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Ash The Sweetness Of Death By The Obsidian Knife

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Ash The Sweetness Of Death By The Obsidian Knife

  • The Sweetness Of Death By The Obsidian Knife - Ash
    "I've got a flight, And it's leaving tonight, Lord help me, I'm feeling blue, I'm leaving my life behind me, When I go I'm leaving you, I've got a flight, And it's leaving tonight, In the slipstream, I"
  • Ash - Gackt
    "... ==Romaji== Kaze no naka ni mau waraiau koe Kirameku yuuhi wa asu he no yakusoku Tsuki ga utsushidasu kimi wo mitsuketa Iroaseta toki no utakata no yume Modora nai yasuragi sae"
  • The Obsidian Eternity And Anguish - Obsidian Gate
    ""Listen to my lifeless choirs, listen to my voice beyond... Behold the scythe in my bleach hands and know this: It is time to leave..." In an imperium beyond ethereal skies where no life dwells and all"
  • Sweetness - The Waifs
    "There's nothing like a big old lie A good record and a smoke to pass time by Music gets me in the mood It all kicks in and I sit back And think about you Sweetness to me That's all you'll ever be You"
  • Obsidian - Banco De Gaia
    "There's a pulsating white light but it's beautiful It's like a tunnel of colors And it's like I'm floating up Through a tunnel of colors They move and they flow into each other And sometimes they mix And"
  • Ash - Arcwelder
    "(w graber) They borrow words for thoughts and steal what they feel from fools who choose to feel For every black and white for every ash to ash shades of grey will clash For every dream there's a fool"
  • ...As Obsidian - Sacramentum
    "In the depths of myself, thriving on the pain. Dreams of darkness (is so deep). Sharp edges of time has cut my soul. Death shows the way. From nocturnal dreams voices are singing about the end of life."
  • Ash - Murder By Death
    "We set out at dusk We left them, well, not much The boys were shoutin' and kickin' up dust Oh and as we ran With the fire behind us And the torch in my hand I knew I couldn't do it again The ghosts were"
  • Ash - The Black Maria
    "Choking on nails, As the spike is hammered in, Pine boxes pile up, We're sick from the stench, Exploding on contact, Is our fat skin, Choking on nails... We're faceless, In a generation, Those sins of"
  • The Sweetness Of Black - One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
    "Seven years of sterility, I was the puppet of malignant divinity Engaged by rules and rats, the factory slime was powdering my mind Salvation was beyond reach, reading death on the menu This breakdown"
  • Sweetness - Toadies
    "Peel away your skin just a little more You can let me in just a little more Can you taste it, I do When you bite down on the truth We can peel away just a little more I'll cut you right down to your sweetness Right"
  • Sweetness - Yes
    "(Anderson, Squire, Bailey) She brings the sunshine to a rainy afternoon She puts the sweetness in and stirs it with a spoon, She watches for my moods and never brings me down She puts the sweetness in"
  • Sweetness - Lili Haydn
    "So Extraordinary In new territory It's a love story Being with you What dream is this? What magic twist of face brought you to me? Your cherry lips and tenderness Are everything I need Sweetness..we"
  • Sweetness - Skindive
    "My precious little lover, Pushing down on me. My perfect little liar, Trying hard to see. How the pain is sweetest. Pin me to the wall. The current threw the wire. It's bound to make me fall. (Bound to"
  • Sweetness - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "Sing your magic spell Into my ears Place a blissful sigh Into my tears Cradle my forgiveness Judging that I'm half a man If it were not for your sweetness I would not know who I am Take your magic"
  • Sweetness - Longpigs
    "Sweetness i want you near this sweetness with all that healing you take these spiders lifely your short stem to happy families one of us should tear it up and one of use should cut the cord bouldered"
  • Sweetness - Paradise Lost
    "you have a history of holding back a certain sweetness that I lack sensitive till the day of the final strike hatred coming on from greater heights won't you stay away I'll pass away a different day won't"
  • Ash - Ellegarden
    "Kirei na kotoba de katazukeru kimi gaDare yori kanashii kao wo miseru you niUtagau kokoro ya samayou yubisakiMayotta bun dake saki e susumun daAto ni natte kou datte kizuku madeNando datte ubaiatteAsa"
  • Eyes And Ash - Until The End
    "As this song begins, i have a knife in my back. But by this song's end, i'll shove the blade through your chest. In respect to those, who dont f**king care. Keep the f**k out of my way, I'm better off"
  • Knife - New Model Army
    "Turn and the world turns on, we're riding out with the dawn All fixed up once again like a thousand times before Beneath the blessed sun and the coming day And the years don't change a thing - the rush"

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