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Armenia - Aram MP3, Not Alon

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Armenia - Aram MP3, Not Alon

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Armenia - Aram MP3, Not Alon
  • Aram MP3 Not Alone (Armenia, Eurovisia 2014)
    "You're all alone, you're all alone, No shoulder wants you to lean on, You thought this world was too cold And you've made up A whole new world Don't cry, don't cry little bird Though you are scared and"
  • Dead Saints Mp3
    "Why do you want to take it away? Now you want us to pay? Sueing for something free? why don't you let us be? (power for you and not me) I just want an MP3, you will never stop us, It is so oblivious, Over"
  • Act Fast Mp3
    "I remember when it was you and me Singing all the songs in perfect harmony Living life with you by my side Life in pain, happiness, misery, it's all the same And I'm alone again How do you know when"
  • Ramses Shaffy Aram
    "Aram, Aram is jouw naam, een prachtige naam Je bent toch zo klein Maar je beentjes zijn nu al sterk, sterk, sterk Aram, Aram is jouw naam, een prachtige naam Je bent toch zo klein Maar alles doet al zijn"
  • Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (mp3)
    "Is this the real life - Is this just fantasy - Caught in a landslide - No escape from reality - Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see - I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy - Because I'm easy"
  • Einsturzende Neubauten Armenia
    "Brennt auf den Ngeln eine Frage nur: Sind die Vulkane noch ttig? Sind die Vulkane noch ttig? Bitte enttusch' mich nicht! Ich glaub' wieder an Voodoo Steck' Nadeln ins Telefonbuch Bitte enttusch' mich nicht! "
  • Matt Wertz Not Alone
    "Put your arms around me So I can feel your warm embrace Let me smell your fragrances Lord, I want to see your face I'm not alone (not alone) I'm not alone (not alone) Draw me closer Lord I want"
  • Solstice Not alone
    "Look at me And tell me what you want to see Am I not good enough? Am I worth anything? Just. Walk away Theres nothing you could ever say To mend this broken heart Just tell me Im good enough And Im not"
  • Everman Not Alone
    "Restless spirit, come Bringing all the burdens you carry You are not alone You are not alone Brokenhearted, come Bowed beneath the grief you are bearing You are not alone You are not alone All of your"
  • Augustana Not Alone
    "look at them running off the sidewalk, look at us falling off a building, look at them reading lights, look at me, look at you, could everybody standing around us, could everybody drown us here just looking"
  • Home Grown Not Alone
    "Just say goodbye. And close the door. Turn off the light. And pick up the pieces if you need them. This world is cold, but just know you're not alone. No, you're not alone. I know what you're thinkin'. I"
  • Dan's Home Grown Not Alone
    "Just say goodbye, and close the door Turn off the lights and pick up the pieces If you need them This world is cold, but just know you're not alone I know what you're thinkin' I know how you're feelin' Believe"
  • All That Remains Not Alone
    "No more are the days that I will Fear for I have found a strength that None can match and I'll push forward Never has the blood in my viens Flowed so fiercely as when i feel this around me I am whole"
  • McFly Not Alone
    "Life is getting harder day by day And I don't know what to do, what to say And my mind is growing weak every step I take It's uncontrollable. Now they think I'm fake, yeah Coz I'm not alone, no, no, no I'm"
  • Charlotte Perrelli Not Alone
    "I see courage When you don't feel brave at all The strength you have within can stop your fall I feel magic that sorrounds every part of your soul The love you keep within can make you whole Let me help"
  • Scanner Not Alone
    "There'll be times When we'll conquer the sky We'll fly to every star As ambassadors We'll be a few Out of a million minds For the first encounters We are not alone They watch us and hear our voices We"
  • Twice Born Not Alone
    "You've made this choice And all your friends are dogging you They just can't understand what's happening to you All your disbelief has all been broken down The God you thought was false turned your life"
  • Suicidal Romance Not Alone
    "It was a cold and rainy night When all the stars began to shine And in this brightest light He appeared to our planet He was young and strong enough To save us all from the shadows That followed us from"
  • Kate Ryan Not Alone
    "Oui c’est, c’est un combat meme tout bas mais c’est, c’est avec toi sous notre toit baby on tourne en rond dans la maison de nos emotions ne pas sortir ne pas abondonner si tu renonce au creux des vagues"
  • Gianluca Motta Not Alone
    "Under the stars We run in the wind Taking every single moment that we can Look into your eyes We run from the lights Believe it but you can't know how I feel I cant believe that you still think we're friends Like"

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