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Arctic Monkeys You

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Arctic Monkeys You

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Arctic Monkeys You
  • Arctic Monkeys Who the fuck are Arctic Monkeys
    "We all want someone to shout forYeah, everyone wants somebody to adoreBut your heroes aren't what they seemWhen you've been where we've beenHave I done something to triggerYour funny looks and the sniggers?Are"
  • Mad Caddies Monkeys
    "Monkeys Watch out for them monkeys Those crazy big guys drinking in the morning downtown Monkeys Watch out for them monkeys They'll knock you right up off your feet Onto the ground They'll take pleasure"
  • Najwa Nimri Monkeys
    "It belong us To tack like fire needles Keeping human secret Because some of the monkey's lies Don't still full mouth Don't still full mouth Don't still in places with memory Like arrows with a walking"
  • Noise Therapy Monkeys
    "why can't you take what your giving, and give it to me, why can't you take what your giving, and give it away, now that you waited to get it, you hide it from me, now that you waited to get it, you throw"
  • Burning Brides Arctic Snow
    "Standing on the edge of feelin', Seconds from the point of healin'. High enough to make a good impression. Stimulate the conversation. I wanna go off and hide, You're colder than an arctic snow. Come"
  • Najwajean Human Monkeys
    "monkeys it belong us to tack like fire needles keeping human secret because some of the monkey's lies don't still full mouth don't still full mouth don't still in places with memory like arrows with a"
  • Ookla The Mok Three Monkeys
    "I wouldn't mind if you died I couldn't care less if you weren't alive Even if I tried I never think about you all the time, you never cross my mind And I don't talk about you till my friends say, "Why"
  • Therapy? Rock You Monkeys
    "I want the high life I want bananas I want a brother and sister in Havana I wanna get laid by the C.I.A. I'm on my way to the U.S.A. I want a green card I want freedom Take me to your leader 'cos"
  • Sinch The Arctic Ocean
    "Stained, afraid that this won't ever go away Engulfed inside a blaze of memories And the strain of diggin' holes Is beginning to take its toll I saw this coming when you started running over my dreams Isn't"
  • Final Fantasy The Arctic Circle
    "She drives a little white car to the seminar on Modern Romance Possible possible ideas for a date include... a shooting range And her chest is full to bursting with thoughts of an evening Nobody nobody"
  • XTC The Smartest Monkeys
    "Well man created the cardboard box to sleep in it And man converted the newspaper to a blanket Well you have to admit that he's come a long way Since swinging about in the trees We're the smartest monkeys The"
  • Buck Barrel Of Monkeys
    "I fell into a barrel of monkeys; I tried real hard but I couldn't get the money He's calling me baby but he ain't my honey I fell into a barrel of monkeys It started with a rumor and it ended with a gun"
  • Travis We Are Monkeys
    "People think they're funny when they haven't the wit Others think they're gorgeous but inside they feel shit Many think they're brainy but they haven't a clue And I think I'm clever cos I'm singing this"
  • Boo Radleys High As Monkeys
    "Try to put yourself in my place It's written all over my face I'm closer to God I've shed my dirty old skin Grown a brand new feeling I'm closer to God Thinking fast and feeling free And there's no-one"
  • Ian Brown Dolphins Were Monkeys
    "I could be the next to see That there'll be nobody there If you feel excited throw your hands into the air No one can judge you baby That don't live your life I need the resistance Held by your astrological"
  • Gomez Champagne For Monkeys
    "Lying on the roof in my dirty overcoat Drunker than the landlords wife Spill the shoot shebang and theyll be gold and crusty brown Another guard upon a ride, well Let me know when its time to go Let me"
  • The Ordinary Boys Robots And Monkeys
    "Where have they gone? Where have they gone? All the days when we didn't know right from wrong, oh no. And know we're so grown up just like we wanted to be, Building up debts, I wont be, I wont be. What"
  • Jericho Jones Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys
    "Now the evening sun is goin' down A black shadows cover wasted ground But I never thought I've been that kind of man But I know that I am. But I never thought I've been a junky That's I always shootin'"
  • Kill Hannah Life In The Arctic
    "Your presence of mind becomes a Presence in mind and body for good, so you are less affected by the negative pressures and principalities. Don't resent what comes to light. Bear the pain of failings. Don't"
  • Arctic Monkeys Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend
    "I don't ever want to hate you, So don't show me your bed, The only roads are cul-de-sacs, The first thing that she said. Temptation, greets you like your naughty mate, The one that used to get you in"

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