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Any one i wants to be

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Any one i wants to be

  • Any - The Connells
    "Be yourself Be yourself so you won't fade out Keep yourself Keep yourself so you won't change at all Anyone in a crowd sees you fail to leave a definte scar Don't you hold back now See yourself See yourself"
  • Any Given Sunday - Any Given Sunday Soundtrack
    "Any Given Sunday Soundtrack Miscellaneous Any Given Sunday Song: Common & Jamie Foxx & Guru Guru: Though the times are getting wicked I'm older I got a chip on my shoulder True players always maintaing,"
  • I Don't Want To Mention Any Names - Chris LeDoux
    "I've got a story to tell, would you mind listening I can always count on you we're such good friends And I need to talk about my situation And you're the only one who'll understand Now someone's got designs"
  • Any Style You Want - Esham
    "(Any style you want, big boy you gon get it) x4 Step in the place Bitches look at me from head to toe Hoe ass niggaz look like "Oh no" Cuz I'm the Body snatcha, bitch catcha Got a .357, don't make me point"
  • Any girl - Pennywise
    "I want to find the right girlBut I'm afraid that'll never comeI don't know what to doOr who to listen toI want to fall in loveWith the first girl that comes.Don't take the time to know herI'm afraid that"
  • Any - Irish Celebration
    "Be yourselfBe yourself so you wont fade outKeep yourselfKeep yourself so you wont change at allAnyone in a crowdSees you fail to leave a definte scarDont you hold back nowSee yourselfSee yourself as one"
  • Any One With Eyes - Star Five
    "If I tried May be I could stay alone here in my room I would like Find a corner in my mind that's free of you Everywhere I turn, I see your face You're even in my drinking glass The beating of my heart Is"
  • Any longer - Papermoon
    "Sitting here a cigaretteIs waisting my time nowMy hands are tired my head achesI drank too much drank too much wine nowPeople say just take your timeI wish they only knew more about meI'm not the one they"
  • Any Woman - Terri Clark
    "(Tom Shapiro/Terri Clark/Chris Waters) Every time you ask her out she turns you down You've seen a tear roll down her cheek When she thinks no one's around You don't know what's going on But you know there's"
  • Any Guy - Melanie
    "I was bored I would not compromise Wanted more So I looked in your eyes But it could have been any guy's It could have been any guy's eyes But your eyes were there And they started to stare But don't think"
  • Any World - Steely Dan
    "If I had my way I would move to another lifetime I'd quit my job Ride the train through the misty nighttime I'll be ready when my feet touch ground Wherever I come down And if the folks will have me Then"
  • Any Reason - Sweatshop Union
    "Is everybody on the same page? Is it safe to say we're all sick and tired of living this way? Sick of swallowin' lies, sick of followin' trends Sick of swallowin' pride, sick of followin' them Tired of"
  • Any Meanz - Mc Eiht
    "Geah (check it out) In the muthafuckin' house (geah) For the paper Mr Tony back in the house regulate y'know I'm sayin' Half Ounce hoodlums in the house Geah Deadly decisions is what I'm bringin' Be's"
  • Any Opponent - Chief Keef
    "She's a very thot bitch, I saw her on the corner That ain't my bitch, I just wanna fuck her momma Xbox shit, I'm the only one That's my shit, every time they cut me on Came in the trap on the floor goes"
  • Any Trick - Breathe
    "My desire for love had overcome my senses I longed for someone who could hold me An open heart lets go of all defenses Her real intentions had been there to see I believed it right to keep my devotion It's"
  • Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) - Elvis Presley
    "I'll be a strong as a mountain, Or weak as a willow tree, Anyway you want me, That's how I will be. I'll be a tame as a baby, Or wild as the raging sea, Anyway you want me, That's how I will be. In your"
  • Any One, Any Worse, Any Where - Loretta Lynn
    "You're tellin' me how bad I am for loving him That I can't be much, and love him, he's your man Go on say, I'm no good, call me anything you dare For if how much I love him tells how bad I am Then you"
  • Any time you want love - Dave Clark Five
    "When you're feeling blue All you've gotta do is call me Any time you want love, I'll be around Any time you want love, it can be found in me I'm tellin' you Every time you go There's something you ought"
  • Move Any Mountain - Shaaman
    "Move any mountain Move any mountain I will not fail nor falter, I shall succeed My perception is altered I do believe Faith is so strong now nothing shall bar my way From conviction, no fiction this is"
  • I Want To Be The One - Christian Bautista
    "dont wana talk dont wana drive dont wana scream out loud how do i make you mine dont wana change your mind dont wana know whos wrong or right dont wana say goodnight im no good with goodbye so lets ignore"

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