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Andreas Gabaiel

  • San Andreas - Zeamsone
    "miałem być najlepszy jak 6 6 6 miałem być najgorszy jak 6 6 6 miałem być najlepszy jak 7 7 7 miałem postawić mój pomnik zrobić save, save, save co dzień zbijam 5 i 5 a gdzie są moi przyjaciele? gdzie"
  • San Andreas Fault - Natalie Merchant
    "Go west Paradise is there You'll have all that you can eat Of milk and honey over there You'll be the brightest light The world has ever seen Sun-baked slender heroine Of film and magazine Go west Paradise"
  • Save Me - Andreas Novak - Fame Factory
    "Someone's crying out there At a crossroad in the dark Reaching out for nothing Like an arrow through your heart Wait until tomorrow When the angels save your soul Told to be to careful It's your destiny,"
  • Gravity (feat. Andreas Moe) - Gromee
    "Let’s freeze time, Stay in the moment So we can breathe it Live this life Moving slow motion Defying emotions Leaping over every wall we go Running to the shore Trying to swim into the river of Everything"
  • The Whisper Within - Andreas Martinelle - Fame Factory
    "looking out from my window and all you feel the same just like a brindstone there ist inside your head you never know what to do you never know what to say it kiss it slowley and never go so way singing"
  • Long Time (feat. Andreas Moe) - John de Sohn
    "We could start the universe with our heartbeats tonight Don't let go, we're moving up in the speed of light I say you, I've been waiting for a long time Oh for you, feels like I've waited for a lifetime We"
  • Last Dance (Feat. Andreas Moe) - Avicii
    "If this is our last, last dance move a bit closer, just let it take over And if this is our final chanceIf this is our last, last dance move a bit closer, just let it take over And if this is our final"
  • Colors (feat. Tiesto & Andreas Moe) - Hardwell
    "Purple skies, vivid dreams When you breath next to me Now your heart is in the gold There is a mystery that I wanna know No more hurt into field In the dark we can glow Past the night, there is a feel where"
  • Every Step Of The Way (Andreas Wistrand) - Fame Factory
    "you've lost that smile on your face there's not a trace since you said -my love is gone accused of beeing untrue I ask of you to tell me what's wrong maybe we've let it fall out of our hands baby there's"
  • Shine - Andreas Johnson
    "Andreas Johnson Miscellaneous Shine Sister my head of creation On the last train leaving the station We got vast love, no destination Tonight we will be forever baby Sister, my head"
  • Ain't That A Shame - Andreas Johnson
    "Yeah ooh baby baby baby baby baby Ain't nobody gonna love you, baby the way I was supposed to love you, hold you, adore you Ain't nobody gonna touch you, maybe I could have been the one there to release"
  • Brutal Awakening - Andreas Johnson
    "As the sun goes up over broken dreams of Eden And she wakes up slowly from the chains that tied her mind She walks down past the bound that said forever down the road back home to the ones she left behind I've"
  • Damn My Soul - Andreas Johnson
    "Standing in the green light of a neon sign of this old town smokin' his last cigarette as the drinks he had begun to drag him down, he says Wonder how I got here and how it all could come to this it really"
  • It Should Have Been Me - Andreas Johnson
    "Lay down by my side, the truth won't hurt me now Even in this last goodbye, there is beauty we can't deny Maybe, maybe, maybe it's a crime dear... Maybe, maybe, maybe I don't want to see Why you give"
  • Patiently - Andreas Johnson
    "She's like an angel watching over me She's all the beauty god provides to see Ooh when she comes, she'll make me the one Until that day I'm waiting patiently She's like a sunbeam floating through my"
  • People - Andreas Johnson
    "Some made of steel, some made of glass Some made to go where others wont pass Some made to rule, the grand master mind Some to lose for others to find Now everybody is running for something Now that the"
  • Please (Do Me Right) - Andreas Johnson
    "Waiting for a sign, a touch of your grace To carry me home, under these waves... I'm slipping... Crying like a child for the day to begin, to follow your breeze, hunted by your skin I'm slipping So"
  • Safe From Harm - Andreas Johnson
    "Home, it's good to be back home If only just for half a day, if only just for now Time, were moving out of time If only we could stay away, if only we could stay... Safe, someday my love we will be"
  • Fred Vom Jupiter - Andreas Dorau
    "Er kam vom and'ren Stern er landete nicht gern es musste aber sein der Sprit ging aus. Die Luke, die ging auf, da sprang ein Mann heraus Ich sah ihn nur kurz an, Oje! Er hatte gold'nes Haar das glnzte"
  • Girls In Love - Andreas Dorau
    "Girls in love, girls in love, she'll give you everything when, Girls in love, girls in love, she'll give you everything when... Sie war jung, gerade 16 jahr, doch sie trug schon graues Haar, Sie war lieb"

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