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Armin van Buuren unlove you

  • Shivers/ Armin Van Buuren - Armin Van Buuren
    "A little bit, just a little bit... (x2) World don't turn around Music make no sound Where is sweetness found When love is gone? Sun don't come around Don't make a sound Where can love be found"
  • Armin Van Buuren - Sunburn (Walk Through The Fire) - Armin Van Buuren
    "It'll be It'll be (x4) It'll be It'll be Wondering In Your Position It'll be It'll be Flying In Your Obsession (x2) aaa yaa aaa yaa (x4) aaa yaa aaa yaa It'll be It'll be (x4) And I've tried Breaking"
  • Unlove you - Elise Estrada
    "unfair unreal i wanna tell my heart it's a quick steal that'd be one way to unlove you unjust unkind that i can't you erase from my mind that'd be another way to unlove you even though my heart is tellin"
  • Unlove You - Jennifer Nettles
    "I could break down and cry Laugh it off and deny Draw lines in the sand And count on both hands All the reasons why This just won't work It'll be nothing but hurt I can swear that I don't And maybe one"
  • Unlove You - Ashley Tisdale
    "I fell in a perfect way Never had a choice to make Crashed into your tidal wave I didn't even struggle Sailed right through your atmosphere Closed my eyes and landed here Didn't see the trouble And I didn't"
  • Unlove Me - Julie Roberts
    "Unloose this hold you've got on me Unlock this heart that can't get free Unlive the night you kissed and hugged me Undream the dreams that we both shared Unfeel the feelin' that you cared Before you leave"
  • Fine Without You - Armin Van Buuren
    "Why don't you feel me? I'm so in need Is it a wonder I resist from you? I was the one who fell in this game Then you took me away from you I'm fine without you now I don't need you here I'm fine without"
  • Love you more - Armin Van Buuren
    "ft RacoonClouds above go sailing byI found my meaning in this lifeClear white is flying in my eyesUnderneath a blue blue skyThe waves come rolling in with the tide.All the people rushing by by byLooking"
  • Wait for you - Armin Van Buuren
    "feat. Victoria Horn(Song For The Ocean)Under my soul, I hide, chasing emotions Can't you see? If I let it go, will we reveal, a sign of devotion, all you feel? Sometimes there's a moment Sometimes we don't"
  • If You Should Go - Armin Van Buuren
    "A troubled mind in search Of a bright neon bay I swim to shore The only route to take Is perfection itself The stars lead the way As waves make oceans complete Fate is the shell of my beat O how I feel"
  • I Can't Unlove You - Kenny Rogers
    "Postcards and letters Pictures made to last forever To Be boxed up and tossed away Nick-Nacs, Souverners In an afternoon Their out of here They dissapear without a trace What they mean to me can never"
  • I wonder where you are - Armin Van Buuren
    "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the sound of a new milleniumPrepare yourself to the ultimate battle in music...This is trance match!I wonder where you areI wonder where you areI wonder where you areDon't"
  • Another You (feat. Mr. Probz) - Armin Van Buuren
    "I'm not saying I'm not sorry Just looking for another you It's not getting any better But what can I do When there's something wrong When we keep holding on To the best days I'm not saying I'm not sorry Just"
  • How Can I Unlove You - Lynn Anderson
    "How can I unsay the things I said to you How can I undo the things that we used to do Tell me how can I unfeel the way I feel for you how can I unlove you How can I untight the hold that you got on me When"
  • What If - Armin Van Buuren
    "What if I got right into My mind's velocity What if I finally discovered The rules of eternity Will you stop running? Will you stop hiding? And looking fot material things Will you start searching will"
  • Wild Wild Son (feat. Sam Martin) - Armin Van Buuren
    "hello son are you ready come into the Earth? we can't wait to hold you in rush .... you be standing crash... all day you can get into much trouble nothing gona stop mi lovin' you always My Wild Wild"
  • Burned With Desire - Armin Van Buuren
    "For each forgotten kiss For all the memories For all the times a look Said all we had to say You played your part so well A modern Romeo You came on Cupid's wings And then you flew away When you touch"
  • Unforgivable - Armin Van Buuren
    "You used to light up the dark With your unrelenting spark It always put a fire in me You used to say I'm the one The only ray of sun you could touch Without a fear of burning Well, you used to try to please"
  • I'll Listen (feat. Ana Criado) - Armin Van Buuren
    "I won’t ask you why No I won’t play devil’s advocate Don’t wanna try and fix it And make it about me When you’re lost and all alone in your pain And nothing seems to make sense all in vain You find in"
  • Broken Tonight - Armin Van Buuren
    "You see the world through your window You dont even go outside anymore Only feel safe feeling hollow You think your scars are way too deep to be cured You hide your heart in the shadows So afraid to open"

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