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  • Antidote - The Hives
    "Bitter taste In your mouth It's too late To get it out Everytime I'm around You try to leave but I'll be standing in your way You want antidote I got the poison You want antidote I got the poison Second"
  • Antidote - Bonepony
    "There's a hole inside my wisdom There's no shine inside my frame The leaves have come and taken all the fanfare And right now nowhere seems like a damn good place for me to be I need a little antidote"
  • Antidote - Now It S Overhead
    "Forked tongue, venom cold in my veins Overtaking Forked tongue, venom cold in my veins Overtaking Antidote break open truth Word for word take Antidote break open truth Word for word take When my final"
  • Antidote - Morcheeba
    "The skill it takes to create The pill to gab a nice date I'm thrilled to get this laid on I've spilled my last cradle song Oh, you won't feel insecure for sure I've got the medicine, to suit the mood"
  • Antidote - Caliban
    "The shot - i need the antidote - shot - gimme the antidotethe shot - i want the antidote - i guess i need a loti guess iThis is a fucking addict - where you bring on designer dearthit comes an' breeds"
  • Antidote - The Methadones
    "Sometimes I break down and read into things that are not there I can't convince myself your harmless actions has me without care I know that I love you and for my sake as well as yours I will do what I"
  • Antidote - Alastis
    "Seeing that you can't expect more from life Seeing that anger governs your acts Seeing that you can't accept the common rules Seeing that I'm your only chance to survive No need for a god or prayers No"
  • Antidote - Moonspell
    "Here's to the Fear For keeping us alert And here's to sleep For making me understand here's to the crowning roots (placing us nowhere) here's to the laughable wings (taking us nowhere) Here's to the"
  • Antidote - Jamelia
    "If you ever feel like you need, Someone to be your antidote to lonely, I'll be quicker than you'd imagine me, Let me deal wid lonely. Oh lonely don't love you, baby but i do, Lonely don't want to"
  • Antidote - Strike Anywhere
    "To sleep with anger every day - to put your prayers in someone's mouth I watch you struggle with your own antidote, then you spit it out And I can't breathe while I watch you sell yourself into the world"
  • Human Antidote - Tandjent
    "I am the opiate Oft dismissed illusionary chain Cold confidence injected Seeping through a bloodless vein Twisted infection whispering lies Faceless connection walk through walls Force-feeding apathy quietly"
  • The Antidote - Story Of The Year
    "Now the damage has been done And this machine has begun on a path of destruction We need the medicine To reverse what's been done Before this disease has destroyed everything we know EVERYTHING WE KNOW! All"
  • Antidote For Irony - So They Say
    "The antidote for irony's held safe far away from you I heard you say just this one time So I guess I'll, just sit down and see for myself I'll go where you take me And I feel the lies cover your eyes And"
  • The Love Antidote (2006) - Brightwood
    "{{Album| |fLetter = T |Artist = Brightwood |Album = The Love Antidote |Released = 2006 |Genre = |Cover = |Length = |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • Antidote (with Knife Party) - Swedish House Mafia
    "There’s no antidote Don’t stop, turn that up, take it higher Take this mother up, start a riot Don’t stop, turn that up, take it higher Take this mother up, start a riot There’s a glitch inside my system Rushing"
  • Come along - Antidote
    "I am sick and tiredOf all the work this weekGet drunk and have a partyThat is what I needI've got my friends togetherWe're gonna see the bandGet rid of all frustrationsThis night will never endCome alongBefore"
  • Crawling - Antidote
    "Oh shit I'm drunk againI have to find a taxi I cannot drive the vanVodka and tequila helped me through the nightDon't know who I am something's disturbing my sightI really should be at home but I can't"
  • Dead punks - Antidote
    "You ask me where I was in 1977You ask me what I did in 1982But this is fucking 97Now we're the punks and where the fuck are youYou tell me I can't be a punkCos I was only born in 1975But look at you a"
  • Different worlds - Antidote
    "I don't like the feeling of realityWhenever i don't want it it is chasing meOne moment you're alive, the next you're a machineSo full of energy, it makes me wanna screamI live in different worlds or so"
  • Do you remember - Antidote
    "Do you remember the days we used to hang outPunkrock for life, that's what you saidThen you settled down never saw you againI still remember those daysDo you remember the days we were in loveWe went to"

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