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Ash Out Of The Blue

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Ash Out Of The Blue

  • Ash - Gackt
    "... ==Romaji== Kaze no naka ni mau waraiau koe Kirameku yuuhi wa asu he no yakusoku Tsuki ga utsushidasu kimi wo mitsuketa Iroaseta toki no utakata no yume Modora nai yasuragi sae"
  • Ash Of The Mind - Agents Of Oblivion
    "the ash of my mind in the back of my throat out on the ocean of curling, fetal smoke the anti-spirit of time just behind these eyes of mine i can remember all that you've forgotten grave dirt in the eyes the"
  • Ash - The Black Maria
    "Choking on nails, As the spike is hammered in, Pine boxes pile up, We're sick from the stench, Exploding on contact, Is our fat skin, Choking on nails... We're faceless, In a generation, Those sins of"
  • Ash - Arcwelder
    "(w graber) They borrow words for thoughts and steal what they feel from fools who choose to feel For every black and white for every ash to ash shades of grey will clash For every dream there's a fool"
  • Ash - Murder By Death
    "We set out at dusk We left them, well, not much The boys were shoutin' and kickin' up dust Oh and as we ran With the fire behind us And the torch in my hand I knew I couldn't do it again The ghosts were"
  • Ash - Ellegarden
    "Kirei na kotoba de katazukeru kimi gaDare yori kanashii kao wo miseru you niUtagau kokoro ya samayou yubisakiMayotta bun dake saki e susumun daAto ni natte kou datte kizuku madeNando datte ubaiatteAsa"
  • Out Of The Blue - Ash
    "Not feeling, broken hearted Feeling just like when it started I awake, it's a new day No more heartache Breaking away Out of the blue, into the slipstream Out of the blue, into the slipstream Out of the"
  • Eyes And Ash - Until The End
    "As this song begins, i have a knife in my back. But by this song's end, i'll shove the blade through your chest. In respect to those, who dont f**king care. Keep the f**k out of my way, I'm better off"
  • Ash return - Ignite
    "Guess again everyone Who just lft us for dead What did you really expect That wed never come back Well we did Well we did Well we did Youd better take another look These are the faces that you forgot When"
  • Ash Wednesday - Nields
    "Daddy's on the back porch playing with a blow torch standing by the front door Avon Ladies For the Poor Meanwhile Mama smiles, "Get your lover down the aisle before he's gone" Lisa says, "Don't cry; I'll"
  • Out of the blue - Bad Boys Blue
    "We walked through the dark.Youll know well land.I was sure that we belong together.And I always thought there'll be no end.And a love like ours would last forever.Oh baby out of the blue.In your eyes I"
  • Soot, Smoke And Ash - Lack
    "The world is open, the world is free You could have been anything you wanted to be Seen every place you wanted to see You need not crawl and break your knee Don't break your knee You could have stolen The"
  • Ash - Everywhere Is All Around - Ash
    "The dust the world has gained is washed away by rain Some stains cannot be moved mistakes you cannot lose But the circle never ends it all comes round again Round and round and round and round Everywhere"
  • Misty's Love Song (To Ash) - Hoobastank
    "ash: good night misty,goodnight brock. misty: good night ash,sweet dreams. out here in the queit of the night. beneath the stars and moon. we both know weve got something on our mind. we wont admit. but"
  • The Ash Grove - Sarah Brightman
    "Down yonder green valley where streamlets meander, When twilight is fading, I pensively rove, Or at the bright noontide in solitude wander Amid the dark shades of the lonely Ash grove. 'Twas there while"
  • Out of the blue - The Band
    "Chorus:Out of this worldOut of this mindOut of this love for youOut of this worldOut of the blueOut of this love for youSometimes i don't know youYou're like someone elseBut that's allrightI'm a stranger"
  • Out of the blue - The Bella Cullen Project
    "What do you do when life gets burning? Tick tock, clock, the wheels are turning Out of the blue Stamp your feet, defiance is looming Don't give up, your rose bud's blooming Out of the blue Out of the blue"
  • Man Or Ash - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Far from reach how the serpents preach life is a sin when the shepherds are breeding In the quiet place force the mind to erase so the people can pray to the distant drummer These are primitive times These"
  • Out of the blue - Angel City
    "Are you still hanging out, still not making out Doin' well without me You said you'd take it all and dared the axe to fall I guess you're never coming down babe Baby, out of the blue Baby, out of the blue"
  • Out of the blue - John Lennon
    "Out the blue you came to me And blew away life's misery Out the blue life's energy Out the blue you came to me Everyday I thank the Lord and Lady For the way that you came to me Anyway it had to be two"

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