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Armin looking for your name

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Armin looking for your name

  • Looking For - Ann Lee
    "You've never even thought of this you feel a hunger in your soul you said if you could miss me miss me you'd be in love. You think your heart is cold as ice but there's a flame however small and"
  • Looking For Today - Black Sabbath
    "It's complete but obsolete All tomorrow's become yesterday In demand but second hand It's been heard before you even play Up to date but came too late Better get yourself another name You're so right"
  • Looking For Strange - KMFDM
    "Jetlag limbo, can't decide Like molten rock I turn to stone Take me outside myself Do it nice and slow Somewhere beyond the great unknown Down here in the underbelly No words are used to speak at all The"
  • Looking For Someone - Genesis
    "(Banks/Gabriel/Phillips/Rutherford/Mayhew) Looking for someone, I guess I'm doing that, Trying to find a mem'ry in a dark room. Dirty man, you're looking like a Buddha, I know you well - yeah. Keep on"
  • Shivers/ Armin Van Buuren - Armin Van Buuren
    "A little bit, just a little bit... (x2) World don't turn around Music make no sound Where is sweetness found When love is gone? Sun don't come around Don't make a sound Where can love be found"
  • Looking - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "(A Tale Of Two Meanings)I'm looking for a man who knows how to finishBetter than to beginI'm looking for a girl whose age is VirginiaName around seventeenI'm looking for a tie that won't get knottedOne"
  • Calling Your Name - E-Type
    "There is something I have to say to you before I am on my knees and I'm looking for some answers You've got that certain something, I don't know what to do Don't tell me what is better, I'm just not a"
  • Looking For A Corner - Rosanne Cash
    "(Rosanne Cash - Rodney Crowell) Trouble when you're searching And you ain't so very young You don't fit into table talk But you can't hold back your tongue You have what they all desire So you must want"
  • Looking Glass - Long Since Forgotten
    "I'm writing down all my reasons to write you off. I had to stop for lack of air. One was fair and a hand full was enough, but you know it doesn't stop there. I ask around, but no one ever really knows"
  • Looking Philosophical - Des'ree
    "I like the meaning of your name Are you aware, are you the same? It goes with your eyes, your sentiment, I like your name, Ezekiel You're so serene it makes me mad You're never down, ain't never sad"
  • Love Is Looking For You - Warren Barfield
    "Someone's calling you name But you can't hear a sound Cause you've allowed the noise to drown it out Everywhere you go You're never there The thought of being afraid Has you so scared CHORUS: And all"
  • Looking Out For Number One - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "Every day is an endless train You've got to ride it to the end of the line Be a troubleshooter, blow the bad luck away And you will make it to your station on time And you'll find out every trick in the"
  • Looking For A New Sign - Beck
    "If I ever think about you If I ever call your name I’ll put my empty arms around you Let them every die away Looking out for a sign How can I tell what’s right Changing my ways to spite myšelf Cause I"
  • That's What I'm Looking For - Da Brat
    "Brat Hey JD, why you be saying oh, oh Is that like flossin' shit? You just like walk in and so people say, oh shit, it's him Bounce to this, come on 1 - Where my rag wearing soldiers that Love to watch"
  • Your Name - Anthony Evans
    "As morning dawns and evening fades You inspire songs of praise That arise from earth to touch Your heart And glorify Your name Your name is a strong and mighty tower Your name is a shelter like no other Your"
  • Your Name - Aimee Joy Weimer
    "As morning dawns and evening fades You inspire songs of praise That rise from earth to touch Your heart And glorify Your name Your name is a strong and mighty tower Your name is a shelter like no other Your"
  • Your Name - MercyMe
    "words: Nathan Cochran and Bart Millard music: MercyMe verse And I will be thankful if all I have is my breath And I know that I've been saved by Your grace and in Your name In Your name I've found peace In"
  • Your Name - Delight
    "don't ask me about this smile I can't tell you what it is another place, another life don't know how it reached me here now when we are perfect strangers it all came back for one moment all those feelings,"
  • Your Name - Arcane Sun
    "Though I've called your name a thousand times, my words are blown back into my face. The wind makes my skin harder still. The clouds race by over-head and I fight to remain standing, the signs of endless"
  • Looking For The Surface - Stick To Your Guns
    "YOU'RE DROWNING! You're drowning, you can't seem to catch your breath. YOU'RE SEARCHING! You're searching, looking for the surface. YOU'RE FIGHTING! You're fighting, looking for a purpose. In one fell"

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