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  • Result - Tamaki Nami
    "Kagayaku mirai wa boku no tame ni Itoshii kioku wa kimi no tame ni Kizuna wa itsudemo tsunagatteru Ano hi no yakusoku mune ni Bokura wa kiseki wo kanaeteku Dakishimeru mono ga nai ude ...yume igai ni Te"
  • Result - Nami Tamaki
    "Kagayaku mirai wa boku no tame ni Itoshii kioku wa kimi no tame ni Kizuna wa itsu demo tsunagatteru Ano hi no yakusoku mune ni Bokura wa kiseki wo kanaeteku Dakishimeru mono ga nai ude... Yume igai ni Te"
  • End Result - Crass
    "I am a product. I am a symbol of endless, hopeless, fruitless, aimless games. I'm a glossy packages on the supermarket shelf. My contents aren't fit for human consumption. I could tragically injure your"
  • The End Result Is Falling - Eyes Of Fire
    "Here I am left here holding this empty heart You reach inside and try to feel what's left of me I fall back to the sea and try to forget this dream I peel the skin that holds me here inside of you I fall"
  • ...As A Result Of Signals Being Crossed - Fear Before The March Of Flames
    "You can't keep God off the radio Don't let him in You can't keep the Devil from the media Don't let him in There is always a salesman at the front door Don't let him in The church is trying to peddle something"
  • The End Result Of 2 Months In Prison - His Hero Is Gone
    "Nightly dreams of putting knives in the side of judges and gaurds sweet REVENGE will be mine"
  • Class 'A' Human - Lesion
    "Banished for a reason of State. ...There was no place for all over there. We built much because much was the emptiness around us. That gap has never been filled... ... and you know that. Class 'A' human As"
  • Col Blem - Sumbang Doel
    "col blem col blem ari jelma ayeuna teu koop boga kawasa asa aing pangluhurna sagala tara tatanya dah ceunah teu perlu nanya da teu sieun kumaha col blem col blem col blem col blem sagala rupa dihakan euweuh"
  • Atomic asphyxia - Collapsed System
    "A white desert, the wind blows, the sandFloats in the air, so it will look everywhere.Wake up and decide your fateForceful, consistent, it won't take shapeWhen you act before it's too lateWhat remains"
  • Citizen XT99 - Dope stars inc
    "We are not Like a piece of flesh without some feelings. Like a crowd of pigs inside a barn. I cant deal with codes and got my own name. Please don't call me xt 99. We are not Like a flock of sheeps piled"
  • Remember - Bad Acid Trip
    "I have seen the result of our school system I have seen what it does I asked some kids about the holocaust And they didn't even know what it was Didn't that happen in some Time Life books I didn't see"
  • This Is Your Revelation - Metalsteel
    "Gastronomic perversion Extreme substance abuse Experimental consumation Too exotic to choose Suicidal intensions Obscure fundamental acts Megalomanic frustrations Versus skeptical facts This"
  • Tell Me - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Not so long ago. The children laughed and played. Now they're just charred corpses Annihilated they play no more. When everything is contaminated Tell me what is gained. Tell me who has won when nothing"
  • Skulk - Harmful
    "Adding black paint the result of external pain... to cause, to feel, to pronounce a constant point: moral standard? Stiff - Skulk False statement with a few grains of truth in it... to cause, to feel,"
  • Intro (Life) - Jeru The Damaja
    "Life is the result of the struggle between dynamic opposites Form & Chaos, Substance & Oblivion, Light & Dark And all the infinite variations of Yin & Yang When the pendulum swings in favour of one It"
  • Pandoras Box - Clark Anne
    "Love is a dangerous game to play with A battle where only one side wins A toy that is so easily broken Rules that are only make believe The loser a doll you once held so close Now left unguarded in a forgotten"
  • Twist - Phish
    "I spoke your name for many daysPronouncing it in several waysAnd moving letters all aroundAnd substituting every soundAnd when you heard the end result,I told you it was not my fault,If you were here more"
  • Fear And Loathing - Shadowkeep
    "You sensed the motions amongst the clouds You should have feared the lightning strike We have enough Of your madman's intuitions that hide the truth behind the curtains We can believe what we see and"
  • The Five W's - Cheez
    "What is the result of our never ending talk When really it is all our own fault Why dont we just offer defeat Who is our true master And why is it never truly over The answers to life Wont come clearly"
  • A Song For You - Finch
    "Here I am beside myself again I'm torn apart by words that you have said and all in all, I know we're falling apart Where did you run to so far away And here we are to sing you a song And there you are"

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