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Anya - Fool Me

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Anya - Fool Me

  • Te Min Voor Anya - Spring
    "Daar op hat einde van de straat Waar die grote villa staat Daar woonde anya Ze was amer 15 jaar Haar pa was rijk en welgesteld Dat had ze mij een keer verteld Ja zo was anya En ik was verliefd op"
  • Anya - Deep Purple
    "I'm so far away From everything you know Your name is carried on the wind Your ice blue waters Anya Where do they flow Where have they been Where have they been A hidden passion Touching a spark Flame"
  • Anya - Dire Straits
    "I'm so far awayFrom everything you knowYour name is carried on the windYour ice blue waters AnyaWhere do they flowWhere have they beenWhere have they beenA hidden passionTouching a sparkFlame of revolutionBurning"
  • Fool, Fool, Fool - Webb Pierce
    "(Fool fool fool) Fool fool fool you know that it's wrong but you keep hanging on the game Fool fool fool I know it won't be long till you find out she's gone And you're lonely again This time be smart"
  • Fool, Fool, Fool - Elvis Presley
    "Fool, Fool, Fool(Words & music by Nugetre) Fool, fool, fool That I was to fall for you. Well, fool, fool, fool That I was to fall for you. Well, I know what a fool I was To think that you could love me,"
  • Fool - Bobby Bare
    "Gather round me buddies hold your glasses high And drink to the fool the crazy fool who told his baby goodbye Too late he finds he loves her so much he wants to die Drink to the fool the crazy fool that"
  • Fool - Billy "Crash" Craddock
    "Gather round me buddies hold your glasses high And drink to a fool this crazy fool who told his baby goodbye At last he's found that he loves her so much he wants to die So drink to a fool this crazy fool"
  • Fool - Shakira
    "Tell me lies slap me on the face just improvise do something really clever that'll make me hate your name forever You might swear you'd never touch a lady well, let me say you're not too far from maybe every"
  • Fool - Leona Lewis
    "owh, how did i get to feel this fool i use to be so smart head on my shoulders my logic falls apart as your loves goes colder {and im checking outta your dairies} dint wanna look in side your secret box going"
  • Fool - Donavon Frankenreiter
    "Oh baby, why did you treat me like a fool Oh baby, why did you treat me like a fool 'Cause I aint never done nothing You know I aint done nothing to you Oh Baby, why do you do those things you do Oh"
  • Fool - All
    "I sent you a valentine. I'm afraid it won't get there till June Somehow I lost track of time, but you know I'm a fool for you I send a bouquet of roses, the kind that you're allergic to You know that I"
  • Fool - Blue Cheer
    "(Gary L. Yoder & G.R. Grelecki) Yeah! I like the way you smile And carry on I'd like to take it inside Alright now But a fool I'd never be There's no time Yeah, for you and me. One day with you When"
  • Fool - Luxx
    "Here you go again crawlin' Crawlin' up the same four walls But you're never gonna get there Here you go again crawlin' Pullin' on my sleeve again But your pulling on the wrong one You've gotta blame"
  • Fool - Roxette
    "I was alone I told my mouth to shut up cos I was talking to myself like I always do when I'm stuck Well, I was crying You could be crying too I was screaming throungh the window, I keep missing you And"
  • Fool - Paolo Santos
    "Making a fool of myself right here' Been away, girl I took you for granted Don't know what to do or what to say Feeling being stranded I know that I don't deserve you I know that I did you wrong But this"
  • Fool - Mari
    "its 3 am as i stumble over to my bed got a funny premonition that tomorrow's gonna be the same but all i remember is how we think i heard you call my name and your open invitation to come over for"
  • Fool - Victory
    "Passion still rules the world Victims fall everywhere Something just fools can feel Cause love is in the air Caught in the storm of emotion Blinded by wild desire Somebody help Somebody please control"
  • Fool - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "Tell me lies, slap me on the face, just... Improvise, do something really clever, That'll make me hater your name forever You might swear, you'd never touch a lady Well, let me say, you're not too"
  • Fool - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo, Al Anderson) Fool #1 Is what I've been known to be But only for you My love Still so in love And you make believe you don't know me Now I'm cryin' and I'm dyin' to know Is it so Every night"
  • Fool - The Cookies
    "FOOL - The Cookies 
Ref: I’m like a fool sometimes 
 really stupid sometimes 
 but I really really really wanna
 work it out
 work it out
 work it
 I wanna work it out baby 1. 
It was a really strange"

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