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Anthrax - Taking The Music Back

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Anthrax - Taking The Music Back

  • Anthrax - Anthrax
    "Steel shattered in the night Soldiers racing to the fight Bombs waiting to explode Fear is cast up on your soul It's just around the corner For those who dare to see With eyes of fire The burn right through"
  • Taking The Music Back - Anthrax
    "Your lies that took me where I've been Your lies don't make me who I am Your lies that left me scarred And so fucking hard Your lies that burn me deep inside (inside..) Your lies that helped to bleed me"
  • Anthrax Island - Swollen Members
    "(Mad Child) Yo, I'm a cannibal on Anthrax Island Dine on my victims swervin' through pylons Chamber music, car parked in dungeons Stun gun, never sound redundant, funded I don't give a fuck, more bang"
  • Anthrax - Kimya Dawson
    "there's anthrax in the envelope i opened in my dream the sky is red and little kids are running, screaming in the street i tried to run and save them but i had molasses feet i keep having nightmares and"
  • Taking It Back - Pink Floyd
    "Doctor doctor! I'm in bed Achin' head Gold is lead Choke on bread Underfed Gold is lead Jesus bled Pain is red Are goon Grow go Greasy spoon You swoon June bloom Music seems to help the pain Seems to cultivate"
  • Taking Back the Rhythm - Big D And The Kids Table
    "Go ahead and badge me president Of not giving into music's bullshit And while you're at it why don't you just say The scene's been dead since you last heard me say In the scene I stand, I'm surronded"
  • Taking It Back - Bon Jovi
    "I've been away so long I hardly knew the place It's been too long since I've been around Just like I rolling stone I ain't go no home But my boys are back in town It's been two long years that I've been"
  • Taking Back Control - Sparta
    "This home, (This home.) This place. (Aaha) It turns its back on time and space. We hope, (We hope.) You pray. (Aaha) But today is still today. Oh, we ran ourselves ragged. And all these broken backs,"
  • Taking Back Control - This Providence
    "I am sick of always trying but not trying hard enough I am sick of always trying but not trying hard enough I am done with the weak end who cant even control himself Im taking back control bring me back"
  • Taking It Back - Cord
    "I've got to go I've got to get out of here Anywhere where I can be alone Is there a case, a case of the great unknown I caught it on my own and now I am here I'm absolutely positively clear I can recall"
  • Taking Back Control - Bombs and Beating Hearts
    "Sometimes i feel frustration and i let myself lash out Soon after i feel remorse, it leaves me with self doubt Am i in control? can i change who i am? Am i going to break free? or will i become my dad? I've"
  • Taking Back Sunday - Liar
    "All our secrets they are tailored trouble Draped loose now around your hips Your spotless instincts are valid We coexist Got 26 days to work with (got 26 days) We got 26 days to work with (it moves, it"
  • Taking it Back - Killah Priest
    "Life is death Love is life Tear sprinklers, closed coffins and liquor bottles Cups of sorrows, brush off tomorrow Lost love, no luck, Greyhound bus Blow grey smoke rose over the city potholes Obituary"
  • Taking It Global - Big Brovaz
    "This is how the flow goes The flow goes from my head to my lips From my lips to the mic From the mic to the dat From the dat to the wax to the DJs Then shit spreads like anthrax Once its popping aint no way"
  • Taking It All Back - Count The Stars
    "So how could I go on, and where did we go wrong, can someone give me answers maybe, the way you looked in that dress, so obviously selfish, can you just wake me in the end, because I am... Taking it all"
  • Taking Off - The Cure
    "Tomorrow I can start again With back to earth and carry on The same as I did yesterday Yeah I'll pick it up once more And morning I'll be onto it From square one start And push it for a bit Like I do every"
  • Taking Me Back (Gently) - Jack White
    "I'll bet you do When you take out the figures And when you pull all the triggers, Well you're taking me back You're taking me back When you listen to mystics As you lay at your picnics You're taking me"
  • Taking Back My Soul - Arch Enemy
    "Processed, diluted Virtually unrecognizable I was lost there - no direction A scattered void No more It's over I'm on to you Your evil game The tables have turned I am taking back my soul Tranquilized,"
  • Taking My Money Back - Utada Hikaru
    "Boy you make it hard, you make it hard to leave Boy you make it hard, you're no good for me Everyday, everynight, you were out, with your boys Getting high While I worked hard to pay the rent And my girls"
  • Taking back my love - Enrique Iglesias feat. Sarah Connor
    "Enrique: Red One Saraaaah Sarah: Enriqueeeee Enrique: Go ahead just leave can't hold you you're free You take all these things if they mean so much to you I gave you your dreams 'cause you meant"

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