here puke stinks like beer this could be a city this could be a graveyard you stole my idea you stole my idea everybody's anxious for the coming of the crisis the collapse of the justice i"
  • Cyber Century - Ambuscade Undeclinable
    "You're still online way past bedtime, it's a bad sign Two mice, square eyes until sunrise, online all night long The webmasters rule in this age of digital crime Your roots won't determine if you will"
  • This Is The 21st Century - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) (...If you could only see what I've seen with your eyes) A wise man once said A flower is only A sexual organ Beauty is cruelty And evolution A wise man once said that"
  • Century after century - Idlewild
    "Since your breathing, is it all that a space can fill? So just by looking in, Ill be looking still You find and follow stories well Youre naked except for a newspaper, the headline telling me That fortune"
  • Century - Julia Nunes
    "shirt's brand new but my pants are old and that's probably why I'm really cold but I'm sweating through my undershirt a little breeze, it wouldn't hurt but the universe works against me I'm not as cool"
  • Century - Erik Faber
    "Tell me, what did you wear Innocence and recked well, I really don't care How it's all been easy, and why your not lonely I didn't need to know how he gets you loud I stumble through the fire on my own Burns"
  • 20th Century Blues - Elton John
    "Written by noel coward Available on the uk album 20th century blues - the songs of noel coward Twentieth century blues are getting me down Blues, escape those dreary twentieth century blues Why, if there's"
  • Twentieth Century Blues - Elton John
    "Written by Noel Coward From the album 20th Century Blues - The Songs of Noel Coward Twentieth century blues are getting me down Blues, escape those dreary twentieth century blues Why, if there's a god"
  • 20th Century Blues - Marianne Faithfull
    "Why is it that civilized humanity Can make the world so wrong? In this hurly-burly of insanity Our dreams cannot last long. We've reached a deadline, A press headline, Every sorrow. Blues value Is news"
  • Last Century Promise - The (International) Noise Conspiracy
    "last century promised so much, but look at us now when we are all grown up last century promised so much, but all our heroes are dead or corrupt last century promised so much, but our roles have all"
  • My Twentieth Century - Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    "I woke up this morning, Dreading the thoughts of another, dull and boring day Hey! woe is me. I go out on the streets, northside of the city I see the steel, the fading rust And the fields I used to play"
  • 21st Century Christmas - Saint Etienne
    "The satellite's tracking Santa We'll text our Christmas list And leave our mobile numbers To help out old Saint Nick Sometimes we stop and wonder Has that old bubble burst? Or will this Christmas morning Be"
  • 20th Century Towers - Death Cab For Cutie
    "We'll correct collegiate mistakes, a shower of formal ideals, completely soused. The hearts on our sleeves as they drowned we could hear them screaming. Oh what a tragic way to see our final days. I"
  • New American Century - KMFDM
    "Count your blessings Walk the line Don't move too fast Or fall behind There are rules you must obey They get re-written by the day Don't do this - don't say that Your every move is logged and tracked By"
  • Twentieth Century - Pet Shop Boys
    "(Tennant/Lowe) Oh, I learned a lesson From the Twentieth Century That I don't think we can just dismiss After one hundred years Of inhumanity The lesson that I learned was this: Sometimes the solution Is"
  • Century Spring - Mason Jennings
    "Through our love there runs a century spring What we've got is all we'll ever need And i will love you like wind blows through the trees And sing about how good it feels to love you, amy Who we are is"
  • 21st Century - Blue System
    "Oh, I know that I'm guilty Do I ever cross your mind ? Oh, I feel that you need me I said I have no time I'm losing more than I ever had After all the love is gone And the more I look it drives me mad"
  • Wrong Century - Rhodes Happy
    "Last thing I remember I was standing on a hill Shaking out my long black hair I heard the song of an angel Rising from the trees I made my way to the source And it was gone Now here I am I don't recognize"
  • Century Eyes - Shearwater
    "you were not the first to arrive, and will not be the last to survive, as the pigs and the oxen we bound to the wheel tear it off, tear it off! you ate not the last of this house, or the first to go over"

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