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Art Nation

  • Zulu Nation Throwdown - Afrika Bambaataa
    "Say what's the name of this Nation? Zulus Zulus And who's gonna get on down? The Cosmic Force The Cosmic Force Chitty-chitty-bang-bang, we are your main thing You listen to the song that she is gonna"
  • Nation - Montevideo
    "So much confusion Misinformations flowing through my brain This good fellow nation Are you sure that the good guys always win? So much confusion Misinformations flowing through my brain This good fellow"
  • Nation - Laleh
    "I dont need no evidence Ive got my self confidence So you dont have to say a word You dont need to judge this girl Come down you, you old teacher and Ill give, Ill give you a lecture Come down you, you"
  • Art - Suede
    "She said that is one thing about art He said that is I all I think about art Glamour creates glamour types, stares at the sea stars art Oh no She said this is what I think it is art Oh-oh father, Oh-oh"
  • Art - System Of A Down
    "Art. is the way to heart.The hearts of man can and will change.That change changes the world.We can bomb you with love and you cannot resist.We can kill you with compassion if you don't assist.We can assassinate"
  • Art - Disturbed
    "they used to meet in group Separate jobs according to task some are for spring while the others chose fire blackness dominates heat bursts transparency are on their faces their mark is a move they swell and"
  • Art - Taproot
    "Occasionally I feel like the walls around are closing in on me Physically I feel sometimes I need seclusion to be free The irony at last I see reality is my perception And my personality is my reflection"
  • ART - Kizo
    "Wyglądamy jak dzieła sztuki Nasze złoto w nocy widać lepiej niż złote łuki Lubimy narkotyki i ciuchy Welurowy dres, z pleksy dobre buchy Nie jest sztuką za buchy narobić sobie długi tylko polatać z tym"
  • ART - Młody Ozi
    "Kiedy idzie skład, to mówią, że poje*ani Tu się mało śpi, stres wbija cannabis Jadę z tym, bo na celowniku duży plik Typy coś gadali a dziś ku*wa są za nami Nie prosiłem się o miejsce Nie chciała mnie"
  • Nation Over Nation - Tankard
    "Nation by nation Like measles on the map Sprouting in all directions From Mother Russia's lap The dream of independence Seeking identify As the old orders crumble But you must learn to see Greatness!"
  • Nation over nation - Tank
    "Nation by nation Like measles on the map Sprouting in all directions From Mother Russia's lap The dream of independence Seeking identify As the old orders crumble But you must learn to see Greatness! Raise"
  • Modern Art - Art Brut
    "Modern art Makes me Want to rock out (x4) So I'm in the Tate And I'm looking at Hockney And oh sweet Jesus There's something about that blue It touches me deep inside Amazes me when I step outside I'm"
  • Zombie Nation - Grendel
    "For reasons yet to be determined, the bodies of the recently deceased are returning to life and attacking the living. The scope of this... epidemic is now reaching global proportions. Zombie Zombie Zombie ZOMBIE"
  • Sensation Nation - Soft Cell
    "Sensation nation Sensation nation Sensation nation Sensation nation It's all so deliciously wicked This decadent life we're living If you see me as a victim Could you be a little more forgiving It's become"
  • Lonely Nation - Switchfoot
    "She turns like the ocean She tells no emotion She's been gunning down the fight She's just reminiscing Blood, sweat, and one thing's missing She's been breaking up inside, inside Singing without tongues Screaming"
  • Casiotone Nation - Soul Coughing
    "The five percent Nation of corduroy. The five percent Nation of Marlboro. The five percent Nation of pay-per-view. The five percent Nation of nipple clamps. The five percent Nation of Milton Bradley. The"
  • Girl Nation - D:a:d
    "I had a ticket to fly so I boarded a plane When a combat dressed stewardesse shouted my name I'm wanted alive yeah! I'm in for a trial It's minimum mercy coz they found my file Hijacked, kidnapped, trailed"
  • Happy Nation - Ace Of Base
    "Laudate omnes gentes laudate Magnificat in secula Et anima mea laudate Magnificat in secula Happy nation living in a happy nation Where the people understand And dream of the perfect man A situation"
  • Dying Nation - Love Like Blood
    "Dark clouds over this nation They are dark like once before They are the same slogans again A sense of new honour They spread forbidden thoughts A spirit of another time To build up another state To build"
  • Hopeless Nation - Warzone
    "Money and power for the upper class lessons not learned from the past Poor class, middle class, no class set up and framed Old boy network playing their game Hopeless nation, no future for me Hopeless"

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