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Andreea Balan-Like a Bunny

  • Free (feat. Andreea D) - Dj Sava
    "Dj Sava: I could do a whole lot of things But I wanna hold you right now Cause nobody feels me better so I wanna hold you right now Put your finger in the air just like I told you right now Back to the"
  • Street Bunny - Grandaddy
    "It's a street bunny It's a street bunny It's a street bunny It's a street bunny It's a street bunny He doesn't hop hop hop around He struts around It's a street bunny It's a street bunny It's a street"
  • Playboy Bunny - Olinda
    "Playboy BunnyLa lala lala lalalala la lala lala lalaI, I can feel your eyes undressing meMaking me feel fineYou, you can work my body like no oneI can be the girl in your fantasy, wild and freeSay that"
  • Bunny Hop Remix - Da Entourage
    "Da da da da da da dah, Da da da da da dah (Verse One 2x) All the hoes with your drawz in your ass, And you got blue beads fallin' out your glass. Old man don't want you in the club. When your pussy pops,"
  • Do The Bunny Hop - Get Rich Clique
    "Slide pop lean rock Everybody stop And do the bunny hop Slide pop lean rock Everybody stop And do the bunny hop Slide pop lean rock Everybody stop And do the bunny hop Slide pop lean rock Everybody"
  • Bald bunny - Veggie Tales
    "I'm a bald bunny,ain't got no furI'm a bald bunny,brrr brrr brrr.I'm a bald bunny,looking kinda sillyI'm a bald bunny,feeling really chilly!Bald, Bald,Bunny, BunnyLook over there bunny!Hair over there"
  • Bunny Gamer - Xiu Xiu
    "It feels retarded I wonder if you like me Will you be there tonight? Do you mean it when you say what you say? Fixing up my hair I want to impress you Today and everyday Okay, okay okay Okay, So what"
  • No Bunny - Pailhead
    "No Bunny It's not funny Don't believe everything you read It's fable Just a label So don't follow the lead There is no bunny I promised It's ugly, it's stupid Don't be the same You're a sucker A violent"
  • The Bunny - Children
    "Children Lyrics Miscellaneous The Bunny Across the frozen hills I walked And through the drifted snow. A bunny hopped across my path, I stopped and watched him go. At first he hopped, And then he stopped, And"
  • Paper Bunny - Del Reeves
    "PAPER BUNNY (Hank Mills) '66 Johnny Bienstock Music, BMI Living in a rundown cold one room apartment With a dirty alley on the window side T-shirt socks are drying on the lampshade Pasting bunny's"
  • Easter Bunny - Disciple
    "Guess I'm filled with the Christmas spiritCelebrate a jolly man in redHope my kids don't find out Santa Clause isn't realMaybe I should have told them about Jesus insteadLast time I heard about it He didn't"
  • Honey bunny - Vincent Gallo
    "Honey bunnyMy baby girl friendSweetheartMy sugar girl friendWhere are youEyes of blue dearYou are myMy everyday girlAnd everyday, everydayI think of your smileOh darlingYou're my darlingI can take you"
  • Honey Bunny - MGMT
    "hello dirt goodbye insence catch me a drop of dew goodbye hope hello elegance you've got alot to prove sunshine beach you've got sandy toes race to the perfect beach I owe you thanks alot, thanks for everything you"
  • Bunny Boiler - White Town
    "Everything you try to do Always seems to turn to shit Every plan and stupid scheme Can't you just give up and quit Take it away Just take it away So don't phone me when you are down And don't send me"
  • The Bunny Who Wanted To Be A Rat - King Missile
    "Once there was an adorable little bunny that hopped and bopped through the cotton fields eating carrots all day long. The people loved him and thought he was so f**king cute and sweet and good, And he"
  • Balan - Mafalda Veiga
    "Pedes-me um tempo Para balano de vida Mas eu sou de letras No me sei dividir Para mim um balano mesmo balanar Balanar at dar balano E sair.. Pedes-me um sonho Para fazer de cho Mas eu desses no tenho Só"
  • Balan - Os 4 Mensageiros
    "Onde tu t, menina Vem que eu estou to só J faz tempo que eu ando procura de um xodó Chega pra c, menina Vem que eu estou to só Eu quero srio com voc Pra danar nesse forró no balano do vapor no apito"
  • Balan - Martinho Da Vila
    "Balana povo que uma noite no nada Esse sambinha da madrugada Quem tem grana pega o carro E vai a cem pela estrada Quem no tem vai caminhando Sempre a p pela picada Que no tem o seu iate Sobe o rio de"
  • Balan - Olodum
    "Danou quem no entrou na dana Danou quem no quis danar L vem olodum na avenida Vem ver pr crer Se voc quiser Acorde, levante Sai dessa de bobeira Caia na dana, balano da mar (BIS) Balana amor, balana Danou"
  • Balan - Jorge Benjor
    "Balana Pema Balana sem parar Arrasta as sandlias Arrasta at gastar Pois quando voc sambalana Sambalana meu corao tambm Ele sambalana certinho Juntinho com o seu vai e vem Balana Pema Balana sem parar Arrasta"

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