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Arthur H Lily Dale

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Arthur H Lily Dale

  • Lily Dale - Arthur H
    "Lily, ftes-vous une barmaid potique Dans un vieux bar de lEst, bleu et fume, O livrognerie tait douce et romantique O des loups de mer et des gamins ples vous aimaient? Dignement tendre avec vous, tiez-vous"
  • Lily Maid - Heather Dale
    "Good sir, I now present myself before you. With velvet robes and lilies in my hair, My ladies do their best with what they're given, And I only pray that you will find me fair. I ask you leave a penny"
  • Dale, dale, dale - Tatiana
    "Uuuuuuh yeah uuuh uh dale, dale, dale, uh, uh dale, dale, dale, uh, uh dale dale dale no pierdas el tino porque si lo pierdes pierdes el camino y si no le das le toca a otro nio y si no le das le toca"
  • Dale - NASH
    "Dale mi amor, dale dale dale dame calor, dale dale dale dale get up, ven dame asi tu sabor dale mi amor, dale dale dale dale baila mi son dale dale dale dale get up, ven dame asi tu sabor. mil razones"
  • Dale - Adi Smolar
    "Danes stara sva in siva, pozna se teko breme let. Postala sva tako ranljiva, mnogo prehiter je za naju svet. Najine poti so kratke, le redkokdaj e greva kam. Vedno skupaj, vedno sama, ona vse je, kar"
  • Dale - Baby Ranks
    "oh oh oh uh uh uh yeah Baby Ranks! Chorus: Dale! Sigue bailando bien sexy ven Sabes! Que me haces enloquecer Dale! No pierdas tiempo y hacercate Sabes! Que eres quien quiero tener Pegate y no lo pienses"
  • Dale - Digger
    "Put 'em on an island in some other place then we'll have them destroyed. They know what I want; know what I need. They leave me alone and annoyed. They make me burn they make me bleed. They dazzle me dirty."
  • Arthur - Badfinger
    "Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhh Arthur loves his wife and children Arthur takes lunch everyday Arthur likes it at the local Likes his pint at end of day A-A--Arthur There's a problem"
  • Arthur - The Tiger Lillies
    "Arthur I love you Though you've got B.O. And you trainers are dirty and your brains rather slow And Arthur I love you Though you read The Sun And you wear a leisure suit When you're having fun And your"
  • Arthur - The Kinks
    "Arthur was born just a plain simple man In a plain simple working class position Though the world was hard and its ways were set He was young and he had so much ambition All the way he was overtaken"
  • Arthur - Rick Wakeman
    "WHO SO PULLETH OUT THIS SWORD FROM THIS STONE AND ANVIL, IS THE TRUE- BORN KING OF ALL BRITAIN Upon a New Year's day A host of knights did pray That from the anvil one could draw the sword. As each knight"
  • Arthur - Ian McCulloch
    "Fill the skies with stars of wonderAnd don't you cryI don't like it like thatFill my dreams with love foreverAnd I'll believeI'll believe in all that Live and die with meLive and die with meWhat I wouldn't"
  • Lily - Pierre Perret
    "On la trouvait plutt jolie, Lily Elle arrivait des Somalies Lily Dans un bateau plein d'migrs Qui venaient tous de leur plein gr Vider les poubelles Paris Elle croyait qu'on tait gaux Lily Au pays de"
  • Lily - Perret Pierre
    "Paroles et musique : Pierre Perret ditions Adle 1 On la trouvait plutt jolie, Lily Elle arrivait des Somalies, Lily Dans un bateau plein d'migrs Qui venaient tous de leur plein gr Vider les poubelles"
  • Lily - Joan Baez
    "Lily lived in a farmhouse at the edge of townLong black braids like anchor chainsHow they weighed her downDark eyes, pale skinMean dad, she was my second grade friendMy very best friendShe had four older"
  • Lily - Sara Hickman
    "Lily, I love you, I do Yes, I'll always be true I've been true to you here in my heart Lily, I love you, I do Yes, I'll always be true I've been true to you here from the start Here is your hand, it's"
  • Lily - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Lily my one and only i can hardly wait till i see her silly i know i'm silly cause i'm hanging in this tree in the hopes that she will catch a glimpse of me and thru her window shade i watch her shadow"
  • Lily - Kate Bush
    "Oh thou, who givest sustenance to the universe From whom all things proceed To whom all things return Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun Hidden by a disc of golden light That we may know the"
  • Lily - Alan Walker
    "Lily was a little girl Afraid of the big wide world She grew up within her castle walls Now and then she tried to run And then on the night with the setting sun She went in the woods away So afraid, all"
  • Dale Don Dale - Gadjo
    "Dale Don Dale Gocho! Don, Don! (M-V-P) Dale Dale, Don, dale Pa' que se muevan la yales Pa' activar los anormales Y al que se resbale Boster dale, dale Dale, Don, dale Pa' que se muevan la yales"

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