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Apollo sorry boys

  • Apollo - Sorry Boys
    ""You said ... I've got story to tell Is there anybody to hear?""
  • Apollo Gize - Digitalism
    "Why should I worry 'bout a story that has just begun It seems like I am sorry for a song that I have sung My head is kinda oversized 'cause I just have done No spaces left for the rest of what is going"
  • Sorry - Tin Machine
    "(David Bowie/Reeves Gabrels) Between the dead ring ash of extreme defense The lonely groups of company boys snapping pics Of scrawny limbs and toothy grins These are children riding naked on their tourist"
  • Apollo - Disclosure
    "Even I... Apollo!"
  • Nightmare At The Apollo - Bloodhound Gang
    "Haha, all right Apollo! Let's hear it one more time for mister, Gary, Coleman! Whatcha talk about Willis? That joke is funny everytime I hear it! Let's put your hands together now, Harlem For, that's right,"
  • Apollo - Kid Capri
    ""i'd like to know.. are you really ready for some super dynamite soul? Then thank you, because now, it's star time!" The apollo (4x) (kid capri) The apollo a place, where performers perform Before you"
  • Apollo - Piotr Zioła
    "Omijam łączenia chodnikowych płyt Księżycowy przemarsz przez warszawski świt Ponad prawem ciążenia, kiedy mówią jak żyć Spokojnie z ramienia strząsam gwiezdny pył Czasem trzeba uczynić wielki krok Co"
  • Apollo - Clouds
    "I fly in my sleep High and sharply steep I will drink from the sky I'll raise my cup and take my fill I will I've spent my life ready for this I can feel the storm Close, heavy and warm But I'm unafraid I"
  • Apollo - Omd
    "Let's move, let's shake let's bleed, let's fake let's go for broke let's make mistakes let's see, let's win let's pray, let's cheat let's have another dance let's watch our feet Let's die in the arms of"
  • Live at the Apollo - Bloodhound Gang
    "Let's hear it one more time for Mister, Gary, Coleman! Yes, whatchu talkin' about Willis? That joint is funny everytime I hear it! Alright... yes Let's put your hands together now, Harlem For, that's right,"
  • Apollo - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette / Music: Bloss-Gold-Lloyd-Echo) Show me a place that ain't hell If there's space Give me room to breathe That's all that I need for this body can't fail And if music be the"
  • Apollo - Porno Graffitti
    "Bokura no umarete kuru zutto zutto mae ni wa mou APORO juu-ichi gou wa tsuki ni ittatte iu no ni Minna ga CHIEKKU ireteru gentei no kimi no udedokei wa DEJITARU shiyou Sorette boku no yori hayaku susumutte"
  • Apollo - Alan Parsons Project
    "I believe that this nation should commit itself To achieving the goal Before this decade is out Of landing a man on the Moon And returning him back safely to the Earth No single space project in this period Will"
  • Apollo - Blacha 2115
    "one lecą lecą .. mówią ze sa ze mna we włosach wiatr porusza mnie"
  • Apollo I: The Writing Writer - Coheed And Cambria
    "In these words that crash my ears I now stomach this in fear With the turn I gathered name as the bastard's son Who by fire I would come Through this wire I might cut Atop this tower of loss and lust I'll"
  • Sorry Barbie - Todrick Hall
    "S-s-s-sorry Barbie toys will be toys Kens at the party kissing on them boys G-g-g-girls are cute but guys are funner Calling all dudes it's a hot boy summer I was minding my biz Cruising in my pink jeep When"
  • Boys Will Be Boys - Roger Miret And The Disasters
    "A riot boy I just don't give a shit Wasting your time I ain't listening PC punks fuck off! Shove your fuckin dove Evil is the bastard that's gonna spit in your face Boots and braces we're out again Drank"
  • Jump Boys - Undertones
    "Jump boys are crazy they don't have no sense Never getting lost in coincidence Never lost for words they always shoot from the moon To make it with the girls who can't come to their rooms Jump boys ... To"
  • Irish Boys - Tsunami Bomb
    "Sittin on a Friday all alone to the pub I dare to roam I walked right in and took a seat cute drunk boy I long to meet Sat alone no one bought me drinks, I gave up cuz Irish Boys stink! Open the bottle, step"
  • Bad boys - Twisted Sister
    "All right! So we look kind of weird to you Well how do you look to me? How cool you sit there, and sneer all through The night don't you like what you see? What are you thinking? What will you do? When"

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