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Aronchpa little sis nora

  • Little Swing (ft. Little Sis Nora) - AronChupa
    "Her knees, feet and elbow Work their thing into a mamba The scene starts to crumble To the sound of the drums Ow boy, there ain't no need to buy that diamond ring It ain't no big thing, just show her a"
  • Llama In My Living Room (ft. Little Sis Nora) - AronChupa
    "My neighbor’s knocking and I open carefully He looks a bit like Ron Jeremy He;s screaming at me Damn you little Albatraoz Whole he smells like chips and calavadoz He said what the hell is going on What’s"
  • Nora - Paweł Izdebski
    "spójrz, niewygodnie ci ze mną ze mną wstyd nie pozwala ci stać tu ze mną , mówić głośno idź jeśli chcesz to idź sama, sam nic nie pozostaje nic co może pomóc wstrzymać ogień nie wszystko skończy sie"
  • Party Trick (Burp Song) - Little Sis Nora
    "Little Sis Nora prezentuje nową piosenkę "Party Trick (Burp Song)"."
  • Samurai - Little Sis Nora
    "Utwór 'Samurai' to nowość od Little Sis Nora. Premiera 4.11.2022r."
  • My X - Little Sis Nora
    "Utwór 'My X' to nowość od Little Sis Nora. Premiera zapowiedziana jest na 21 kwietnia 2023r."
  • Rave In My Garage - Little Sis Nora
    "Don't you know that i am a super star i am partying hard Rave In My Garage don't care what daddy says turn it up, DJ There's a Rave In My Garage There's a Rave In My Garage There's a Rave In My Garage"
  • Limousine - Little Sis Nora
    "They screaming: Hey, let us tour we're on together We'll be okay, you can stay untill forever And we can go around the whole wide world Every boy and every girl You can Come with me, yeeh Come with me In"
  • Captain Coke - AronChupa & Little Sis Nora
    "AronChupa i Little Sis Nora prezentują piosenkę "Captain Coke"."
  • Nora - Blessid Union of Souls
    "I went to see my grandma today I learned the difference between Living and alive Wall to wall roaches in a two by four infested room Lying there in pain Praying for the Lord to take her Nora - I hope"
  • Nora - Cancerslug
    "nora nora send your body down its nice to see you dead again downtown thanks for comming around its nice to f**k the dead again downtown i found her dead in the alley trash downtown when i was ten if i"
  • Sis Draper - Guy Clark
    "Kick your shoes off in the corner mama Tuck the babies all up snug Sis Draper's comin' over, we all gonna cut a rug When you see that lantern swingin' yonder Comin' up the Holler Road Them dogs'll"
  • N.O.R.E. - Swizz Beatz
    "(feat. N.O.R.E.) Ah, yeeah... yeeah nigga! (yeeah nigga!) (Rap something to talk about) Swizz Beatz nigga (what's up?) (Swizz Beatz nigga!) And R.R. motherfuckers (motherfuckers) (They gone bow down,"
  • Nora Marie - Tyler Hilton
    "I know, you know, that I just can't decide which way my heart will lead me But you just sit, I think Boy what should you do now Just wait until you sink me Girl I don't see nothin wrong with you and me"
  • Nora El Nora (Entering The Ark) - Orphaned Land
    "Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura shuvi elay malki Dodi refa, nafshi nichsefa, lebeitach malchi Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura shuvi elay malki Dodi refa, nafshi nichsefa, lebeitach"
  • Sis - Apulanta
    "Turvasta turhaan niin helppoo eksyy Anteeksiantoon tahtoo uppoutuu Kuplasta kultaan kiskot niin kntyy Luoteesta vuokseen kerrokset uusiutuu Kuitenkin teon senkin selvitt voi jotenkin Kaikista karkeista"
  • Sis - Anna Eriksson
    "Anna Eriksson Miscellaneous Sisllin Polttaa Vapaalla oon istahdan aurinkoon vihdoin kesst nauttia saan Tn terassin ohi kun pyrilin ptin hetken m henghdn vaan Kun sut nin kiinni koukkuus jin silmt sun mulle"
  • FUN - Little Sis Nora
    "Aaaayy fuck! why you got to be so sad be so mad look around ain’t that bad you have seat-belt when the las time you have fun? why you got to be so dumb acting numb what the hell you’ve become you have"
  • MDMA - Little Sis Nora
    "Hi, so we're just a couple of friends Calling to see if We can buy MDMA As long as you can pay 50 bucks is that ok That;s a deal I am on my way Can we buy MDMA As long as you can pay 50 bucks is that"
    "Unë jam mama! Sonte s'ka me flejt, ta-ta Hajde k'ce mashallah si mamba ¡Ay, caramba! ¡Ay, caramba! Heki ta me sinta se vjen Melinda Spicy, chiquita, rrinë me bandita Sexy kjo çupa, rrinë me mangupa Ju"

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