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  • Andi - Mireille Mathieu
    "Andi Life rearranges Constantly changes Can't you see At least we tried Forget about pride Andi, talk to me Andi Empty your mind out Maybe you'll find out It's not meant to be Never regret That we ever"
  • Andi - Kansas
    "Andi won't dance Andi won't sing Andi won't play She sits in her room, hiding away, hiding away She hasn't a friend They think she's a boy, they leave her alone But what they don't know Andi has dreams,"
  • Andi - Lady Sovereign
    "Andi Won't DanceAndi Won't SingAndi Won't PlayShe Sits in Her Room, Hiding Away, Hiding AwayShe Hasn't a FriendThey Think She's a Boy, They Leave Her AloneBut What They Don't Know Andi Has Dreams, All"
  • Lei Andi - Fiji
    "Ladeh-Luv'!! missed dat Way dat yon' feel- 24 hourz ah day an' 7 dayz a week- so call up de Fijimon when yoo wan' some luvin' SING! Lei Andi sa lidede ka nomu yali mai vei au au mai rarawa vu tumu ena"
  • Andi (fra) - Mireille Mathieu
    "Andy c'tait l'enfance l'adolescence puis la vie Et les erreurs qui partent du cur Andy quand on vit Andy si tu veux faire route en arrire c'est aujourd'hui Si tu regrettes nos jours de dfaites Andy moi"
  • Nu scapi de ce ti-e frica (feat. Diana Rubinescu) - Andi
    "Tu si cu mine, ploaie de artificii Aprindem noaptea de ne-aplauda licuricii Locul tau e langa mine Degeaba te feresti tu sa ii iesi in cale Nu scapi tu de iubire…nu nu… Nu esti in stare Ca dragostea nu"
  • Did It All For You - Andi Deris
    "There was a time There was a place Where every flesh was light and laughter Did not need any nations All has been one But you were bored in paradise There was no thrill and no adventures So you began to"
  • In The Light Of The Sky - Andi Deris
    "Johnny you see all about tomorrow Then when the night has come you look up to the sky Johnny you see all about the sorrows You wait for a sign to come You wait for a sign to come Johnny you'll be taunted"
  • 1000 Years Away - Andi Deris
    "A little manchild, high up at the window His trembling feet at the line Hey little manchild, do you see the people? From high above they're so kind Do you see the ravens? It's you whom they're calling: "Come"
  • A Little Bit More Each Day - Andi Deris
    "It's like an open fire Spreading out Burning higher IT's a game You know the name Still it goes the same Like a guiding angel White in white Plain essential For my life For my mind Still so much to find I"
  • Back Again - Andi Deris
    "Life is what I'm bringing Pain is what I'm killing Hope is what you need to give me Dust to dust and energy to energy I'm gonna fill up your hearts I'm gonna fill up your hearts Hey, now I'm back again To"
  • Catch The Rainbow (Rainbow Tribute) - Andi Deris
    "When evening falls She'll run to me Like whispered dreams Your eyes can't see Soft and warm She'll touch my face A bed of straw Against the lace We believed we'd catch the rainbow Ride the wind to the"
  • Child Of My Fear - Andi Deris
    "All I had now is gone Was not always alone Not yet shed my last tear For the child of my fear What's true for my eyes Could be all made up in disguise Once out there now is here It's the child of my fear These"
  • Come In From The Rain - Andi Deris
    "Take my money, take my pride Take my little peace of mind It's alright Lead me to a better life Where I'm loved and where I'm wise It's alright Now I can see your signs of changes I did not believe Oh"
  • Could I Leave Forever? - Andi Deris
    "Winter has come And the snow at the window is Gray as my mind I'd want to just leave it all behind Something is out there I need to find Dark is the night And the cold is my enemy I want to hide But I"
  • Dangerous - Andi Deris
    "My hair touch my shoulders My eyes are iceblue I walk in Mom's kitchen With dirty wet shoes I eat with my fingers I like to bite nails When I'm bored I watch "Baywatch" When everything else fails I am"
  • Do You Really Wanna Know? - Andi Deris
    "Time is a healer For everything that hurts inside For things you've been going through Stealing your pride Making you cry I'm picking up the pieces Of what I once felt inside A world full of promises And"
  • Foreign Rainbow - Andi Deris
    "Too many people follow too many minds And we don't cling together if there's nothing to find Everybody stand alone in the line Sometimes I hope when I look up to the sky There's a picture I see but it's"
  • Free - Andi Deris
    "Should I break like my father? Should I cry like my mother? Had I stayed with the others I had not found my brothers Free Yeah we are free Had I followed my teachers Like the christian the preachers I"
  • Goodbye Jenny! - Andi Deris
    "Jenny had a white heart Now her face is red with blood Her eyes hat I know laughing Stare onto the rot Jenny went her last way On a cold and rainy day No, she didn't want to live forever She didn't want"

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