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Anthem russian rock version

  • Chance (Russian Version) - Origa
    "- , , ! , , , - ! , , , ? ? , , ! , ! ! ==Romanized Cyrillic== Shans... Lovite shans - vozdushnyj sharik Shans... On"
  • Anthem - Rock n roll soldiers
    "yeaaaaaah! HUH!! ah, yeah! Turn off the sound of silence Garfunkel just killed Simon My mouth just keeps on climbin' Up, up, up, up, up, and I mean, Ok, our music's violent Explodes like dynamite and Light"
  • Rock Anthem - Diesel Boy
    "i'm the superstar of this little bar concentrate on every word I say my voice amplified i'm a stereotype a singing swinging cliche raise your fist up into the air pump the metal sign to the beat of the"
  • Russian Lullaby - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Where the dreamy Volga flows There's a lonely Russian Rose Gazing tenderly Down upon her knee Where a baby's brown eyes glisten Listen Ev'ry night you'll hear her croon A Russian lullaby Just a little"
  • Anthem - Green Jelly
    "Oh yeah. Oh yeah, we're gonna try and do it without blowing the power this time, yeah. So once again, I ask you to raise your hands because you got free pop and chips today. Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, you're"
  • Anthem - Wildhearts
    "The lights are on The ships have gone I'm fine and dry and much to my relief I'm flying high To beat the sky And One by One my blues lie underneath A time to live A time to die A time to open up your"
  • Fuyuu Yume (Russian Version) - Origa
    ", , , , , - ... ... , , - , ==Roamanized Cyrillic== Davnym davno dalkoj zvezdy stremitel'nyj"
  • Mal'cik Gej (russian version) - Tatu
    "Wersja fonetyczna: Mal'cik gej... Smotrisz nieżna, Żdiosz jewo wnimanija. Ćustwa tie że, No nie panimaju Skolko można Żyć,l'ubja ukradkaj. Ocień słożna Skryć twai powadki, Ocień trudno Skryć"
  • Car Song (Russian Version) - Ani Lorak
    ", . - . , . , . , . . ,"
  • Anthem - Pansy Division
    "We're here to tell you, ya better make way We're queer rockers in your face today We can't relate to Judy Garland It's a new generation of music calling We're the buttfuckers of rock & roll we wanna sock"
  • Mizu no Madoromi (Russian Version) - Origa
    "- , , , , , ==Romanized Cyrillic== Gluboko-g guboko hrustalm sijaet morskoe dno Pesnej kolybel'noj iz dalkih"
  • Party Rock Anthem - Karmin
    "Party rock is in the house tonight Everybody just have a good time And we gonna make you lose your mind Everybody just have a good time Party rock is in the house tonight Everybody just have a good time And"
  • Trucker Anthem - Kid Rock
    "Oh-e-o ohhhh oh Oh-e-o ohhhh oh Oh-e-o ohhhh oh Oh-e-o ohhhh oh Who's in the house? Trucker Who's in the house? Trucker Who's in the house? Trucker Who's in the house? Trucker Who's in the house? Trucker Who's"
  • Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya - Russian Version - 50 Cent
    "Allo, Allo, Vidish' veter? Nu I chto? Posmotri v okno, Nu I chto? A vchera bylo solntse, Nu I chto? Zachem ty vse vremya govorish' odno I tozhe? A ya avtootvetchik. Vzyat' I uspokoit'sya, Zoloto"
  • Tina's Rock Anthem Medley - Tina Turner
    "Hide in me, confide in me Oh, don't you think it's time to be Everything we ever tried to me So you and me can lay it down If it's alright with you, we wanna love you If it's alright with you, I wanna"
  • Fuyu Yume(Russian Version) (I am Taken) - Origa
    "Davnym davno dalkoj zvezdy stremitel'nyj svet Zag ogon' mjatenoj dui vo mne I s teh por bvedu po svetu za radugoj vsled, za vesnoj zolotoj I laskovye vetry mne darjat ljubov', manja za soboj Kak zarja"
  • Prison Break Anthem (Original version) - Kaye Styles
    "Its a prison break anthem, prison break anthem Just what you need, just what you need Theres a story about a man, hes been put down Some real shit has him locked up right now An attention about a hero"
  • Ruff Ryder's Anthem (Clean Version) - DMX
    "DMX: UH DMX: Sumtin' new Stop,Drop Shut 'em down open up shop OOOOHHHHH! NNNNNNNOOOOO! That's how Ruff Ryders Roll (2x) ~1 DMX~ Snitches wana try (what) Snitches wana lie (what) Snitches wonder"
  • The Heretic Anthem (another Version) - Slipknot
    "8...7...6...6...6...5...4...3...2...1... I'm a pop star threat and I'm not dead yet Got a super dred bet with an angel drug head Like a dead beat winner. I want to be a sinner An idolized bang for"
  • Mobsters anthem - Twista
    "Yeah we gonna do it like this Mobsters reign, we hope you feel this Speedknot Mobsters Verse 1: My click been strugglin half a lifetime tryin to get our shit on got no G's to sit on, even so niggas sell"

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