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Antoine Sun

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Antoine Sun

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Antoine Sun
  • The Incredible String Band Antoine
    "So still the green and golden plain in icy spring They young French convent girls in white singing He took the sacrament young Antoine not without a blush He left the priest the good book the bread and"
  • Nieznani Antoine
    "Słowa: Michał "Doktor" Gramatyka Muzyka: trad. Nasz Antoine kiedyś na mnie wpadł Popłyniesz ze mną bracie w świat Ref.: Uciekła mi turkaweczka Znów w tawernie siedzę sam Dalej dajcie mi piweczka Wnet opowiem"
  • Roger Waters Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine
    "Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine, It's getting dark outside, It's time to come in. "Oh, mother!" Madame Antoine, It's time to come in! "Yes, yes, mother, I'm coming! One day..." One day I'll"
  • DJ Clue Girlfriend (Antoine)
    "(DJ Clue) DJ CLUE! ANTOINE! GIRLFRIEND! WHAAAAAAAAAT! (Antoine) I see you walking through the high school halls In the classroom two seats across Away from me Baby can't you see (you are) The kind of"
  • Los Hermanos Cher Antoine
    "Composio: Rodrigo Amarante Cher Antoine, Je suis vraiment desol mais je ne peux pas partir avec toi. Du 20 au 24 je dois travailler, j'ai 4 jour de cong. Je vais la campagne. Je voyage en train pour"
  • DJ Clue Strung Out (Antoine)
    "(DJ Clue) DJ CLUE! ANTOINE! FROM THE HARD KNOCK LIFE SOUNDTRACK! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! (Antoine) I would lay my pride down Long as we can go roun' Baby call me If it's money you need Then I have plenty Baby"
  • Roger Waters Act 1: Scene 1: Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine
    "Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine, It's getting dark outside, It's time to come in. "Oh, mother!" Madame Antoine, It's time to come in! "Yes, yes, mother, I'm coming! One day..." One day I'll"
  • Antoine Clamaran When The Sun Goes Down
    "Hey You don't wanna want to be all night When the sun goes down Rising through the night Coz you make me feel so right There's no other lover makes me feel like you do Words can't express You're so good"
  • Guru Josh Project Infinity 2012 (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Remix)
    "And take your time To trust in me And you will find Infinity, infinity /3x Here's my key Philosophy A freak like me Just needs infinity Relax Take your time And take your time To trust in me And you"
  • The Elected Sun, sun, sun
    "Sun, sun, sun, stay with me Don't go behind the clouds I know that you'll go down But while it's day, let your light hit me Cause if I lose you now I fear I could bow out And I don't know where I'm going"
  • Miss Angie Sun
    "All men are like grass, like grass And their glory fades away, away The flowers fall The grass wilts The breath of the Lord, it blows, it blows You will pass away, but His word will stay His love is like"
  • Babble Sun
    "There is nowhere left to hide There is nothing to be done No people to be saved No pets we've never names 40 Miles from the sun As darkness craves the mind We come undone without our pride No time on the"
  • Belinda Carlisle Sun
  • Rusty Sun
    "Her feet hit the ground There's people all around She never wears makeup It never does her proud She works radio, late night radio She don't like the shit she's playing She does it for you kids The sun"
  • Lamb Sun
    "Here you come again with the wind at your heels The brightest thing I've seen for years and years You are the sun It's where you're from And where I'm going to The light you shine Can always change My"
  • Aztec Camera Sun
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Sand seperates the sea From me on my desert island Sun obliterates the sky And I, I'm just like anyone No matter how I try I wanna see the sun. And it shines To luminate"
  • Mark Owen Sun
    "Sun, lay it on lay it on lay it everywhere you have gone where she sleeps where she keeps for everyone Pour another whiskey, anything to do but stare watch a spider build a cobweb while you chew another"
  • Public Image Limited Sun
    "Sit in the sun, let nature take me. Lucky for some, that nature hates me. I miss the car park, I miss the concrete, I miss the city, I miss the rain and sleet. I want my climate, I want remote control. Plenty"
  • Bel Canto Sun
    "Even if I am tempted I won't apologize to you. Those torn-out pages in my agenda are a few too many. I've started to count backwards and now I'm almost halfway through but I fear that I never will get"
  • Mandaryna Sun
    "Sun, Sun is shining thruso bright like me and youforever in our dreamSun, forever in our heartwere never be apartthis love aint what it seemsThe clouds all have gon, now that you are by my sideI saw right"

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