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Angel Baby rosie and the Originals

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Angel Baby rosie and the Originals

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Angel Baby rosie and the Originals
  • Mr. Capone-E Angel Baby
    "That's right, ha ha, this is for the oldies And the O.G. lowriders As for me, this is Mr. Capone-e Kickin' back with Rosie & the Originals Talkin' about, my angel baby Angel baby, my angel baby Oooooo"
  • Kelly Jones Rosie
    "Rosie helped the kids stay alive She gave them the drugs So they didin't die She cleaned up their mess As they wept and they moaned She got paid so little She rented her home An angel face, with the strength"
  • Angel Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • Joan Armatrading Rosie
    "He has little red feet His stockin's in his shoes Lipstick and rouge on his face He has his hair piled high Has a red umbrella And carries his head in the sky And I said "Awe Rosie, don't you do that"
  • Angel Faith Angel
    "oooooh, oh angel, i'm talking to you. when i'm upside down, you turn me right side up, by the simple words you say. when i'm south of you, well you're north of me, and i know you're here to stay. well"
  • Dean Martin Angel baby
    "(Angel baby you're mine forever) (Angel baby, you angel baby you) Who is the dream who starts me dreaming Angel baby Then keeps me worrying and schemeing You, angel baby, you Who starts me walking 'round"
  • Angelina Angel Baby
    "It's Just like Heaven, Being with you, You're like an Angel Too good to be true. But after all, I love you, I do. Angel Baby My Angel Baby. When you are near me, My heart skips a beat, I can hardly stand"
  • Melissa Dori Dye Angel Baby
    "angel, angel baby never leave me angel you're worlds away angel you're worlds away it's the world around me it's been dark without you when you're wrapped around me i feel light from heaven i am burning"
  • The Kooks Rosie
    "See the same old crowd again Wash my hands and shake my feet And yes I missed you all Since I last saw you I fell down the rabbit hole As I wonder what we'd be like Wrapped up so up tight with you Lust"
  • The Style Council Angel
    "If I could I'd give you the world Wrap it all around you I won't be satisfied with just a piece of your heart Angel, you're my Angel Dreams are Dreams and some dreams come true I found a real dream, baby"
  • The Alice Band Angel
    "There's an old man playing basketball And the sun comes in like a waterfall There's a teacup full of miracles And you said that you loved me baby Black Crowes and all? Angel look outside my window"
  • Tom Waits Rosie
    "Well I'm sitting on a windowsill, blowing my horn Nobody's up except the moon and me, And a lazy old tomcat on a midnight spree All that you left me was a melody. Rosie, why do you evade? Rosie, how can"
  • Richie Sambora Rosie
    "Rosie whatcha doing in this low class joint, dancing in the dark all day You used to be the darling of your high school scene Now you put your love on display Sweaty hands hand you up a dollar bill. Hungry"
  • Bon Jovi Rosie
    "(Sambora, J Bon Jovi, Child, Warren) Rosie watch doin' in this low class joint Dancin' in the dark all day You used to be the darlin' Of your high school scene Now you put your love on display Sweaty"
  • Thea Gilmore Rosie
    "Well, the cars are leaving town The winters moving in A tree has been torn down By an ill wind, an ill wind Oh, Rosie can you tell my age? From where I sit Im younger than I look But old enough to know"
  • Marilyn Manson A Rose And Baby Ruth
    "Doo, doo, doo, doo Doo, doo, doo, doo We had a quarrel A teenage quarrel Now I'm as blue as I know how to be I can't call you on the phone I can't even see you at your home So I'm sending you this present Just"
  • New Kids On The Block Angel
    "(Angel) (Angel) Angel, baby you make my dreams come true Angel, spend my whole life pleasing you Angel, baby you are the one for me Angel, come and set my lovin' free Baby, you are the best thing"
  • Jackson Browne Rosie
    "''(mozart at 6 years old)'' She was standing at the load-in When the trucks rolled up She was sniffing all around Like a half grown female pup She wasn't hard to talk to Looked like she had nowhere to"
  • Vanessa Williams Rosie
    "From Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack JA: I was never crazy for flowers I confess that nothing left me colder. I could watch a daisy for hours and all i'd feel was several hours older. Lilacs or lilies, anything"
  • Claw Boys Claw Rosie
    "Rainbow child, I used to call her name a lot when love was doing well We have start to call of you away from me but most of all yourself Got what you're looking for, waving bye to the poor Got what"

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