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Another of the angels breaking benjamin

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Another of the angels breaking benjamin

  • Benjamin - Akon
    "the following presentation is rated R… if you found that one she’ll do it just one time Akon, yeah! she has one to hare all her butiful feelings whit seem like everyone around her still faking counterfeit trying"
  • Benjamin - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion C'est Pour Vivre Benjamin Quand le soleil travers La fort Se change en or Dans vos bras c'est beau Un garon qui s'endort ,il avait l'air D'un enfant Sans parents Qui cherche encore Si sa route Ira"
  • Benjamin - Bobbie Gentry
    "Benjamin rode out of Montana On a Palomino pony He told me he was all alone He lost his family in forty-nine Benjamin took me to San Diego Guess we caused quite a commotion Selling Pacific ocean water And"
  • Benjamin - Sanctus Real
    "Rain falls outside I think the sky must know whats happening tonight Children born while fathers die It's the circle of life that we all live in time We've been friends for a long, long time So if you"
  • Anthem of The Angels - Breaking Benjamin
    "White walls surround us No light will touch your face again Rain taps the window As we sleep among the dead Days go on forever But i have not left your side We can chase the dark together If you go then"
  • Benjamin Calypso - Joseph
    "(Brothers) Oh no - not he How you can accuse him is a mystery Save him - take me Benjamin is straighter than the tall palm tree (Judah) I hear the steel drums sing their song They're singing man you know"
  • Benjamin Day - Gerry Rafferty
    "(partial lyrics) To a lane called Corrie Wynd there came a peddler With his pack and all he called gestedler And in his bag he carried many treasures Dear old Benjamin Day, I still can hear you say Strange"
  • Benjamin Calypso - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Oh no, not he, How you can accuse him is a mystery, Save him, take me, Benjamin is straighter dan de tall palm tree. I hear de steel drums sing dere song, Dey're sing-in' man you know you got it wrong I"
  • Angels - All Star United
    "Could be she got lost Or maybe she just watched a little too much TV It's hard to say but anyway it's plain to see And so she goes on like a drifting satellite but tonight Angels hold her hands When she"
  • Breaking - Eternal Decision
    "Inhale the smoke, "Take it in." Hold it in till I choke, "Here I go again." Breaking- My addiction is breaking. Hating- My condition I'm hating. Taking- My conviction is taking hold of me. Breaking- Never"
  • Breaking - Anberlin
    "Do you memorize theatrical lines that seem to lead them in? Play the role with a good-girl heart Hide the tangled webs within Who was it that led you on and makes you want to hurt me so? Who do you want"
  • The Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
    "If I had to I would put myself right beside you So let me ask Would you like that? Would you like that? And I don't mind If you say this love is the last time So now I'll ask Do you like that? Do you"
  • Angels - All Angels
    "I sit and wait Does an angel contemplate my fate And do they know The places where we go When we're grey and old 'cos I've been told That salvation lets their wings unfold So when I'm lying in my bed Thoughts"
  • Dawn In Breaking - Angels
    "(R. Brewster-Amanda Brewster) Child of fortune, silver streak been bred for breeding, blood line elite you've got passion, you've got poison you've got second sight you've got the child in you better guard"
  • Breaking Point - Eric Clapton
    "(Jerry Lynn Williams and Marty Grebb) Well I just don't get it Can't make the pieces fit I might just as well forget it But my heart won't let me quit You say it's only a part of love That's right But"
  • Breaking Away - Avantasia
    "(Lugaid:) Don't wait my friend. We better don't think twice. Time to fell the prison guard you gotta realize: No turning back again. Therefore it's all too late New horizons wait I know the time has come to"
  • Breaking Away - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Parfitt/Bown) Me and my friends gonna make a pile of money Gonna check it out every day Me and my wife gonna need every penny 'cos we're throwing it all away But I'm changing my tune And I'm breaking"
  • Breaking hearts - Elton John
    "They used to say that boys are tough as nails In every way he keeps his heart as guarded as a jail Now things have changed, I feel so old Like any girl could drag my heart across the coals I was always"
  • Breaking Inside - Shinedown
    "I caught a chill And its still frozen on my skin I think about why I'm alone By myself no one else to explain How far do I go? No one knows If the end is so much better why don't we just live forever? Don't"
  • The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg - Iron Maiden
    "(Murray/Harris) Let me tell you 'bout my life, Let me tell you 'bout my dreams, Let me tell you 'bout the things that happen, all is real to me. Let me tell you of my hope, of my need to reach the sky, Let"

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