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Arash broken angels

  • Arash - Arash
    "(feat. Helena) (Helena) Arash behet migam dooset daram. Toe ein donya faghat toro daram Araaaaasshhhh...Bi to tanhayam Gooshet ba man bashe, toro dost daram (Arash) Tak o tanha toe ein otagh, bi"
  • Arash - Arash (ft. Helena)
    "(Helena) Arash behet migam dooset daram. Toe ein donya faghat toro daram Araaaaasshhhh.Bi to man tanhayam.. Gooshet ba man bashe, toro dost daram (Arash) Tak o tanha toe ein otagh, bi to hastam Hala"
  • Angels - Helloween
    "I've had a dream about forgiveness But I hear the angel sing The emotions were right A magical mind like a wonder A precious heart can be broken Within one night Then I realized She's a devil in disguise How"
  • Angels - Tom Walker
    "save praise for a better man no need for you touching hands there’s nothing to understand I’m one with the lost and damned it’s a long road and you’re on your own take care of your broken soul cause there"
  • Angels - Article One
    "Outside a church on a Friday night Saw the lights were on, so he stepped inside Walked the straightest line to the nearest pew Bowed his head and spoke to you Said I know it's been a while and I must confess That"
  • Angels - Allison Crowe
    "Words & Music by Allison Crowe It took the edge off at least that's what I thought at the time but my mouth was open and these words kept pouring out and now my head is empty and I wish it was just empty"
  • Broken Angel - Arash ft. Helene
    "Helena: Im so lonely, broken angel Im so lonely, listen to my heart Arash: Man dooset daram Be cheshme man gerye nade Na, nemitoonam Bedoone to halam badeee Helena: Im so lonely, broken angel Im so lonely,"
  • Angels (With Broken Hearts) - Europe
    "We built our wings In so many ways We built our home Is the last things to fail We built our love Please, don’t take it away Out of the night Come this angels With Broken Hearts They watch us till the"
  • Broken - Ministry
    "Grab yourself a partner Swing 'em around the town Walk the dog and do-se-do Before you tie her down Anesthetize and fantasize Watch your dreams come true A riding crop, a lollipop A tank of nitrous too Because"
  • Angels Lullaby (feat. Helena) - Arash
    "fly with me like a raindbow butterfly kiss me and i will sing the Angels Lullaby want to be light with me like a raindbow butterfly believe in and you will see al the colour of the sky"
  • Chori Chori Feat. Arash - Aneela
    "Aneela: Chori chori dil legaya dil ka chor dekhe palat ke mujhe bar bar Sone chandi se aziz hai wo mujhe sajna Kadak zara sa sona mahia Arash: patcha la evd osa ara darab labe dava sariama cheje bussia"
  • Fallen Angels - Aerosmith
    "There's a candle burning in the world tonight For another child who vanished out of sight And a heart is broken, another prayer in vain There's a million tears that fill a sea of pain Sometimes I stare"
  • Seven Angels - Bloodbound
    "Sacred hearts on fire Gave in to desire Damned by Satan's hand From this holy land Endless fields of fire Red flames burning higher Trapped in Satan's hand In this unholy land You're lost in darkness,"
  • Saints & Angels - Sara Evans
    "We're only human, baby We walk on broken ground We lose our way We come unwound We'll turn in circles, baby We're never satisfied We'll fall from grace Forget we can fly But through all the tears that"
  • Dying Angels - Soulrelic
    "I wish I could just surrender to the wind Drift away to better world It`s like I could hear echoes from the world beyond us Fighting agains time alone Broken heart in a freezing breeze I can`t feel your"
  • Angels Cry - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Well its hard to explain but Il'l try if you let me, Well its hard to sustain I'll cry if you let me. This doesn't change the way i feel about you or your place in my life. (please don't cry) Cant"
  • Angels Cry - Everlife
    "All the world Is but a child Screaming over all your words No one hears your pain They're way too busy for concern, oh And the days Become weeks And the months turn into years You've gotta know it by"
  • Angels Calling - Sabaton
    "Sent to kill, to watch no man's land Snipers are moving unseen Fight for land, to lose it again Shrapnel is filling the air Hell on earth, the trenches mean death, better keep your head down low Charge"
  • Angels Die - Crown Of Thorns
    "Oh I remember - Cold white heaven Sacred holy silence - "Fear God and His commandments" We walked the silver grass - Alone among thousands We walked through eachother - "Don't cry when I walk in you" Never!"
  • Angels Punishment - Lacuna Coil
    "Destruction War To fight in defence Forgotten words of friendly hate War - destruction War - destruction I don't know why A soul deceased A broken hope A chocking breeze War - destruction War - destruction Can't"

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