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Archive - Stick Me In My Heart

  • Stick - Unjust
    "(Verse 1) Lost burning beds, nights we shared Forced favors, my creations Life's candy... Thoughts turned to stains, Reeled into your side More than ever, Lost the Pleasures You will leave lost (Pre-Chorus) Stick,"
  • Stick - Rhymefest
    "(Rhymfest) Woo! Yeah... Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to hear Is another, Rhymfest, Animal House classic So get on the flo' and just (Back it up, back it up) Now put it on my stick (Back it"
  • Stick By Me - John Holt
    "Stick by me (and) I'll stick by you Stick by me (and) I'll stick by you My life on earth would be useless can't you see If I didn't have you to stick by me. I love you darling and that' no lie, Stick"
  • Stick by me - UB40
    "Stick by me and I'll stick by you Stick by me and I'll stick by you My life here on earth would be useless can't you see fI I didn't have you to stick by me I love you darling and that's no lie Stick by"
  • Stick Up - Kelis
    "...Let's go... I've been lovin' u for here long knowin' I was never clear But I have no fear today cause I'm gonna say What I gotta say, I don't wanna play the role Bustin' through the door, I'm gonna"
  • Stick Around - Azure
    "How many times do I daydream About making love to you I'll take you to a special place Where it's only me and you I'll put away all your troubles On the other side of the world And wrap my arms around"
  • Stick Up - Afu-Ra
    "(Big Daddy Kane) F**k playin games, I start takin names Shake ya frame, time to start payin Kane Don't make me have to take it there and start sayin names Give you official in the middle initial Yes we"
  • Stick your neck out - In Control
    "Don't think I didn't feel it rolled eyes brushing me up whispers behind my back like a dagger in my heart but I bleed internally all those times I've tried to set it aside but it eats away at me cuz who"
  • Stick It To Me - My Ruin
    "Stick It To Me it doesn't matter what i say doesn't matter what i do i don't really give a fuck about you nowadays it's all fake put some make up on your face looking like a fucking chick in lipstick"
  • Stick A Needle In My Eye - John Prine
    "I'm awfully tired of the same old business Kiss the babies, make 'em cry I'm only lookin' for one good woman Cross my heart and hope to die Stick a needle in my eye, eye, eye Got a load of mashed potatoes Holdin'"
  • Let's Stick Together - Brian Wilson
    "You make me feel like a man Doin' the best that I can Business ain't half of my soul With you by my side I'm bold Your face radiates like a flower Your body's got magical power I'm waltzing up high in"
  • We'll Stick Together - Kitty Wells
    "Cause we stuck together through the lean lean years The lean and hungry years were filled with strife Now we're still together in the green green years And we'll still together for the rest of our life I've"
  • Stick It In - Avenue D
    "Hey Daphne Yeah Debbie? You know who I saw the other day? Who's that? That boy, you know the one with the eyes... Shit you mean the one with the ass? He is so dreamy he is so fuckin hot And he's always"
  • Stick It - MU330
    "Why you gotta make it so criminal I gotta stick it gotta heed to stick it I need to stick it I'm so physical in the morning stick it noon and night I stick it its in my head again I'm so physical why you"
  • Stick Around - Acid Drinkers
    "Don't go too far away That doesn't work for me In next few hours All the killers will be free No need to wander Sit by the telephone just stay at home Stay all night long Don't go too far away That doesn't"
  • The Stick - The Time
    "My stick. I just love my stick. Mmm, my stick. I just love my stick. Girl, your ride is bad but you can't compare. To my baby black Cadillac, oh so rare. Take a vacation, I don't care. Cuz I can get some"
  • Big Stick - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    "Big stick has got a 2-way smile Knock you up then knock you down inside Big stick coming down o you This is a place where nobody moves Falling down with you Falling down, oh yeah Big stick pounding in"
  • Dizzy Stick - Scabs
    "I know you're trying to drive me crazy I know you're doing a good job baby I know i can't seem to feel my fingers This feeling you're filling me up it lingers And no i don't mind it takes me by surprise And"
  • Stick Together - Minnie Riperton
    "(M. Riperton R. Rudolph S. Wonder) Every time I look at you I remember all that we've been through No I can't imagine living without you I don't need no symphony I hear music when you're lovin'"
  • Walking Stick - Powderfinger
    "Spoon fed from a dirty plate A diet designed only to agitate A veil of pride and gospel truth To cover the hidden fist that he used And I won't say a word You've sewn me in my skin Hypocrite walking"

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