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Asaf Avidan - Everybody

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Asaf Avidan - Everybody

  • The Study On Falling - Asaf Avidan
    ""The Study On Falling" to pierwsza piosenka zaprezentowana przez Asafa Avidana w 2017 roku."
  • Everybody - Martin Solveig
    "Everybody run, everybody knows, Everybody pull the gun, everybody rolls, Everybody skip, everybody choose, Everybody sticks and everybody loose, Everybody's favours, everybody waits, Everybody's"
  • Everybody - Tommy Roe
    "Everybody! Everybody! Everybody's had a broken heart now! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody's had the blues Everybody! Everybody! Everybody's blue when they're lonesome! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody's"
  • Everybody - Madhouse
    "(Spoken:) I know you've been waiting, yeah I've been watching you, yeah I know you wanna get up, yeah Come on Chorus: Everybody, come on, dance and sing Everybody, get up and do your thing Everybody,"
  • Everybody - Britney Spears
    "(Everybody) (Everybody's looking for something) I'm ferocious, when I see you instantly So precocious, assuming that you're into me So fierce the way you pierce me with your energy My heart's on fire,"
  • Everybody - Jack Ingram
    "Everybody loves you Everybodys scared Everybody hates you Nobody cares Everybodys crying Everybodys free Everybodys fortune Just looks like luck to me Chorus What are we so afraid of Everybody sleeps"
  • Everybody - Stabilo (oryginalnie Stabilo Boss)
    "Doesnt anybody know, how to walk any more Doesnt anybody know what a radios for Doesnt anybody wear their hair down low Doesnt anybody know, doesnt anybody know Doesnt anybody hate it when a street light"
  • Everybody - Macy Gray
    "Get on the dance floor and shake it with me Well shut your mouth stop all that complaining About the world and all the suffering We are so sick of all your opinions Ain't what you say it's what you do"
  • Everybody - DJ Bobo
    "Chorus: Everybody move your feet to the rhythm of this beat Everybody sing this song all the people having fun Everybody move your feet to the rhythm of this beat Everybody sing this song all the people"
  • Everybody - Raul Midon
    "Picture yourself in world where there's no one else. Nobody anywhere. A moment ago there were voices and faces to look upon, Can't see them anywhere. Nothing more to say and no one left to say it to anyway. Please"
  • Everybody - BeFour
  • Everybody - Vallee
    "Doesn't Anybody Know, How to Walk Anymore, Doesn't Anybody Know What a Radios For Doesn't Anybody Wear There Hair Down Low Doesn't Any Body Know, Doesnt Any Body KnowDoesnt Anybody Hate It When a Street"
  • Everybody - Keith Urban
    "So he wanted nowhere to turn Just the same old yesterday And you made a promise to yourself That you were never gonna be this way And the only thing that you've ever known is to run So you keep on driving"
  • Everybody - Reckless Kelly
    "I see you talking on a pay phone I see you walking through the parking lot alone I see you sitting on a park bench You're everywhere and it makes no sense But it's nothing new Everybody looks like you I"
  • Everybody - Autovaughn
    "Take my arm I'll be your guide and we will build this kingdom to the sky And if we don't start now, we'll never leave this town Dreams they come and dreams they go If it's the dream you want than make"
  • Everybody - Basement Jaxx
    "Sit tight if you wanna be my romeo Sit right if you gonna be my homeo Rah! Watch my face on the video Hypnotose - Breakout! - on the radio 'Cos I'll be rockin my big fat coat when I'm in the snow Make"
  • Everybody - Worlds Apart
    "Diamonds in the night Rocking thos groove together Right round, jump around This could last forever Soldiers of the heart Fighting for the right To party, hold on Won't be long If you want to sing along Here"
  • Everybody - Why Store
    "Everybody holds the future Everybody holds the world Do you ever wonder, baby? What this is all about Do you ever question, girl? The things you tend to doubt Well, there's no reply It's better off to"
  • Everybody - Stabilo Boss
    "Doesn't anybody know, how to walk anymore, Doesn't anybody know what a radio's for Doesn't anybody wear their hair down low Doesn't any body know, doesn't any body know Doesn't anybody hate it when a"
  • Everybody - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Miscellaneous Everybody Everybody Rock your body Everybody Rock your body right Backstreet's Back alright Oh my God we're back again Brothers, sisters, everybody sing We're gonna bring"

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