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AronChupa ft.little sos nora

  • Little Swing (ft. Little Sis Nora) - AronChupa
    "Her knees, feet and elbow Work their thing into a mamba The scene starts to crumble To the sound of the drums Ow boy, there ain't no need to buy that diamond ring It ain't no big thing, just show her a"
  • Nora - Blessid Union of Souls
    "I went to see my grandma today I learned the difference between Living and alive Wall to wall roaches in a two by four infested room Lying there in pain Praying for the Lord to take her Nora - I hope"
  • Llama In My Living Room (ft. Little Sis Nora) - AronChupa
    "My neighbor’s knocking and I open carefully He looks a bit like Ron Jeremy He;s screaming at me Damn you little Albatraoz Whole he smells like chips and calavadoz He said what the hell is going on What’s"
  • Nora - Cancerslug
    "nora nora send your body down its nice to see you dead again downtown thanks for comming around its nice to f**k the dead again downtown i found her dead in the alley trash downtown when i was ten if i"
  • Nora - Paweł Izdebski
    "spójrz, niewygodnie ci ze mną ze mną wstyd nie pozwala ci stać tu ze mną , mówić głośno idź jeśli chcesz to idź sama, sam nic nie pozostaje nic co może pomóc wstrzymać ogień nie wszystko skończy sie"
    "Utwór 'SOS' z albumu 'Winogrady' RAT KRU (premiera luty 2022r.)."
  • Sos - La Bouche
    "Sending you an SOS of love you all of thinking of would you be mine, be my destiny, my everything. Everything night for I turn out the light I get down on me knees and I pray for the day we can we come"
  • Sos - One Man Army
    "SOS In a state of emergency The situations And the bright eyes Lookin at me Is there no-where I can go-o Somewhere you couldn't see SOS In a state of emergency Let's say, for a second I've grown attached My"
  • SOS - Ace Enders
    "Waiting here for something I know I'll never see And I know I asked for some things I could never reach But again that thing Just the same old me Another place in time anyway SOS to loneliness I got 3"
  • Sos - Samy Deluxe
    "SOS...SOS...SOS...SOS... Ich seh' zu wenig Liebe, alles wirkt lieblos, lieblos wie'n Friedhof, obwohl drauen ein Krieg tobt. Und das einzige was die Menschen noch teilen is Hoffnung, da morgen alles"
  • SOS - Kaci Brown
    "Staring at the phone all day won't make you call me And sittin here plain' it off won't change a thing Writin love letters that I'd never dare to send you won't tell you How far deep I've gone since I"
  • SOS - Apocalyptica
    "Apocalyptica Worlds Collide SOS Bound to your side and Trapped in silence Just a possession Is the sex or only violence That feeds your obsession You send me to a broken state Where i can take the pain Just"
  • SOS - B.R.O
    "Napisała mi że tęskni czuję jakby czas się kończył już napisała mi że cierpi tak jak na strychu zbłąkany nocny duch moje miasto znowu nie śpi na ulicach widzę setki młodych głów które bardzo lubią prestiż ja"
  • SOS - James Arthur
    "Champagne showered down on my pain Lights fade running round in blind faith Las Vegas surrounded by the last fakers Alligators they chew me up and spit me out You know I’ve been burning out I’ve been calling"
  • Sos - Dr. Bombay
    "I live in tiger land I'm an indian man I used to walk around with a snake in my hand Dr. Bombay is my name and my father had the same but everything has changed here in tiger land Chorus: S.O.S the tiger"
  • Sos - Pierce Brosnan And Meryl Streep
    "Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find I tried to reach for you, but you have closed your mind Whatever happened to our love? I wish I understood It used to be so nice, it used to be so"
  • SOS - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "Lalala lalala la la lalala Oh! You know I never felt like this before Lalala lalala la la lalala Oh! Feels like so real I'm obsessive when just one thought of you comes up I'm agressive just one thought"
  • Sos - Rasmus
    "where are those happy days they seem so hard to find i try to reach for you but you have closed you mind what ever happend to her love i wish i understood it used to be so nice it used to be so good so"
  • SOS - Stratovarius
    "Im waiting for the rain now To settle the dusty air Clearing up my emotions Facing it all if I dare Ive been thinking Ive been trying But Ive always been denying Wasted days are still inside of me Its"
  • SOS - Hey
    "stoje i ukradkiem śledzę czas...zamorduj mnie dowcipem, który znamokręć (nie krepuj sie) wokół szyi i duśanegdotą co ma brodę długą-po pas...wysylam w przestrzen, wysylam s.o.sja zawsze byłam jakby obokzanotuj,"

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