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Arash feat Helena One day

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Arash feat Helena One day

  • Arash - Arash
    "(feat. Helena) (Helena) Arash behet migam dooset daram. Toe ein donya faghat toro daram Araaaaasshhhh...Bi to tanhayam Gooshet ba man bashe, toro dost daram (Arash) Tak o tanha toe ein otagh, bi"
  • Arash - Arash (ft. Helena)
    "(Helena) Arash behet migam dooset daram. Toe ein donya faghat toro daram Araaaaasshhhh.Bi to man tanhayam.. Gooshet ba man bashe, toro dost daram (Arash) Tak o tanha toe ein otagh, bi to hastam Hala"
  • Helena - Nickel Creek
    "Helena, don't walk away Before you give me back my heart If it were mine, it would be yours to take I'm sorry I've let down my guard, oh Helena You looked so sweet I should have seen While I was playing"
  • Helen - Kate Ceberano
    "Helen has eyes as dark as blackend pans Shell read your tea-cups and the palms of your hands Shes got this humor that plays havoc with her mouth You may think shes present but her mind, is travelling south Shes"
  • DOOSET DARAM (feat. Helena) - Arash
    "I remember when I met you you’re walking in the rain and the autumn leaves were falling only you can kiss the pain only you can kiss the pain har shab too khateratam donbale rade patam beri harjaie donya pa"
  • Angels Lullaby (feat. Helena) - Arash
    "fly with me like a raindbow butterfly kiss me and i will sing the Angels Lullaby want to be light with me like a raindbow butterfly believe in and you will see al the colour of the sky"
  • Helena - Rising Girl
    "We're down by the ocean We're swimming by the sea Oh yeah And there's my darling She's (a) happy as can(a) be Oh, what a day I see her smile I know it's for me I just wanna be The best that I can be Hey"
  • Chori Chori Feat. Arash - Aneela
    "Aneela: Chori chori dil legaya dil ka chor dekhe palat ke mujhe bar bar Sone chandi se aziz hai wo mujhe sajna Kadak zara sa sona mahia Arash: patcha la evd osa ara darab labe dava sariama cheje bussia"
  • Helena - 666 Anio
    "Gdybym odcial ci rece i pozbawil cie nóg Moze wtedy bys kochala mnie Zwiazana, zakneblowana, wystawiona na smiech Moze wtedy bys kochala mnie Dlaczego nie chcesz kochac mnie? Gdybym odcial ci rece i pozbawil"
  • Helena - Formacja Chatelet
    "Bo lepiej mi będzie jak ciebie nie będzie Choć kocham cię żabo to czuję się słabo Bo lepiej mi będzie jak ciebie nie będzie Ja nie chcę już zdychać, ja muszę oddychać Były też negatywne aspekty I nie mówię"
  • Helena - Jacek Kaczmarski
    "Nie palę kadzideł i ofiar nie składamGdy słyszę krzyk mężczyzn walczącychGdy Parys powraca nie daję mu siebieI patrzę jak ciężko usypiaIm tarcze i zbroje przyrosły do ciałKrzyk w gardłach zamieszkał na"
  • Around The Corner (The Comfort Song) feat. Helena Josefsson - Per Gessle
    "hold a candle to your heart let your shadows on your face rock you gently with the grace it’s been a long and lonely day I don’t know what you’ve been through you have to continue to care about you things"
  • Helen Hunt - Hank Green
    "The first time I saw you Was the day that I hit puberty You played a beautiful girl Shunned by society It wasn't your fault You just smoked one laced doobie That after school special Made me wanna never"
  • Helen - Ball In The House
    "Living in her bottle Can't deny that she's inviting me To come and watch her model For the riots, the inciting has begun It's on the wall I just can't see the writing A thousand ships for her Sometimes"
  • Without You (feat. HELENA) - Komodo
    "no matter what i do i need you around in every hideway you’re tracking me down I wanna walk away but I can’t do without without you darling without you darling I hear your voice in my head caound’t"
  • Music is my language - Arash
    "(feat. DJ Aligator) What the world needs right now! And i mean right now more than ever! Is Salvation! The question remains to be answered Who can save humanity from itself I have one candidate in mind"
  • Sarn Helen - Super Furry Animals
    "Mae tair cam, i'r nefoedd tn There are three steps, to fiery hell Cam yn ? cham ymlaen A step backwards, and a step forwards Chwenhych car, goddiweddyd Dismiss the car, overtake Cwyd Sarn Helen Awake Sarn"
  • Helen wheels - Paul McCartney
    "Said farewell to my last hotel it never was much kind of abode Glasgow town never brought me down when I was heading on the road. Carlisle city never looked so pretty and the Kendal freeway's fast Slow"
  • Helen & Cassandra - Al Stewart
    "According to the myths and legends At the fringes of our memory Paris stole the queen of Sparta And carried her across the sea As they fled, he never dreamt That he held the world in his grip Helen, the"
  • One Whole Day (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Dixie D'Amelio
    "We’d by lying in my bed And you’d randomly get up and leave You would make a lot of time For anyone other than me The more that i gave The more you held back Now i am emotionally starved You’re stuck"

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