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Animal sex watch

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Animal sex watch

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Animal sex watch
  • Anti-Nowhere League Animal
    "Hello Mrs Shaw Could I borrow your lawnmower? (Unintelligible) Up your body! Why? Why me? Why am I so lonely? I'm an animal I'm a sexual pervert, an animal A living abortion I'm an animal, nobody's hero"
  • Anti Nowhere League Animal
    "Hello Mrs Shaw could I borrow your lawn mower? or parts of your body? Why, why me Why am I so lonely? Im an animal, Im a sexual pervert An animal, Im a living abortion An animal, Im nobodys hero An animal,"
  • Rearview Mirror Animal
    "You're such?Hurt you, I'd like to see you cry. Won't you tell me another lie? Attraction fades with distractions made. Because I hate your attitude, it's so strange, and your motivation's deranged. Complicate"
  • Dead Moon Animal
    "Mechanical wires and hidden desires Gets you so tired, realise you've been fired Your Ambition, your position is lost Your the hostage working for the new age The force of unthinkers, the system dog The"
  • W.A.S.P. Animal
    "I got pictures of naked ladies Lying on their beds I whiff that smell and sweet convulsion Starts a-Swelling inside my head I'm making artificial lovers for free I start to howl I'm in heat I moan"
  • Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam SEX
    "That was unforgettable I want to do it again You’re crazy like an animal And I don’t want to it end Tell me all your dreams and darkness fantasies * That was unforgettable I want to do it again You’re"
  • Frank Zappa Sex
    "What's the ting that they's talkin' about everywhere? Sex When they wanna be suave 'n' debonair Sex What's poppin' up the most from coast to coast Sex At yer bongo party an' yer weenie roast Sex Even"
  • Ginuwine Sex
    "(feat. Sol) I like it i love it I want it all the time (sex) I crave it I needs it Its always on my mind (sex) I like it i love it I want it all the time (sex) I crave it I needs it Its always on my"
  • Atari Teenage Riot Sex
    "Test the world ... united colours I told myself I wasn't about to give up! What time is it? it doesn't matter anymore! I watch the sea through my colour tv - it's all over now But I knew that for me throwing"
  • Boy Hits Car My Animal
    "Everytime I wake up I think and laugh When I'm in love with you Then I breathe it in Everyone's saying that I am just a little boy Running to find a way in An today I feel just like an animal That's trying"
  • Telepopmusik Animal Man
    "I let my jaw hang, Sound right, Tounge through, Air-tight, Thinking a thought, That was born, in The dark night. Taste the tension, I'm loving the toxic, Burning in optic fiber fillaments. What you looking"
  • Elvis Presley Animal Instinct
    "Don't ever take tour eyes off me Not even for a minute 'Cause like a panther I might pounce And that will be the limit I can be sneaky, fast as a snake I strike like a cobra, make no mistake And baby"
  • Machines Of Loving Grace Animal Mass
    "Most people want to watch you bleed But I fall somewhere in between Most people like to feed off each other But I'm just looking for an animal lover And animal mass shall be the whole of the law An"
  • Zulu Animal Attraction
    "The Gal dem call it Animal Attraction She don't even want to know my name She don't really want to be my friend Pull up to the bumper when you see the badman a cool inna the car in front a you Good fortune,"
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Animal X
    "There was a girl, call her Animal X 22, 24, 25 it’s hard to tell It’s hard to tell She comes from the city where there is light and air Where you can watch television Where you can go to the movies And"
  • Aerosmith Animal Crackers
    "Don't wanna close my eye's I don't wanna fall asleep 'cause I'd miss you baby And I don't wanna miss a thing You know what I was thinkin' What I I really don't think that the animal cracker qualifies"
  • Peter Gabriel Animal Magic
    "What did you mean when you opened your mouth and let all our secrets out? You told him what I was about, my cover was completely blown. I tell you darling, I've been watching the war films And I've got"
  • Peter Gabriel Animal Nation
    "I didn't meet you in the jungle Swinging from a tree I sat down at the piano You were playing with me I couldn't believe all the things you could do The apes I've seen were in the zoo They say we are"
  • Mobb Deep Animal Instinct
    "Intro: Havoc No doubt! Yo, yo, y'know how we did on The Infamous album, right? Aight, we gonna do it again son (Havoc) Yo Laid up in the cut, watch these rap niggas fuck you up Thick as shorty guts,"
  • GZA/Genius Animal Planet
    "Welcome to the Jungle where the cat loves to scratch The rat squeals And the polar bear feasts on the blubber of seals The pack of wolves be scheming on a bunch of gazelles Where the leopards grab"

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