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Anericsn idiot

  • Idiot - Slick Idiot
    "Slick Idiot !! ......Speed It Up !! Every Talker Needs A Listener, Every Ship Needs The Open Sea, Every Can Needs A Prisoner, Every Day Needs You And Me. Between Euphoria And Depression, I Still Find"
  • Idiot - Duels
    "It comes at night, you know. The idiot sleeps and the idiot talks to the ether, to the cold night air. "This can't be right," he groans, "Bakunin's child, can I be both wild and defeated? What a cross"
  • Idiot - Coldplay
    "So I was an idiot I was a goddamn idiot Because I came here so violent Because I came around here so violent I said yes I was an idiot I was a goddamn idiot Because I made you think for it Because"
  • Idiot - Raggabund
    "Etwas verfolgt mich, ich wei nicht was. Irgendein Fluch, irgendein Hass Wei nicht warum, weshalb wieso lsst das hier alles zu der Herr Jesu christ Da ist ne Lady, schn wie ein Stern Coca Cola Shake Wunderbar"
  • Idiot - Lisa Marie Presley
    "Please remember me Forever believe in me As someone whose never gonna wish you well Im gonna tell you what I think about you in that unforgivable way I do Youre an idiot And I hate your guts I guess Im"
  • Idiot - One Hit Wonder
    "We all know you're freezing No covers to hold down Selling books for money your pusher's comin' round You've got missing fingers and you've got missing toes But nothing ever stops you from bringin' your"
  • Idiot Song - Idiot Flesh
    "The idiots are here and all they've brought is candy. The idiots are here and all they need is love, love, love. The idiots are here and no one can tell just what can be wrong. But no one goes around like"
  • Idiot Road - The Arrogant Worms
    "All towns have a place Where decent drivers are not safe Where traffic law is touch and go Where the posted limit does not bind And half the drivers seem to blind And the other half is stupid, whoa,"
  • Idiot Twin - Rialto
    "My idiot twin Like a second skin I just can't shake him He's my stupid Siamese A terminal disease Forgive me please (CHORUS) My idiot twin He's part of me But one day I'll kill him He is my idiot twin When"
  • Idiot Savant - The Queers
    "You know he read a couple books And now he shoots me dirty looks As if he thinks he's better than me A condescending attitude Well I hate to tell you dude Can't even buy a vowel on your SAT's Some cruel"
  • Village Idiot - Van Morrison
    "Did you see the lad, on the corner He was standing drinking wine Wears his overcoat in the summer And short sleeves in the winter time Takes his holidays, down at the bookies Well he knows how to pick"
  • Idiot dance - Carina Round
    "It's time It's time Time to give up Time to go home No one is noticing you No one is noticing you No one is noticing you At the idiot dance, oh At the idiot dance, oh You Yeah, you You sat on the bench"
  • Idiot Driver - Spoon
    "Every time the titans push over all the punks are thick on the ground but in the bike lane, you think it over turn in your tank and turn around idiot driver idiot drive she swears that i know her why don't"
  • Educated Idiot - All
    "All Miscellaneous Educated Idiot i recognize the pieces but i dont know where they fit. i know exactly just enough to analyze the universe to bits. i know all there is to know about nothing"
  • American Idiot - Avril Lavigne
    "Don't want to be an American Idiot, Don't want a nation under the new media, Can you hear the sound of hysteria? The subliminal mind f**k America Welcome to a new kind of tension, All across the alienation, where"
  • The Idiot - Gorefest
  • Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan
    "Someone's got it in for me, they're planting stories in the press Whoever it is I wish they'd cut it out quick but when they will I can only guess They say I shot a man named Gray and took his wife to"
  • Happy Idiot - TV On The Radio
    "Stuck in the shade Where there’s no sunshine I don’t wanna play With them other kids in the sun. Since you left me, babe, It’s been a long way down Yeah, you left me, babe It’s been a long way down. What"
  • Biggest Idiot - Roxen
    "I was warned so many times That what comes easy never lasts Ah-ah, ah I'm feelin' lost, my heart is breakin' I lost control, we couldn't make it Gave you too much I wish I could turn back time So I can"
  • Du Idiot - Matthias Reim
    "Matthias: Dass ich dich heut Nacht hier treffe habe ich irgendwie geahnt Nur der Typ an deiner Seite war vom mir nicht eingeplant Jetzt versteh ich du hast sicher niemals mehr von mir getrumt Das Zimmer"

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