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  • Arkansas - Roger Miller
    "I ain't never traveled much but someday when the money's such I'd like to see the world and all and maybe go through Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas I just love ole Arkansas Love my ma love my pa but I just"
  • Arkansas - Mc Solaar
    "l'ge de six ans.Mon cadeau de Nol Une arme en plastique rplique industrielle. Il y a des guirlandes partout dans la maison. Je remercie Santa Claud, parce qu'il a t bon l'ge de sept and. Il m'en fallait"
  • Arkansas Revisited - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "I'm going back to Arkansas I gotta kill my ma and pa I'm gonna kill ma and dad, because they made my life so sad I run so fast, all night and day they haunt my soul in evil ways I don't care what the"
  • Pinebluff, Arkansas - Bukka White
    "Whoo, well, I got a little woman in Pinebluff, Arkansas She was the sweetest little woman that your men most ever saw Gonna get up in the mornin', baby, with the risin' sun Whoo well, in the mornin', baby,"
  • Arkansas Traveler - Michelle Shocked
    "Hey farmer! You been livin' here all your life? Not yet. Hey farmer! Where does this road go? Been livin' here all my life, it ain't gone nowhere yet. Hey farmer! How do you get to Little Rock? Listen"
  • Up In Arkansas - Tony Joe White
    "Got me a rocker without no arms ol' wood stove to keep me warm My firewood out of the rain I sit and watch the seasons change There's a woman in Little Rock got plenty of money down in her sock She come"
  • Banks Of Arkansas - Lucero
    "Prettiest little girl ever I saw Stood on the banks of the arkansas Her hair was brown and her eyes were green She's the prettiest little girl that ever I'd seen Wave the ocean Wave the sea Wave that pretty"
  • The Arkansas Traveler - Children
    "Children Lyrics Miscellaneous The Arkansas Traveler Oh, once upon a time in Arkansas, An old man sat in his little cabin door And fiddled at a tune that he liked to hear, A jolly old tune that he played"
  • Banks Of The Arkansas - Lucero
    "prettiest little ever i saw stood on the banks of the arkansas her hair was brown and her eyes were green she's the prettiest little ever i'd seen well wave the ocean and wave the sea wave that"
  • I Can See Arkansas - Anne Murray
    "There's a natural wonder between us But it doesn't seem natural to me That you can walk away from the love we made Here in Tennessee And leave everything that we worked for To start a brand new life I"
  • Annabelle (Arkansas' Callin' You) - Hot Apple Pie
    "We should leave this old town, Take the highway past the riverside. And when the dust settles down, We'll be rollin' 'cross The Great Divide. Annabelle, come out of your shell. I'll go with you where"
  • Mary Queen Of Arkansas - Bruce Springsteen
    "Mary queen of Arkansas, it's not too early for dreamin' The sky is grown with cloud seed sown and a bastard's love can be redeeming Mary, my queen, your soft hulk is reviving No, you're not too late to"
  • Northeast Arkansas Mississippi County Bootlegger - Kenny Price
    "There wasn't nobody that ever liked him farless loved him If you never got the chance to get to know him you wouldn't thought too much of him Folks said he was half mean if that was so that's all the mean"
  • Ballad Of Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh - Pat Green
    "My daddy was an outlaw, mom died giving birth to me, they both let me all alone when I was on bended knee, if you don't like my story I suggest you turn the page, I don't need no preachin' I ain't got"
  • Where The Arkansas River Leaves Oklahoma - Don Williams
    "Where the Arkansas River leaves Oklahoma It runs free and rambles, muddy and wide Where the Arkansas River leaves Oklahoma It's gone forever and never looks back I met her in stillwell she just turned"
  • The Ballad Of Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh - Pat Green
    "My daddy was an outlaw Mom died giving birth to me They both left me all alone when I was on bended knee If you don't like my story I suggest you turn the page I don't need no preachin' I ain't got no"
  • Cant Blame It On Me - Black Oak Arkansas
    "I need some lovin' your style is so fine I've got to getcha girl and make you mine I see you 'round and you treat me so rude You know you need me girl, I can cure your blues You can't blame it, can't"
  • Dont Confuse What You Dont Know - Black Oak Arkansas
    "You're troubled in your head. Good times have come and gone. Your feet are at your knees and you feel that you've gone wrong. At night you're all alone, your heart now needs a song. With nights"
  • Fools Friends - Black Oak Arkansas
    "Hyman Naugthon sat down to write a song, with the help of some expensive words, he was comin' right along. He wrote about his troubles, and then he wrote of death. He wrote about his love affairs, and"
  • Hot Nasty - Black Oak Arkansas
    "CHORUS: Yeah they call me yeah Hot n Nasty Yeah they call me uh Mister Fancy Yeah when you ball me Yeah you're hot n nasty Oh when you ball me You're Miss Fancy Right When I come a knockin' at your"

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