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Another day has gone, i'm still all alone

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Another day has gone, i'm still all alone

  • Another Day - Freedom Call
    "I'm standing here in silence all alone Can't decide between what's right and what is wrong For just another day My tears cry out the pain deep inside For just another day - inside For just another day They"
  • Another day - Slick Shoes
    "I feel far from all i know.Feel so far from myself.Another day, another town, another state.Does it even matter now?With nothing good to say i'm talking in my sleep.In all the time that has gone by,What's"
  • Another Year Has Gone By - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion These Are Special Times Another Year Has Gone By another year has gone by (bryan adams and eliot kennedy) So many 25th's of december Just as many 4th of july's And we're still holding it together It"
  • Another Day Gone - Omnisoul
    "Pick me up. Say the things you mean. Make it up to me. Pretend youre here to please. Another day is gone and now Im all alone. Does it hurt to stand up with a heart made of stone? I sing to the"
  • Another year has gone by - Bryan Adams
    "So many 25th's of December Just as many 4th of July's And we're still holding it together It only comes down to you and I I know you can still remember Things we said right from the start When we said"
  • Another Day - Street Angels
    "Street Angels - Another Day Why did you leave me, Why did you leave me all on my own Out in the cold, Why did you deceivied me, How could i know the love was gone... I carried on... Another day, That"
  • Another Day - Paradise Lost
    "Another day and the guilt is gone Another day will stress the weak and the strong Just a memory that we've become I have taken without warning When the day has just begun... A summer's day and my blood"
  • Another day - James Taylor
    "Wake up Suzy Put your shoes on Walk with me into this light Finally this morning I'm feeling whole again It was a hell of a night Just to be with you by my side Just to have you near in my sight Just to"
  • Another Day - Amy Diamond
    "I'm sorry For all the words I didn't say It's too late Cause now you're gone so far away I feel like I'm lost With nothing left but shattered dreams I'm so lonely I'm holding on to memories But then"
  • Another Day - Sting
    "Every day that goes by A new hungry baby starts to cry Born astride a painful grave Drowned in hunger's tidal wave Pick a child that you can save It'd be the only one If Africa escapes starvation Not"
  • Another Day - Kurupt
    "(gangstas) let's spark up an idea, you know (gangstas) i don't know why you cats (gangstas) insist to get involved in our game man I mean, drug money, thug money, its all funny money to me You know scared"
  • Just Another Day - Venus In Flames
    "Roads leading you out of here Where you can't be found I know you can't run away from things They follow you around It's just another day But I don't feel the same You have gone away It's just another"
  • Still Alone - Straylight Run
    "Doing like you said Taking deep breaths Keeping my cool Counting to ten On my own again Trying to keep my head clear Go for walks away from here But i know I am still alone still alone Like the day i was"
  • Still Alone - Akon
    "Konvict Shortie (I've been) tryna feel you out, Let me know what's goin on, Seems to me that you aint got no man, Cuz the (love) is always gone, but you keep on tryin to brush me off, and then you find"
  • Another One Dead & Gone - Do Or Die
    "Chorus: just another one dead and gone (4 times) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhha A year from now where will I be when I get blasted I picture myself in a crime house filled with roses on my casket All my"
  • All Alone - Driving East
    "I hope you never write are you ever wrong. Its the story of your life or is that the TV on. If you played your part as well as I could play along. You would still be called a liar and I would still come"
  • All Alone - Lil Wayne
    "I Wake Up In The Morning Take A Knee And Thank God, Then Go To The Mirror Look Myself In The Eyes Today I Didn't Wake Up With A Woman On My Side, Yesterday, I Didn't Wake Up With A Woman On My Side Neither"
  • I'm Still Alive - Abba
    "I was a loser then But I'm a winner now I'll do it all again 'Cause now I know how How everything in life comes down to this At last Survivin' and livin' Determined not to give in, and I'm still alive My"
  • Lover all alone - Clay Aiken
    "Maybe I've convince myselfI've really been in loveAnd I've been wrong alongFor all I know the feeling and the pictureThat I've tried so hard to findIsn't mineCould be it's all just a waiting gameWant to"
  • Winter has gone - The Brothers
    "I'm standing by the ocean The tide is high today there's people all around here but much too far away Suppose I am alone Walk back into the dunes To keep me out of sight I find a place that's cool So I"

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