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And you will be mine

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And you will be mine

  • Will You Be Mine? - DA'Ville
    "Yes, I'm looking for the lady I'm searching for the lady Where could she be? Baby I need someone who can treat me right or won't tell me lies When we fight we can talk it out not to walk out and say goodbye"
  • You Will Be Mine - Faith Hill
    "Heads I win, tails you lose I always play by my own rules And I don't believe in wasting time So long before we end this night I will have held you I will have kissed you I will have claimed you You will"
  • Will You Be Mine - Ruff Endz
    "Baby Love, I think its time now to share with you these feelings that I'm feeling now its been three years since I've known you nothing but happiness since I've found you its been a long time coming still"
  • Will You Be Mine - Big Tent Revival
    "Brighter than the stars Is my ever love for you Brighter where you are The sweetest that I ever knew Chorus Yes and right from the start Like an arrow straight through my heart I'll be yours all of the"
  • Will You Be Mine - Anita Baker
    "Something has come over me A feeling I can't explain The love I lost I found again My broken heart you came to mend But it still seems as though we are miles and miles apart The very best is all I got Its"
  • Will You Still Be Mine? - Scott Walker
    "When lovers make no rendez-vous To stroll along Fifth Avenue; When this familiar world is through, Will you still be mine? When cabs don't drive around the park; No windows light the summer dark; When"
  • Shorty Will You Be Mine - Pretty Ricky
    "Intro: Pleasure: You hit me up on your cell phone. You go girl wit your thon...thon...thon...thongs. Sexy black come over here. And let me put a few love buzzes in your ear. You smile at me. Girl you so"
  • Will you ever be mine - Collapsed System
    "You leave me and Im waiting... Im waitingfor the next timeIm waiting for your next embrace/ When Isee you, your face, again.This song will last forever but...Will you ever be mine?I cant read the signs,"
  • You Will Always Be Mine - Collin Raye
    "(Bob Regan/Chris Lindsey) I love the way you move Like moon light on the sea The way your body calls me Like a secret melody The way you start a fire When you look into my eyes The way you always love"
  • Vengeance Will Be Mine - Deicide
    "Vengeance will be mine, take what is yours and leave you to die, Fortune unachieved, riddled with spite, destroying your life, Liar that you are, facing yourself; you think you're a star, Backstab you"
  • Be mine - Ian Van Dahl
    "I wanna know, where you are! If only you could tell! i wanna know, where you are, the one and everything you need. And tell me, will you ever change your mind? And maybe oneday your heart will be mine!"
  • Be Mine - Ellie Goulding
    "It's a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain As if a good thing ever could make up for all the pain There'll be no last chance to promise to never mess it up again Just a sweet pain of watching"
  • Be mine - Robyn
    "It's a good thing, tears never show in the pouring rainAs if a good thing ever could make up for all the painThere'll be no last chance to promise to never mess it up againJust a sweet pain of watching"
  • Be Mine - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    "The ladys eyes are blue and red When she walks by everybody turns their head Dressed in colors, natures queen The sweetest thing you ever did see Chorus: Theres a light in the sky Says youre gonna be"
  • Be Mine - Superior
    "Such a beautiful feeling Being by your side On a summer evening In the golden light Of the sun that's leaving And starts to hide From a starry night Hold me closely and make me stay Lay your heart down"
  • Be mine - Nadia Ali
    "I can't decide whether I am in love Or if I'm just messed up chasing you around Don't try and make me go away You'll only make me want you more and I will make sure that you see it my way What's a girl"
  • Be Mine - Tami Chynn
    "Lets Go Baby Got Me Working Over Time Watch Di Way Mi Wuk Di Way Mi Wine Betcha' By Tonite Yuh A Guh Mine Tami A Guh Deh Pon Yuh Mind Hey Baby Let Me Show You Wat I Want You To Do I Got You Now"
  • Be Mine - R.E.M.
    "I never thought of this as funny It speaks another world to me I wanna be your Easter bunny I wanna be your Christmas tree. I'll strip the world that you must live in of all its godforsaken greed. I'll"
  • Be mine - Crematory
    "I never thought of this as funnyIt speaks another world to meI want to be your Easter bunnyI want to be your Christmas tree.I'll strip the world that you must live inof all its godforsaken greed.I'll ply"
  • Will You Be Mine - Average White Band
    "It's not what you do It's just the way you do it Makes me feel this way It's not what I see It's what I read into the looks you've been giving me Now, make no mistakes I'm not sure I can take anymore"

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