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  • Mari? - Roberto Vecchioni
    "passato anche il tempo peggiore passato anche il tempo creduto migliore passato fischiando, come il treno per Yuma; sollevando la polvere, un fiore, una spina, una piuma. Serenata leggera, che leggera"
  • MARI - Bartek Wrona
    "nie zdążyłaś znowu zamknąć drzwi prosta pościel ze mnie znowu drwi ty wyjeżdżasz, ale jesteś tu czuje dotyk, czuje zapach twój powiedziałaś, jesteś tylko mój ty wyjeżdżasz, a ja jestem tu niebo jest kiedy"
  • Mari Mac - Great Big Sea
    "There's a neat little lass and her name is Mari Mac Make no mistake, she's the girl I'm gonna track Lot of other fellas try to get her on her back But I'm thinking that they'll have to get up early Chorus Mari"
  • Mari Amor - Karel Gott
    "Jako dt s ofinou miloval jsem nevinou M, M, amor. Ptvali se nade mnou, pro mm v och tajemnou zi, zi mm. A j o tom, ven, zachovvm mlen amor, amor, a-a-amor. Miloval jsem potichu dvod svho ostychu M, M,"
  • Your Loss (Mari Bolla) - Mari Bølla
    "Your loss Your loss You came in to break me Tatooed a scar Loved me like a lizard You're so bizarre I just came to tell you This is goodbye I don't want a traitor Not by my side But I'm not letting you"
  • Papa achete moi un mari - Dalida
    "Papa achte moi un mari Un beau jeune homme, un beau jeune homme Papa achte moi un mari Qui soit riche et qui soit gentil Il faut aussi qu'il soit fidle Mais surtout pas qu'il soit jaloux Pour ses amis"
  • Mari Maria Sudu-Deli-Dei - Oddvar Torsheim
    "Kom Mari Maria sudu-deli-dei no tek me ein svingom og dansar i vei no gr vi p golvet og lagar sthei eg har kjend deg i fr du vart fdd og viss vi ikkje dansar Sudu-deli-dei fr vi finne p noko anna! , Mari"
  • Better Off Alone - Mari
    "I was naive not to let you go when the time was right I was a fool living in a dream that I thought could last But I know that you will try to prove me wrong But it's what I've got to do I think you're"
  • Bring Me Love - Mari
    "Dear Santa I wrote you a letter I wonder if you ever read it I've only one wish that I ask you It's the same old thing as every other year Ooo oooo Oooo This year I can't say I've been perfect I'm pretty"
  • Fool - Mari
    "its 3 am as i stumble over to my bed got a funny premonition that tomorrow's gonna be the same but all i remember is how we think i heard you call my name and your open invitation to come over for"
  • Girlfriend - Mari
    "You wear your hair like it's your best accessory and i don't want to ever have to compete with that and i know you'd be nothing but excessively sweet cherish me, sing to me, love me.. but.. i can't belong to"
  • Miss Invisible - Mari
    "There's a girl Who sits under the bleachers Just another day eating alone And though she smiles There is something just hiding And she cant find a way to relate She just goes unnoticed As the crowd"
  • Paint me in your sunshine - Mari
    "Paint me in your sunshine Wake my sleepy eyes Round me in your comfort Stay with me for all of time Reach your hand, I'll follow Darken clouds for your rays of hope So paint me in your sunshine"
  • Say It Again - Mari
    "The thing about love is I never saw it comin' You kinda crept up and took me by surprise And now there's a voice inside my heart that's got me wonderin' Is this true, I wanna hear it one more time Move"
  • Spell - Mari
    "Spotlight shining brightly on my face I can't see a thing *and* yet i feel you walking my way Empty stage With nothing but this girl Who's singing this simple melody And wearing her heart on her"
  • Stupid For You - Mari
    "It's not everyday that i find a person quite like you perfect every way i finally found the nerve to confess that it's you - that i want i don't care if i act a fool i would damn near beg for you ! put"
  • Traffic - Mari
    "This is the third time this week that i find myself wandering down your street and i can't seem to give it up i've even stopped making these excuses for why you're stuck here in my thoughts when it's been"
  • Umbrella - Mari
    "You had my heart, and we'll never be a world apart Maybe in magazines but you'll still be my star But baby 'cause in the dark you will see shiny cars And that's when you need me there With you I'll always"
  • Unfold - Mari
    "What i can remember is a lot like water trickling down a page of the most beautiful colors i can't quite put my finger down on the moment that i became like this... you see i am the bravest girl you"
  • Voice On The Radio - Mari
    "Last night I, Fell inlove with a stranger. ohhh.. behind the glass house came, walking out back door a crowd of screaming girls calling his, name i never saw it coming, the way love can make me feel and"

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