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Anfel my angel

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Anfel my angel

  • Angel - Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • Angel - Angel Faith
    "oooooh, oh angel, i'm talking to you. when i'm upside down, you turn me right side up, by the simple words you say. when i'm south of you, well you're north of me, and i know you're here to stay. well"
  • Angel - The Adicts
    "You are an angel that money couldn't buy You are an angel Oh lord don't ask why You are a lover seductive from the start You are a lover that mends my broken heart And when you bang your gong I will surely"
  • Angel - Angela Winbush
    "Angel, mmm, ooh Angel, mmm, hmm Angel, mmm, ooh, ooh, ooh Angel, yeah (oh, oh) Mmm, ba doo doo ba doo Doo, ba, doo, doo Doo, ooh (angel) I found a certain paradise Within my life with you Heaven opened"
  • Angel - Anita Baker
    "Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... If I could I'd give you the world Wrap it all around you Won't be satisfied"
  • Angel - Wumpscut
    "Angel come to me to me come to me Angel belong to me to me belong to me Angel you have wings to fly fly to me Angel do you doubt no need to have doubt Angel feel my love my love for you feel my love for"
  • Angel - Madonna
    "Why am I standing on a cloud Every time you're around And my sadness disappears Every time you are near You must be an angel I can see it in your eyes Full of wonder and surprise And just now I realize "
  • Angel - Boyzone
    "See her Dreamin' Don't wake me 'Cos it's real Angel Come fly Through the sky I see A distant light It's burning so bright A mystical sight A glorious flight In the moonlight So it's a secret I can tell"
  • Angel - Stephen Gately
    "See her Dreamin' Don't wake me 'cos it's real Angel Come fly Through the sky I see A distant light It's burning so bright A mystical sight A glorious flight In the moonlight So it's a secret I can tell"
  • Angel - Collage
    "All of my life I had searched for you Always looking, never finding a love to pull me through But then you came to me, from heaven above You took my hand, filled my empty heart with your tender love Angel You're"
  • Angel - Elvis Presley
    "Angel, with those angel eyes Come and take this earth boy Up to paradise Angel, may I hold you tight? Never kissed an angel Let me kiss one tonight If I said "I love you" Would I be speaking out of turn? I'm"
  • Angel - NLT
    ""I don't know what them other guys don't see in you girl you bad girl ha ha (woooo)" She got body like loaf of bread Make you want a slice She's the girl you can take her home to mother But she dont want"
  • Angel - Jewel
    "Oh my angel sweet, sweet angel come to me swiftly this night so still for dawn does come swiftly i'm so far from home just tell me, angel i'm never alone my hands are unsteady i been gone too long your"
  • Angel - Sarina Paris
    "Angel by: Sarina Paris Here in my eyes.... Your so insecure around me Boy, I don't know why When you know just how I feel What can I do to show you it's real? Shall I climb up to a mountain top Or swim"
  • Angel - Turin Brakes
    "Turin Brakes cover version from the Shaggy song Girl you're my angel, you're my darlin angel Closer than my peeps you are to me, yeah yeah Girl you're my angel, you're my darlin angel Girl you're my friend"
  • Angel - Belly
    ""Give it to me, please", I said to God It's only fair Instead, he sent three angels To move the river So now it flows by my house So now it goes by my house Angel, angel I'd still rather have the man I've"
  • Angel - Neil Diamond
    "Maybe tonight I will say what's on my mind But the words are oh so hard to find When I try to speak It comes out like nervous chatter Then my knees get weak And I can't stop shaking I try to relax, 'Cause"
  • Angel - Patsy Cline
    "I can see an angel walking Someone else is by his side I can hear an angel talking And he looks so satisfied I can see an angel smiling By his side I'll never be In my heart I'll go on crying Only tears"
  • ANGEL - Ana Andrzejewska
    "fling blind through day and night desperate to see the light lonely child whit a will to fight and no one to guide dark forces screaming in the dark dark forces try to tear me apart I get away , never"
  • Angel - Ne-Yo
    "Where did you go when i woke up You were gone Find someone to replace you I'll never be alone I sit around so anxious for you to call my phone She went up to heaven said she'll be back later on In love"

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