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  • Angeldust - Sodom
    "Living, running Out on the streets at night Searching, hoping For the right connection because I Need it, want it You know I've got to have it Takes me higher Than anything I know Angeldust Need a shot"
  • Angeldust - On Thorns I Lay
    "Why should I suffer for thing that I never saw ? And if you know which way to follow my soul emotions I'll give you back indisposed me pale destiny travelers to realities that sweeten my pain, travelling"
  • Angeldust - D'espairs Ray
    "With all of my pain undying spirit of mine with all of your pain undying spirit of your Howl of Existence aratana kaze ga yami wo saku Mugen ni afuredasu souzou kasoku shiteiku kodou... With all of my"
  • Angeldust (Please Come Down) - Jump Little Children
    "The islands off the coast are on fire Yellow and crimson Just beyond calico beach The fire's ascension Of gasoline Burned red and green Is like the blazing corona Of a midnight sun Under the angeldust And"
  • Angeldust (Please Come Down) - Jump
    "The islands off the coast are on fire Yellow and Crimson Just beyond calico beach The fire's assention Of gasoline burn red and grey Is like the blazing corona of a midnite sun Under the angel dust and"
  • Angel - Happy Mondays
    "Its not I who sought the novice It's the novice who sought me Cook went blind and drank too much And fed his guest on angeldust Where did the pain start When did the symptoms begin Where did the pain start"
  • Bring Home The Bacon - Total
    "(feat. Three Six Mafia) now cmon and tear da club up toss and floss 100 even if you dont want it but if ya got it flaunt it angeldust get the jail break what the cuff locked up snakes can slither like"
  • On & On - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Pharrell) Beware, you're now listening to the sounds of Mis-demeanor Turn everything up, all the levels All the fuckin levels Missy be the name and y'all should already know I been around"
  • Can You Feel Me Baby - Foxy Brown
    "My peoples is watching you, watching me Lots of envy and hate is what it got to be I heard you tryin' to destroy my whole monopoly But if I take it to your face, you 'gon cop a plea I know it, but it's"
  • Come And Get It - LiL Italy
    "(intro) I said you drink whisky and you cuss I smoke shit called angeldust I said peter peter pussyeater Had a ................. (Lil Italy talking) Hold up Hold up Hold up Man stop this shit man who"
  • Drama - Daz Dillinger
    "It was a war between us and them The fuse was ignited throughout the world And it couldn't be put out Mass murderin' throughout the street blocks and neighborhoods Somebody had to become a victim An example,"

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