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Angka sidney setelah 8898 19 juni 2021

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Angka sidney setelah 8898 19 juni 2021

  • Setelah - A.C.A.B
    "Aku menjerit, memanggil berjuta kali Aku merintih, mencari kau tak aku temui Hingga ku tertanya, entah di mana salah & silapnya? Apakah engkau hanya bersandiwara, membiar ku sengsara? Engkau & aku nyata"
  • Sidney - Les VRP
    "Dans mon ciel,l'ombre et lumire se mlent elle,elle,elle elle rvelle en moi mon essentiel elle,elle,elle je n'ai jamais tait facile, toujours dterminer indocile, malgrs mes silences et mon inpudence, elle"
  • Sidney - Puddle Of Mudd
    "Sydney Why'd you have to go and leave everybody behind Help me 'Cause I think I'm taking these emotions, these emotions way to far Baby You know that I'm sorry for everything I've ever done I'm gonna set"
  • Mitte Juni - Ina Deter
    "Ich sprhs auf jede Huserwand ich such' den schnsten Mann im Land ein Zettel an das schwarze Brett er mu nett sein, auch im Bett kratze es in Birkenrinden wo kann ich was liebes finden schreib's in Gold"
  • 19 - Pencey Prep
    "I wear myself too thin Can't help myself this time I'm on the outside looking in Can't see my self this time Don't wanna go Don't wanna drive back home There's nothing left for me It's 1 AM It's 2 AM It's"
  • 19 - Paul Hardcastle
    "In 1965, Vietnam seemed like Just another foreign war But it wasn't, it was Different in many ways As so were those Who did the fighting In World War II The average age of the Combat soldier was twenty-six In"
  • 19 - Myslovitz
    "Wokół tylko strach Nie wiem co się może stać Co otacza mnie Czy teraz przyszłość jest Byś w ciekawych czasach żył Ja legendą, nie ten film Nie chcę, mam to gdzieś Możesz ułożyć się do snu Ja właśnie"
  • Elvstoppa mig juni - Kent
    "(Lilla Ego)Ngon hade sagt att jag var feg Lilla Ego fy skms Att Jag alltid stod dr bakom och hll med Sanningen knns Jag har skuggat dig i kylan en hel dag fr att lmna tillbaks den undanflykt som Jag stal"
  • 2021 - Vampire Weekend
    "2021, will you think about me? i could wait a year but i shouldne't wait three i don't wanna be... 2021, will you think about us? copper goes green steel beams go rust it's matter of..."
  • 2021 - Lauv
    "2021 We could have some fun Mayne we could run Or i could be the one Think it’s time to go hard for your loving Baby i love you I don’t want no one esle but you 2021, 2021 We could have some fun Mayne"
  • 19 N - Eisregen
    "Welch wunderschne Frau und ich dachte sie sei mein sie hat mir ja auch gehrt doch eben leider nicht allein. Ein Engel mit rotem Haar sein Name war Sophie ich hab alles fr ihn getan doch geliebt hat er"
  • Tomb 19 - Kansas
    "Tomb 19 was sacred 1.000 years or more The Mayan king was restless a curse upon the door His shrouds of royal fabric his journey to be made To offer spirits good and evil 14 beads of jade The jade had"
  • Room 19 - Boomtown Rats
    "Sha-la-la-la-la Sha-la-la-la-lee Sha-la-la-la-la I feel free When I woke up I was freezing Shaking like a leaf I was stuck up on a shelf With the other guys in Room 19 Then the brain here right beside"
  • 19 mia - Michał Bajor
    "Czikita! 19 miał lat, nazywał Ciebie cziki, cziki, cziki, Czikita Patrzył Ci prosto w twarz, śpiewając swoje cziki, cziki, cziki, Czikita Nie chciałaś ani chwili dłużej żyć bez ciepłych jego słów, bez"
  • 5:19 - Matt Wertz
    "I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you That I'm ok July came, I thought I had it all together Until you said "I need some space" Truth be told It's so hard to wait One eye on the clock And one on"
  • 19 & Crazy - Bomshel
    "This barely burdened ankle Will probably just be one of those things I won't be showing off too often at 65 This butterfly tattoo Might be something I tell my kids not to do Spring Break shouldn't last"
  • 19 Anos - 6 Voltios
    "19 aos de edad, (ahhhh...) viviste cosas que te hicieron caer al piso. Encontraste en quien cofiar, (ahhhh...) buenos amigos, buenos recuerdos. (coro) El tiempo se pasa rpido, parece que el mo se esta"
  • 19 After - Mr. Shadow
    "from the southern part of california and be the soldier puffing ------ thinking of a way to run ----- my compouser f**ked up since the age of 13 dreams of balling and be picture in magazine as life went"
  • 41:19 - Public Enemy
    "I come out my crib Walk out on the block it's hot Yo there's a black car parked on the corner hot boys Tnt be creepin, while niggas be on the side Of the soda machine sleeping Word up kid, they seen what"
  • 19 Witches - Monster Magnet
    "You're floating there you're handing me, a snake inside a jar, It's just to cool, I do believe, you're what you say you are, How many days was I in that psychotic submarine I stumbled out, I took my turn,"

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