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Angels fall breaking

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Angels fall breaking

  • Angels Fall - Winterpills
    "at the loser's ball you were pretty and tall writing in the wall in your childish scrawl pretty and tall, you were born to fall they were on their knees, they were wailing: burn your wings on the sun trying"
  • Breaking my fall - Jeremy Camp
    "So easily I fall, so easily you reach your hand out So quickly will I drown, in all the pools of all my reason So easily will I fear, so easily will your peace surpass me So quickly will I trust, in anything"
  • Angels Fall Down - Skillet
    "I saw angels fall down at the glory of the Lord and as I raise my hands I see I saw angels fall down at the glory of the Lord and as I hit the ground I see And I fall down afraid and shaking here"
  • Even Angels Fall - Jessica Riddle
    "You've found hope, you've found faith, Found how fast she could take it away. Found true love, lost your heart. Now you don't know who you are. She made it easy, made it free, Made you hurt till you couldn't"
  • Even angels fall - Jewel
    "You found hopeYou found faithFound how fast she could take it awayFound true loveLost your heartNow you don't know who you areShe made it easyMade it freeMade it hurt till you couldn't seeSometimes it"
  • Angels Fall Sometimes - Josh Turner
    "My chances weren't good she was way out of my reach How could she ever fall for some ol' boy like me But here she lies asleep tonight in these arms of mine And that goes to show angels fall sometimes She's"
  • Even Angels Fall - Linda Davis
    "You found hope - you found faith Gound how fast she could take it away Gound true love but lost your heart Now you don't know who you are She made it easy - made it free Made you hurt 'til you could not"
  • Angels Would Fall - Melissa Etheridge
    "The rope that's wrapped around me Is cutting through my skin And the doubts that have surrounded me Are finding their way in I keep it close to me Like a holy man prays In my desperate hour It's better"
  • Angels Fall First - Nightwish
    "An angelface smiles to me Under a headline of tragedy That smile used to give me warmth Farewell - no words to say beside the cross on your grave and those forever burning candles Needed elsewhere to"
  • Sometimes Angels Fall - Chuckie Akenz
    "ive changed over time and grew stronger in life wont give up what is mine but sometimes even angels fall down ive done all this right and ive won all these fights i grew stronger in life but sometimes"
  • Even Angels Fall - The Cr
    "Sorrow sings her kisses in silence and adjusts the blinds to keep the light from mocking everything I feel She dances slowly a silhouette upon the curtains but her eyes seem to cry only empty tears I beg"
  • Angels - Sophie Barker
    "She laughs when she wants to cry She smiles but she doesn't know Why the world takes it's toll on her I try and talk some sense to you But only you can help yourself to Understand what's going on Angels"
  • Angels - Helloween
    "I've had a dream about forgiveness But I hear the angel sing The emotions were right A magical mind like a wonder A precious heart can be broken Within one night Then I realized She's a devil in disguise How"
  • Angels - Tori Amos
    "and with a wink and a smile you toss your instructions on how to catch a train while it's moving you always were the one that kept us all guessing how you could survive the fall you had from medicine"
  • Angels - Enya
    "Angels, answer me, are you near if rain should fall? Am I to believe you will rise to calm the storm? For so great a treasure words will never do. Surely, if this is, promises are mine to give you. mine"
  • Angels - Michele Morrone
    "A thousand colour paintings you have made for us when I'm done, look at your photograph counting all the days we have been seprate I disappear and burn like my damn cigarette I just wanna fall asleep"
  • When The Angels Fall - Sting
    "So high above the world tonight The angels watch us sleeping And underneath a bridge of stars We dream in safety's keeping But perhaps the dream Is dreaming us Soaring with the seagulls Perhaps the dream Is"
  • Fall Of The Angels - Cage
    "I'll make you an offer you cannot refuse I'm journeying back from the black Based one my theory when he's weak and weary Send war angels in to attack I'll make him appear, I'll have to be there to dignify"
  • Breaking In - November Blessing
    "My heart is yours it's yours for the taking hush baby just fall back to sleep i'm breaking in, breaking into your dreams gonna make you fall back in love with me Back in love with Me and your dreams are"
  • Breaking Up - Eskimo Joe
    "A handful of sand, Is all that you grab, As you're watching the money fall, Right through your hands, It took such a long, long time now, To build on demand, But this is a war in the cradle of, This modern"

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