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Anthrax No Time This Time

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Anthrax No Time This Time

  • Anthrax - Anthrax
    "Steel shattered in the night Soldiers racing to the fight Bombs waiting to explode Fear is cast up on your soul It's just around the corner For those who dare to see With eyes of fire The burn right through"
  • Anthrax Island - Swollen Members
    "(Mad Child) Yo, I'm a cannibal on Anthrax Island Dine on my victims swervin' through pylons Chamber music, car parked in dungeons Stun gun, never sound redundant, funded I don't give a fuck, more bang"
  • No Time This Time - Anthrax
    "No time for the complexities of conversation No time smiles, no time for knowing No time for the intricacies of explanation No time for sharing, even less for showing If I could I'd slow the whole world"
  • Got The Time (Anthrax cover) - The Matches
    "Wake up, got another day to get, Through now, got another man to see Gotta call him on the telephone ay o Gotta find a piece of paper Sit down, got another letter to write, Think hard, gotta get a letter"
  • Time - Anthrax
    "I got so much trouble on my mind Paranoia time I'm running out of life Clockwise and the seconds tick away Each line that cuts my face Cut as each hand moves into place Paranoia Amped and wired Bile"
  • Anthrax - Kimya Dawson
    "there's anthrax in the envelope i opened in my dream the sky is red and little kids are running, screaming in the street i tried to run and save them but i had molasses feet i keep having nightmares and"
  • No Time This Time - Sting
    "No time for complexities of conversation No time for smiles, no time for knowing No time for intricacies of explanation No time for sharing even less for showing If I could, I'd slow the whole"
  • No Time This Time - The Police
    "(Sting) No time for the complexities of conversation No time smiles, no time for knowing No time for the intricacies of explanation No time for sharing, even less for showing If I could I'd slow the"
  • Time Bomb - All Time Low
    "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh From the get-go, I knew this was hard to hold Like a crash, the whole thing spun out of control Oh, on a wire, we were dancing Two kids, no consequences Pull the trigger"
  • This Time - The Verve
    "Lookin' back on my life You know that all I see Are things I could've changed I should have done Where did the good times go? Good times so hard to hold This time, this time This time I'm gonna find (the"
  • This Time - Susanna Hoffs
    "Written by Steve Summers Produced by David Kahne Released on "When You're A Boy" (1991) This time I know my baby's gone for good This time I didn't treat him like I should This time there's no tomorrow My"
  • This Time - Jojo
    "This time This time This I made the mistake like before Givin you the third degree, takin you through it I told you I get what I want And I ain't tryna hear nothin else but just do it And I had to take"
  • This Time - Chaka Khan
    "(David Lasley, Marsha Malamet and Robin Lerner) One heart One hand One woman One man To love To live together This time This place This lifelong embrace Could last Could be forever This time Endings"
  • This Time - Jerry Piper
  • This time - John Parr
    "Midnight, I'm waiting for love to show, this time I won't let love goShe's late, I'm waiting, last train to town, this time I can't let love downAll my life, so much wasted time, reaching out, gonna take"
  • This Time - Lullacry
    "You knew this day would come You are not the only one The world will be the same When you're gone The way you look at me Is full of disbelief You never want me to be Meant for you How does it feel No"
  • This Time - Chant
    "Chante Moore Love Supreme This Time (chante moore / simon a. law / lee hamblin) This time (this time), i am gonna give you all the lovin' you need (this time), This time, set your heart free, set your"
  • This Time - Melissa
    "I've seen unlockable doors I've felt invisible nods And unchangeable gods I've been in trouble for laws I've heard unsingable birds Did you feel just the same ? This time No shapeless dreams,"
  • This Time - DJ Antoine
    "Just lay your eyes on The night Don't you stay there Don't you Seems like the world is The same Right just as before Why don't we step out Of line Let's just have a Good time Forget about the To do's And"
  • This Time - Melanie C
    "I've been practicing all day Now the words I meant to say are gone I promised that I wouldn't cry Told myself I had to try and hold on The truth, I lied I hate myself inside And why I played the game"

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