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Aqua - Playmate To Jesus

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Aqua - Playmate To Jesus

  • Aqua - Shazna
    "Kaihouteki na manatsu no yokan KYAMISO-RU sugata no KIMI Mune odorasete koi ni koi suru mubou na renaikan Okubyou na koi no katachi ni yume bakari miterune Kizudarake no tenshi mo tamaninara ii janai AQUA"
  • Aqua - Vixen
    "Nie mają pojęcia co jest pod taflą błękitu, Co załamuję światło, w skali makro, wpływa na mnie, Wszystko co ważne w życiu... mądrość jest w oceanie ...Każdy z nas jest na Titanicu... Schodzę w dół jak"
  • Aqua - Rentrer en Soi
    "taisetsu na chikai wo mune ni himeta mama sotto toketeiku tsumetai mizu no oto wa sukete mazari yuku kokoro wo yuda ne shizunderu boku wa tada miageteita oboreteru kouhaki no FIRUMU wo yurameku OORORA ima"
  • Aqua blue - Anita Lipnicka
    "Nothing ever can explain why I let it go asrtray Why I let it fade to grey when what we had was an aqua blue Aqua blue like sea and sky deep below and way up high doesn't have to prove itself to somebody"
  • Aqua blue - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter
    "Nothing ever can explain why I let it go asrtray Why I let it fade to grey when what we had was an aqua blue Aqua blue like sea and sky deep below and way up high doesn't have to prove itself to"
  • Aqua Dementia - Mastodon
    "An invitation to clairvoyance It's hard to stand around and watch while they ignore us She is dumped on Used as an ashtray At the expense of an organized association I see the stones in the path we"
  • Wookie (Playmate Demo) - Zebrahead
    "In a cantina on Tatoine-a a kereoki wookie sing-a A hairy creature, with rugged features Sang Van Halen's 'Little Dreamer' And as he sang his tune my girl started to swoon As he escorted my love from"
  • I Need A Playmate - Esham
    "I want a playmate I said I want a playmate I want a playmate I said I want a playmate My playboy bunny My money don got kinda low The day was sunny, So I just decided she would go, Out to the movies and"
  • Playmate Of The Year - Zebrahead
    "There's this girl I don't know Comes by every year or so And if I get the mail before my mom Then I will stay out of trouble She'll change every year Even pretty without beer She doesn't care about"
  • Playmate - Mc Solaar
    "Celle-l est ddicace , toutes les filles qu'on rencontre dans le train Je suis le musicien, le mec sur le microphone Fanatique de Rome comme Tifosi sous opium Il faut qu'on donne le maximum sur le podium Mme"
  • Aqua - Claire Voyant
    "Sunlight moves through darkened halls the same voice is calling me home time goes back and round again only your name in my head thoughts will pass sleep well tonight I know your demons and delight..."
  • -Aqua- - 176BIZ
    "Nanimo ka mo ga umaku ikanakute kyou mo shita mukaite ieji tsuku Ashita wo omoeba yuuutsu no nimoji Kokoro no naka wa ame nochi ame... "Asu wa sora mo kokoro no naka mo kaisei de arimasu you ni" Shiawase"
  • Drinking Water (Aqua De Beber) - Frank Sinatra
    "(A.C. Joblim, V. De Moraes, N. Gimbel) Your love is rain, my heart the flower, I need your love or I will die My very life is your power, will I wither and fade or bloom to the sky Aqua de Beber, Give"
  • Jesus - The Tiger Lillies
    "well, you went to your shrink in Brighton, he said there's nothing he could do, you went to the hospital, they hadn't a cure for you. your mother wants you committed and your father, he does too, and you"
  • Jesus - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "I turn to Jesus when I've lost all my friends and the good times all ended with my money I spent it I gave you my love but you tore me to pieces Have mercy please, Jesus Have mercy please, Jesus on me This"
  • Jesus, Jesus - Skillet
    "Jesus, Jesus Holy and anointed One, Jesus Jesus, Jesus Risen and exalted One, Jesus Chorus: Your name is like honey on my lips Your spirit's like water to my soul Your word is a lamp unto my feet Jesus"
  • Jesus - Page France
    "I will sing a song to you And you will shake the ground for me And the birds and bees and old fruit trees Will spit out songs like gushing streams And Jesus will come through the ground so dirty With"
  • Jesus - Bizzy Bone
    "I don't think they ready for this one, EricTell him(Shed your blood) *in background*Cause Jesus was the light of my lifeGod savesCause Jesus shed his blood Don't Jesus make you feel good Through the stormy"
  • Jesus - Frenzal Rhomb
    "The power of the church is real The queen and state has Lost it's zeal but you will find That Satan still holds court And if you find another way You'll be more popular than Green Day if you decide"
  • Jesus - Queen
    "(Mercury) And then I saw Him in the crowd A lot of people had gathered round Him The beggers shouted and the lepers called Him The old man said nothing He just stared about Him All going down to see the"

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