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Angka togel Sydney besok

  • Sydney - Les V.R.P
    "Dj tout petit il aimait smurfer Et c'est pour ca qu'on l'a nomme Sydney Sur le pick-up de sa grand-mre Il faisait du scratch sur Yvette Horner De la salle a manger jusqu' la kitchenette Il faisait la navette"
  • Sydney - Halifax
    "So tell me now, what do I have to do To say things that will get through to you I'll cross my fingers and I'll pray for you To somehow see this side Call me more convinced. Say there's a way to cure this"
  • Sydney - Taxiride
    "I belive my fate is tied to you my love Nothing Lies between us Waiting for eternity to fall down like a blanket on our heads She's leaving me behind Don't talk to me that way You've had your time to"
  • Sydney Tonight - Watashi Wa
    "yesterday i packed up all my things threw them off the coast to rest in peace i met a man who took all my empty dreams and brought them back to life and gave them back to me where did that life go that"
  • Sydney Tonight - Watashi-Wa
    "Yesterday I packed up all my things Threw them off the coast to rest in peace I met a man who took all my empty dreams And brought them back to life And gave them back to me Where did that life go That"
  • Sydney Girls - Remedy
    "(Anderson/Wells) Don't you, look at me that way You got me tongue tied but I got a lot to say Don't you, bend down to get that book I might be arrested if I take a second look Oh my oh my, makes me wanna"
  • Sydney Song - Eskimo Joe
    "See me come and see me go In my fancy resturant All the time you never know No, I can't pay for any of it Don't like the way you use your tongue To get one up on me Oh man, can't you see. How do you think"
  • Tu w Sydney - Tercet Egzotyczny
    "Wiele już krajów zjeździłam Jak wielki świat Czas moją twarz też przeorał Przez tyle lat Smagał mnie piasek południa Ciął ostry śnieg Lecz tak jak tutaj nikt mnie kochał Tutaj jest jedna rzecz Tu w Sydney"
  • Mc Leay Street In Sydney - Tom T. Hall
    "There's more love on McLeay Street in Sydney than you have in your heart for me I can buy love like yours on McLeay Street so why won't your love let me be I'm so tired of bein' your toy I'm so tired of"
  • Mc Leay street in Sydney - Hall Tom T
    "There's more love on McLeay Street in Sydney than you have in your heart for meI can buy love like yours on McLeay Street so why won't your love let me beI'm so tired of bein' your toy I'm so tired of"
  • I Wonder (Departure) (Live In Sydney '77) - Abba
    "This park and these houses, old streets I have walked Everything dear, will it be here One day when I am returning? My friends will get married, have children and homes It sounds so nice, well-planned"
  • End Transmission - Sydney
    "It's universal down on this planet we won't ever leave Did you know I really hate to say this, but you and I I never thought we'd make it This galaxy it spins in motion motionless to me Did you know"
  • For I Am Spartacus - Sydney
    "If I could kill with words at will Then in this song I'll stage your final breath With something soft and quiet And you know I'll be there till your end And what's with all these little things Always"
  • Get To The Chopper - Sydney
    "See you for all the right reasons I, will hide the truth behind lies See you with good intentions We'll see who's laughing, we'll see who's laughing Conversation In a pitch black devils night everyone"
  • Got Some Purple Stuff... Hey Sunny D - Sydney
    "I've got this trigger finger locked in Compressed to kill sound and You're running through my sites I know I'm always on your mind. So simple everyone is watching and Every second is another chance to"
  • In Dreams We Believe - Sydney
    "The wrong direction I'm misplaced, where no one knows my name I'll walk straight in circles, searching for the perfect exit Don't lead me back down the second wrong turn in my life "Cause I've seen it"
  • It's Worth The Drive To Acton - Sydney
    "She walked gingerly past as I said goodbye and It's that simple (It's that simple) We're both ready to go (We're both ready to go) It's like fire (Into the flame) Breaking water (Burned down again) We'll"
  • Jubert's Path Of Destruction - Sydney
    "With the seasons changing ever faster Our two hearts still pitter patter Can't you feel it? It beats so hard it breaks your eardrums Please just save yourself Your friends cant save you Now they're"
  • Mationaire - Sydney
    "I wish I could devastate you Calculate, manipulate you And if I had the guts to save you Would you have the poise and grace to And these conversations that take a little bit from you And a lot from me"
  • Seething - Sydney
    "Well it starts again To someone you don't hardly know You say that you have reap what you have sown I can't forget, this won't happen once again Tear out your lungs your words They can't hurt me pretend Our"

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