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Andrew W.K. Likes To Party Hard

  • Party Hard - Andrew W.K.
    "Aaaah You, You work all night, And when you work you dont feel alright. And when, When things stop feeling alright, (ALRIGHT), Then everything is alright. Coz, We will never listen your rules, (NO) We"
  • Andrew - Bowling For Soup
    "Everybody knows if you've got the coolest clothes You've got everybody on your side Anyone can see if you hang around with me You'll be by yourself on Friday night It's hard to understand If you never"
  • Party Party Party - Andrew W.K.
    "O Party Party Party I wanna have a Party I need to have a Party You better have a Party O Party Party Party You gotta Party harty I'm gonna have a Party Or else you won't be sorry O Party Party Party The"
  • Party hard - Andrew Wk
    "When it's time to party we will party hard You, You work all night (all night) And when you work you don't feel all right And we, We can't stop feeling all right (all right) And everything is all right"
  • Party Hard - Andrew W. K.
    "When it's time to party we will party hard You, You work all night (all night) And when you work you don't feel all right And we, When things stop feeling all right (all right) And everything is all right 'Cos"
  • Party Hard - Dj Kuba & NE!TAN
    "Ok Ok! You Already know what it is Dj Kuba & Neitan Flip Da Scrip Nicci If you ready to party with us I want you to grab your glasses, put em to the Sky, Everybody come on Lets Go! We Party Hard in"
  • Party Hard - Jahcoozi
    "... You'd think that the years would go by in order but it's overnight that one tends to get older, so party hard ... her mother had told her before she died leaving her a million dollars. even the"
  • Party Hard - Pulp
    "I used to try very hard to make friends with everyone on the planet. I've seen you havin' it, havin' it yeah but now you've just had it. Entertainment can sometimes be hard when the thing that you love"
  • Party Hard - Beenie Man
    "Livelicate to all di rude boy dem from across di world and all shottas from yard Real ballas party hard, zagga zagga zow na na na na Here comes the musical Youth like Beenie Man longside J Sing for the"
  • Long Live The Party - Andrew W.K.
    "I want to have a party I want to have a party I want to have a party I want to have a party You cannot kill the party You cannot kill the party You cannot kill the party Long Live The Party I want to"
  • Likes swingin' - MC Lyte
    "I may come on strong but that's what you like You like a female MC who can handle the mike How do I know? Because you told me so You instantly prefer a pro to supervise the show So that's why I'm here,"
  • Wk*rw - Kashell
    "pewne sytuacje wywołują we mnie Wk*rw nie liczą się racje biorę kolizyjny kurs i nie mów mi że zachowuję się jak furiat ja przez słowa te jeszcze bardziej się wku*wiam coraz trudniej jest mieć wszystko"
  • Andrew Ross Andrew Rose - Unknown Artist
    "ANDREW ROSS (ANDREW ROSE) Come all you seamen and give attention And listen for a while to me While I relate of a dreadful murder Which happened on the briny sea Andrew Ross*, an Orkney Sailor Whose sufferings"
  • Andrew Marteen - Unknown Artist
    "ANDREW MARTEEN In bon-ey Scotland three brothers did dwell, Three brothers did dwell, the three And all did cast lots to see which of them Would go robbing down on the salt sea. And all did cast lots to"
  • Andrew Rose - Cztery Refy
    "Andrew Rose, brytyjski żeglarz, O nim wam opowiedzieć chcę, Zaokrętował się w Barbados Na statek, który zwał się "Martha Jane". Trudno nam dziś w to uwierzyć, Że tak okrutny mógł być los - Tak wiele strasznych"
  • St. Andrew - The White Stripes
    "(This Battle Is In The Air)This battle is in the airI'm looking upwardsWhere are the angels?I'm not in my homeSt. andrew don't forsake meSt. andrewDon't forsake meWho is here to greet me?The children are"
  • Andrew Lammie - Kate Rusby
    "At Fyvie's gate there grows a flower It grows both broad and bonnie At days the end amidst of it Its name is Andrew Lammie O give that flower within my breast For the love I burn in body So bright and"
  • She Likes Dat - Tha Dogg Pound
    "Snoop Dogg Talking: Ladies and Gentelmen Yeah ya, this is a jazzy-fizzle product-shizzle. DPGC 2X:Yeah, she likes that Bust a nut up in her face Yeah, she likes that Yeah she likes the way it taste Yeah,"
  • She Likes Me - August Premier
    "hey you, i'm getting pretty sick of all the crazy things you do somewhere out there, there's another one that treats me better than you she likes me for who i am and that's fine by me she likes me for"
  • God Likes Kisses - Juliets Wishing Well
    "but then you never did listen to me can't say i blame you with my hypocrisy did it ever occur to you i'd fall these are tricky times now after all isn't it a shame that einstein's dead i can't help but"

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