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Angel Haze - Candles

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Angel Haze - Candles

  • Candles - Angel Haze
    "I'm, I, I I'm, I, I Drift I, meet with the dark Be what you loving the head for... Into the sun whoever you are Swear to your... with a cross on my heart Follow my thoughts, with the... Whatever this"
  • Haze - Afterlife
    "No life to follow Especially not mine Hate feeds on sorrow My memory of a crime I know you don't remember 'Cause you were just a child A whole explosion of anger Humanity went wild No risk was involved But"
  • 13 Candles - Bathory
    "Now the night lays dark and coldUpon a world at sleepAcross he world sweeps a crimson hazeNow the virgin's seal is brokenThe fertility rite is completeAnd the seed is sown in a holy placeBorn a child of"
  • Lifeless Haze - Mandragora Scream
    "My sighs swallowed through this rail, ice-bars, clench my breath away... Maddened mind rends tears when I see your face, maiden, like misty nights...Crucified. Lovely & insane mental excitement, I will"
  • Life Round Here (feat. Angel Haze) - Ellie Goulding
    "Part time love is the life 'round here We're never done Now we’re at square one Life ain't been 'round here in a minute Here ain't been 'round my whole life And we waited too long Chaos been 'round for"
  • Hell Could Freeze (feat. Angel Haze) - Rudimental
    "Hell could freeze over now You’re you’re our peace, hear me shout Hell could freeze (Hell could freeze) over now (over now) You’re you’re our peace, hear me shout Uh I wrote this to tell you how much"
  • Candles - Aswad
    "Candles burning in the night Just like a child's life We've got to save them Candles burning in the night Just like a child's life We've got to save them Jah in all my days I'm so ashamed To see"
  • Candles - Brave Combo
    "refrain: You, were my hope Your hope was mine Candles are low For the last time I don't want to look; when I do it saddens me It saddens me so when I recall their first light I don't want to turn back"
  • Candles - Hey Monday
    "The power lines went out And I am all alone But I don't really care at all Not answering my phone All the games you played The promises you made Couldn't finish what you started Only darkness still remains Lost"
  • Candles - Brad
    "Breathe a little bit Breathe a little bit for me now Dance a little bit Dance a little bit for me now And when the storm come's late And turns out the lights There is no need to worry Everything is alright You've"
  • Candles - Crown Of Thorns
    "Silently watching the candles glow Staring into the brightest flame It burns like we used to do Casting long, dark shadows Twisted shapes dancing on the walls As the wind blows cold my candle dies Now"
  • Candles - Within Temptation
    "Take away, These hands of darkness. Reaching for my soul. Now, the cold wind, blows out my candles. Feeling, only fear, without any hopr. A thousand dark moons. A thousand winters long. A million fallen"
  • Candles - Dirty Vegas
    "youre going down and it feels good but you aint wearin what you should all the people that youve had the time is over so count your blessings count the times you forgot the names, commit the crimes, yea all"
  • Candles - Colour Of Fire
    "Save the shame, ablaze. Well it's too late. Lower your steam into your eyes! What is this? All these colours and lights are inside of me now. I feel us coming together now. Grind the life around your"
  • Candles - Chris Rea
    "Faith for reasons still unknown Like 'Bleak House fog' seems everywhere The truth has frozen into stone And hope lies freezing in the midnight air Though dark our days may seem This is a different dream Their"
  • Haze - Dishwalla
    "Untie the hands that bind your mind And be nice, she put a gun against her ear Inside, against a gin and tonic sky She's a star, she finds a place to lose her pain Chorus Caged as she waits inside Hate"
  • Haze - B.A.D.
    "zapraszam, wejdź wiem, nie omieszkasz mam nowy sprzęt weźmiesz udział w testach czujesz opary bezdechu szukasz towaru, nie leku w aptekach serwują ci prochy które działają jak harry z tybetu moje plany"
  • Haze - Steve Kilbey
    "Please let me in, I wasn't introduced I really want to be your friend I'd like to know, I wasn't introduced I really want to make amends There's a place that I know, it's so hard to find I'd like to take"
  • Haze - Korn
    "Walking alone inside my world Thinking I'm doing the right thing Destroying all that appears before me It was all done in vain Wanna get through fire Wanna get through pain Wanna get with violence Wanna"
  • Haze - Electronic
    "I'm here alone all by myself with no one else I need someone to share these thoughts about myself I don't know who I can trust This picture's starting to rust And as I press upon myself a form of torture I"

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