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Arilena Ara - Last Train To Paris

  • Paris train - Beth Orton
    "Now you're sitting on a Paris trainLaughin' at your own jokes againSun splits the trees into beautiful broken lightNever cry more tears than you could hold in your handsWhen all the world's airbrushedIt's"
  • Paris - Dido
    "Coming back from paris on the train, I really didnt care if the journey took all day, Trying to turn the pages of my magazine, Ill try to keep a hold all your hand, And ordering a coffee that i wouldn't"
  • Paris - Faith Hill
    "The train pulled into paris like a rocket to the moon The station's like a circus every face is a cartoon Everybody's stoned on pride and drunk on cheap champagne Tonight this joie de vivre sure don't"
  • Paris - Gordie Sampson
    "The train pulled in to Paris, like a rocket to the moon Station's like a circus, every face is a cartoon And everybody's stoned on pride and drunk on cheap champagne Tonight this joie de vivre sure don't"
  • Paris - Dandy Boy
    "Nonsense is hanging like fruit in the tree and i wonder which one to pick you, pick me and you just can't be happy, you know too much for that how did the apple taste, Adam? And I know what I am up to,"
  • Last Train - Arlo Guthrie
    "by Arlo Guthrie I want to hop on the last train in the station Won't need to get yourself prepared When you're on that last train to glory You'll know you're reasonably there Maybe you ain't walked on"
  • Last Train - Less Than Jake
    "(I met her in the morning, and my heart stood still a doo ron ron ron, a doo ron ron somebody told me that her name was Jill a doo ron ron ron, a doo ron ron yeah my oh my, yeah all the time when I walked"
  • Last train - MxPx
    "When bones start breaking,it's too late to turn back time.Soon pain is forgotten,then we're feeling fine.Where nothing that you have learned turns out to be true,but life has crashed and burned and then"
  • Last Train - Stiff Little Fingers
    "(J. Burns/B. Foxton) Arise! You've listened to too many liars too long And too many were your masters You've got the chance here to right all the wrong Don't squander it on disaster You're standing in"
  • Last Train To Trancentral - KLF
    "All aboard, all aboard, a-woah-ho All aboard, all aboard, a-woah-ho Others need the vibes Last train of the fast train, destination general Thoughts that seem to draw me Heading for trancentral Still Im"
  • Paris Paris - Malcolm McLaren
    "I feel love, Paris Paris Love to love, Paris Paris Feelings so close to my heart Barman dans le shaker, d'abord de l'lgance Un trait de Sacr-Coeur et deux doight de Doisneau Une Piaf, quelques moineaux"
  • Last Train To Wherever - Telepopmusik
    "Spending our days translucent, in and out of everything Hanging out with strangers thats the way that we begin Staring at the sun, thinking its the moon, A tiny indication its gonna happen soon. But not"
  • Last Train To Satansville - Swervedriver
    "You look like you've been losin' sleep Said a stranger on a train I fixed him with an ice cold stare and said I've been havin' those dreams again In one dream there's this girl I love And we dance every"
  • Train - Nields
    "There hasn't been a train here for about two thousand years Maybe there never was one but the tracks are everywhere And my pale imagination makes me think there'll be one soon Maybe it's desperation or"
  • Train - Sonya Kitchell
    "I've just taken a seat on the train I walked through busy streets down a shadowy lane I just bought my ticket for the ride there's no turning back now no matter what I decide steel body moves fast, hinges"
  • Train - Four Star Mary
    "A train tearing through this place, Scars cover a wounded face, It's not love you wanted when you came back, Stars... burning have now turned black. And i hear you're coming home, And i fear you're all"
  • Last Chance Train - Bon Jovi
    "October leaves are falling, so am I A harvest moon is calling me and I know why The traffic's like a symphony in blue In the autumn air I smell your sweet perfume I miss you sitting cross-legged in this"
  • Last Train (Acoustic) - MxPx
    "When bones start breaking, It's too late to turn back time. Soon pain is forgotten, Then we're feeling fine. Where nothing that you have learned turns out to be true, But life has crashed and burned and"
  • Sarina Paris - Sarina Paris
    "mystery man i close my eyes at night i never get a chance to sleep every beat of my heart gets stronger i know we're gonna meet no face with know your name each time you satisfy my hungry heart i will"
  • Paris - Yael Na?m
    "I fled to a different place So quickly The farthest away and I succeeded I am in Paris Lit candles Gray and foggy I am happy and its good for me And its so good for me In Paris I wander around ...? In"

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