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April wine

  • April Showers - Digital Underground
    "Squeeze, release, in and out, hold, let go, rise, come down Let the wet sensuality embrace your reality Moonstones drip slip bout it bout it see Continuously we be gettin' freaky Rose petals cham-pag-nee"
  • April - April
    "Urban znaczy miasto miasto ma swój rytm rytmy się raz kocha raz nie kocha ich hardcore specyficzny twego serca bit, na który od początku ty wywierasz wpływ. April znaczy wiosna kwitnie wszystko w mig dając"
  • April In Portugal - Les Baxter
    "Refrain) I found my April dream in Portugal with you When we discovered romance, like we never knew. My head was in the clouds, My heart went crazy too, And madly I said: "I love you." (Interlude) Too"
  • April - PJ Harvey
    "April, how could I not have seen April, you coming April how could I've Worn inappropriate clothing? April, all that careful stepping, Rounding of my soul And now your rain April, I feel you leaving"
  • April - Mutton Birds
    "Joey said that you'd been calling I guess that means we're through our falling out, April But don't begrudge my being wary Of the hatchet you'd like to bury I've still got the scars, April April you tied"
  • April - Clifford T. Ward
    "Winter, you may laugh at me Threaten with your heart of ice Tellin' me my love has gone I don't need your cold advice I don't need to know I don't need to know. April, why did you go When you"
  • April - Blumfeld
    "Gestern Heute Morgen Hoffnungen und Sorgen Wechselspiel der Formen im April Nebelschleier fallen Freudenquellen wallen Wind spielt mit den Weiden wie er will Wlder rauschen, Strme gleiten ber Felder, durch"
  • April - Sweetsalt
    "Alright, I'm just a little bit too tired to be sitting here thinking about you This town feels like a grave to me, and the sky's the roof of my tomb I dream a blue horizon Touching fields of green I feel"
  • April - Ian Moore
    "Your smiles been broken By a hundred rainy days You say you are going down to California Cause the livin easier there And nobody knows your name Its only time before they find you Cause you just cant name"
  • April - Deep Purple
    "April is a cruel time Even though the sun may shine And world looks in the shade as it slowly comes away Still falls the April rain And the valley's filled with pain And you can't tell me quite why As"
  • April - Sleeping At Last
    "I close my eyes trusting you. With every desire to balance now. The air is perfect, tonight. The rain, like tears, falls upon my hands. Carry me. The rain, like tears, falls upon my hands. I close my"
  • April - Hana Zagorova i Karel Gott
    "ona: Mme apart. on: Gramo i televizn. ona: Magnetofonn. on: Kazety i psky. ona: Stereofonn. on: Pijma prvotdn t. ona: Slun byt a plat. on: Vzjemn vztah, co vyzn v dojem pospoln. ona: Brali se z lsky. on:"
  • Wine - Bill Anderson
    "(Mel Tillis) Wine, pretty red wine, pretty red wine Pretty red wine, pretty red wine. It cost me my family, it cost me my home Gave me a dark dirty street to roam Made me a drifter, made me a bum Looking"
  • Wine - Mel Tillis
    "Wine pretty red wine pretty red wine pretty red wine pretty red wine It cost me my family cost me my home and gave me a dark dirty street to roam Made me a drifter made me a bum a lookin' for a hand out"
  • Wine - Assia
    "Ciel, quelle visionPlus me qui vive l'horizon, nonFiel, ta prisonEmmure les hommes dans la draisonIls s'adonnent pour ElleA la haine fraternelleA la lutte perptuelleDevant l'EternelEntends-tu leurs tonnerresGronder"
  • Wine - George Jones
    "(You've Used Me Long Enough)Before I met you I was a meek and humble manAnd on my own I could always find your will to standBut my weakness and your power made me play too roughSo it's time to let you"
  • Wine - Saul Williams
    "The new wine is dying on the vine how much must you age before you're ageless? align yourself with the divine allow your inner sage to burn your rage less 'cause I find you're testaments of time there"
  • April Fools - Aretha Franklin
    "April fools, April fools April fools, April fools April fools, April fools April fools, April fools In an April dream, once you came to me You smiled, I looked into your eyes And I knew I'd be loving you"
  • April April ( Eurovision 1961 ) - Lill Babs
    "Alla pigga glada fglar sjunger kvitt kvitt kvitt Alla vstanvindar leker glatt tafatt Alla sippor mlar ngarna i vitt vitt vitt Alla flickor provar ut sin nya hatt Alla pojkar glds att yllestrumpan, av"
  • Lost April - Nat King Cole
    "(Newman/Spencer/DeLange) Lost April, Where did you go? Like winter's snow, I saw you vanish. Lost April, So soft and warm. A memory Not even time can banish. Lost April, That taught me this. A single"

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